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Ni No Kuni

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1Ni No Kuni Empty Ni No Kuni on Sun Nov 10, 2019 11:31 pm


This is an action RPG, though not as much as NNK2.

These are the battle mechanics.

You are free to move as you please. Running around makes normal physical attacks miss, though I've seen them connect if you're very close. You can't avoid every special move like this.

Your movement will be stopped if an ally cast a buff or an enemy casts a debuff. Also, large boss moves where they charge up and do a cinematic move. In cases like that you should defend to mitigate damage.

You have to stop to cast spells, and some actions freeze the battle, like selecting characters or familiars and changing targets.

There are no turns. When you attack, your character/familiar will start throwing out attacks. A meter in the shape of a clock face will appear at the bottom. They'll attack until this runs out. Some familiars have faster attack rates so they get more out of this.

They can't run around while attacking, so they and the enemy will continue to pummel each other until one dies or you take a different action. Kind of like FF12 I guess.

You can cancel the attack any time, but have to wait for a short cooldown before choosing this command again. Very useful for when you see the enemy powering up for a special move or a boss is charging up so you can switch to defend.

Your characters have spells or special abilities, as do the familiars. These are basically just like casting spells. You are stuck in the spot for however many seconds, then cast. Timing varies.

There's a counter attack, which happens when you interrupt an enemy's attack.

When you choose this, the character/familiar takes a blocking stance which greatly decreases damage. It also has a timer and you can cancel it as well.

Each character can bring 3 to a battle but only 1 per character can be out at a time. You can switch whenever you want.

When out, you take direct control and their HP/MP is shared with the character. Attacking, defending and using spells/moves is the same. They are also on a timer so you want to recall and switch before that runs out.

Familiars can evolve when they reach a certain level and are given the right item. I hear some easily become super OP.

That's pretty much how combat goes. You can capture familiars and make your own teams but everyone says the game is so easy that you never have to do anything other than attack with a few OP familiars. NNK2 had the same problem where Higgledy elemental properties offered zero in the face of physical attack power. Elements actually have a huge impact in NNK1 though, it's just that apparently, physical tops anything.

Right now I'm trying to work out how stat increases on level up work. Everyone says they're random but I want to test a few things I've seen in other games before I accept that. Then I might consider a no evolve run.

2Ni No Kuni Empty Re: Ni No Kuni on Wed Nov 13, 2019 5:42 am


The capture mechanic is shit. It's based on nothing but RNG.

It only happens when the familiar is almost dead. You'll see hearts floating around its head because it loves you for beating the shit out of it and trying to murder it.

From there you use this song ability from one of the other characters and that will do it. Once you see the hearts, it's guaranteed. The RNG is if you ever see them.

Half the time it'll trigger for the one you don't want. What makes all of this worse is monsters on the map run if you're higher level. You can catch up to some, but others are faster then they'll vanish after a few seconds. So stupid. In NNK2, monsters just ignored you if you were higher level.

I'm trying to catch multiple of this one type to see if the stats have a pattern but this is making it a real chore.

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3Ni No Kuni Empty Re: Ni No Kuni on Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:04 am


I remember the original game really surprising me with its difficulty, I expected an easy TBRPG, but got nuked pretty hard pretty fast even in the demo. Really enjoyed the art-style as well. It is one of those games I'd love to play, but know I never will sadly.

4Ni No Kuni Empty Re: Ni No Kuni on Wed Nov 13, 2019 10:15 am


Everyone says once you get certain OP familiars it becomes cake. My bro 100%ed it and claimed there's one that has an AoE attack that destroys groups or something. There's no helping it though. This kind of shit exists in all games and as usual, no one wants to talk mechanics on other set ups. End of the day though, you don't have to use it.

But starting off, some of the early side quests were a bit tough and I really had to prioritize targets. Also, one of my familiars has a move that inflicts blind which was really useful on a particularly hard-hitting enemy.

There's no discussion on these types of tactics though and it's really disappointing. All I find on this game is people berating others over daring to consider anything outside of the OP norm or figuring out how to get the most out of stats and how they work, because they claim it isn't necessary. Sadly, the mechanically blind lead the discussion these days, causing others to disregard in-depth mechanical analysis.

Anyway, right now I'm using this bee/flower-like familiar that can inflict poison. What's really interesting about this state is that when it ticks, the enemy actually takes hit-stun, so it's really good for interrupting their attacks. I've seen it NOT cause hit-stun sometimes though, and I'm not sure why. Haven't even looked into that at all yet.

This familiar has no other good attacks and its normal physical attack is too weak to use, so I call it back and send out something that can do damage and take advantage of the poison ticks. It should improve with level ups though.

My other character is set to attack a different target, but you can set them to attack the same as you, or some other conditions.

What's annoying is that poison sometimes doesn't trigger immediately and can take a few tries, and my MP isn't that high at present. Don't know if anything can boost status infliction, or if it counts as mag-atk. Familiars can equip stuff though, so there might be some kind of accessory.

I've got another familiar that can put enemies to sleep. One hit wakes them up, though it's still somewhat useful when it triggers. I'm now wondering if the poison ticks wake them. Will look into that.

Reminds me of how I used to poison enemies in The Witcher 3, then lure them into Yrden to slow them down while they died of poisoning. Didn't really work out that well outside of the weakest enemies, but it was a fun experiment. It saddens me when stuff like that works, and you can see it play out, but it's so weak that it's near useless.

Early days though. Hopefully in their higher forms there will be more chance to inflict statuses like this and maybe even mix them up.

Also, regarding leveling up, there's some slight variation that can't be controlled. Sometimes a stat will go up 1 point per level, and sometimes 3. This is why all those years ago people reported having multiple of the same familiar at the same level, but with varying stats at max. Doesn't seem to affect much though and as they all say 'the game is too easy anyway'. The differences aren't huge and won't cripple a familiar.

One thing you definitely want to do is max your level per form before evolving. I remember Pokemon Blue for the original Gameboy, where you could evolve early, but might miss new moves. NNK1 is like that too, but there are some differences. Each form has a max level, so you can't go to lv 99 in your first form like a Pokemon could. Also, if you level to max THEN evolve, you carry over a small percentage of the previous form's stats.

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