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1Valfaris Empty Valfaris on Fri Oct 25, 2019 3:42 pm


It’s out on Switch and PC now.

Played for a couple hours, game is seriously awesome. Was expecting just a decent metal-themed sidescroller but it’s surprisingly well-made and has a lot of smart design choices.

-You have melee, side arm, and main weapon. Main weapon takes meter to use, which is restored by landing melee attacks.
-Meter also gets used when you block or deflect. Deflecting uses less meter.
-Blocking certain attacks, like big boss attacks, actually puts you in negative meter and you have to get back into the positive to block or use your main weapon again.
-Several weapons for each category, so far my favorites are the Hellhammer(shotgun basically) and the Wolflight(flamethrower type that shoots out extra projectiles).
-Instead of activating checkpoints normally, you find an item(can’t recall the name atm) that you use to activate them manually instead. If you hold on to these items instead of using them as checkpoints, you get increased health and energy meters.
-There’s quite a lot of boss fights, they tend to have a good amount of patterns/forms to give you opportunities for melees to get your meter back.
-Game is super metal and the little bit of writing that’s here is actually kind of funny.
-Some of the animations and level design are almost completely copied from Contra 3, but that’s okay because that game is awesome too!

Anyone who likes Contra, Mega Man, or anything similar, I highly recommend this.

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