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1Indivisible Empty Indivisible on Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:03 am


Game's out:

>Picked it up
>Liking it so far
>kinda of lazy to post impressions on OP post
>will probably post impressions later.

2Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Wed Oct 09, 2019 12:42 pm


I really liked the idea when I first played the demo all those years ago on the PS4. Very fun title. Let me know when you have more data!

3Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Thu Oct 24, 2019 8:28 am


I might see if the demo is still available. The game looks decent, but I really need to know how customizable the combat is. I tend to only like RPGs that allow builds of some sort.

4Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Fri Oct 25, 2019 1:48 am


Looks like the demo is gone. What's wrong with people?
I'm liking what I'm seeing in reviews though. I might trade in a pile of shit this weekend. It's $90 here.

Heard that towards the end you get way too strong and there are no difficulties. Challenge runs could remedy that though.

Looking forward to any from 5does.

5Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Fri Oct 25, 2019 4:05 pm


Getting a cold + work kept me busy for a good while these past few weeks, when I finally got to make some good progress in the game I started running into some issues in the game(will cover them later) which made me lose some motivation in making a small write up about the game.

Okay so, first of all you have to look at the game mainly as a platformer with some rpg-like battle segments, you'll be spending more time platforming around than anything else in the game(some segments like Mt.Sumeru revisited can be frustrating because of how long they are). I think making sure what the game is about(a platformer with some rpg-ish battles) is the most important aspect of the game because it can be pretty misleading and I see a lot of people complaining about the game not having enough "rpgshit" like builds, gear, etc. Anyone coming in expecting anything like VP WILL be severely disappointed.

Now, the combat of the game itself reminds me of a simplified Mario RPG(easier comparison since I never played VP), every character has 3 basic moves(some are strings, some aren't) and they might or not have specials that consumes 1 from 3 bars. Defense-wise you just press a button for a respective character to block, pressing R1 makes your whole party defend at the same time but you drain special faster. Just timing guards is just like SF parry, you fill your super bar and take no damage.

The mob variety in the beggining is pretty interesting, they'll be introducing monsters that require you to mix them up with low/highs, some only take damage if they're launched up, others need to be  hit multiple times, etc. Bosses themselves will usually mix platforming segments in between the rpg fights.

These are my impressions from early game when progression still made sense and the game was sort of fun, sadly now I'll have to start delving into the problems that start appearing later on the game.

>Heard that towards the end you get way too strong and there are no difficulties.
It's weird, it's not like you're too strong but rather it feels like they skewered numbers somewhere. Bosses themselves aren't a treat in the later half of the game and you can just zerg them with any unit that deals a decent amount of damage to the point that I don't remember a single attack from a boss from anything post-worm boss. But at the same time regular mobs after 75% of the game hits so fucking hard for no reason to the point that you can't tank a single string from a regular mob without dying because they can twoshot you for no reason if you don't parry their attacks.

>Character variety
Despite the game being sold on having a lot of quirky interesting characters, it feels like there's no real need to ever touch some of them, characters that have low Agi are pretty much garbage because they can't dish damage fast enough and can't build super while some others that are overly complicated or have specific gimmicks usually pale against characters that have no real conditions to deal good damage. In the whole game there's like two dedicated healers(with another character having a 1 bar heal), 1 character in the whole game has access to slow and Burn/poison are dedicated to a single character as well.

>No difficulties
Self explanatory.

>Challenge runs
There isn't much you can do to make a challenge run fun I'm afraid, aside from skipping every random encounter to keep Ajna levels down all you can do is skip ringsel upgrades to keep your action count on 3 and your defenses mitigating the lowest amount of damage possible. But even then, I'm afraid that the runs themselves would consist of killing stuff slowly while you just guard everything so you don't die.

>Game doesn't tell you stuff
There are quite a few stuff that the game doesn't tell you.
The link covers some of them like the leveling/affinity system, how damage outside of battle works, they don't clarify that you can do corkscrew into corkscrew for extra mobility(and the game needs you to do it to progress), etc. But then you have even more stuff like how Ajna strings works(her string changes depending on which weapon she's using but the game doesn't make clear the conditions which more than often will result in her doing different moves than the ones you wanted), game doesn't tell you(or at least I don't remember it doing so) that you get more Special for hitting airbone mobs, etc. The game does a poor job at not explaining a bunch of minor stuff which you'll have to just figure out yourself.

>Ringsels and exploration
Ringsels are collectibles that can increase your amount of action points and your defense values(basically the only rpg-like upgrades you'll get aside from levels and story-related upgrades). While ringsels themselves aren't really an issue, the main problem of the exploration in the game is the fact that there's NOTHING BUT RINGSELS to find in the vast maps. Considering that the game gives you platforming mobility upgrades left and right and there's insane amount of backtracking(the second half of the game is basically revisitting all maps) means that the game expects you to put a lot of work into finding these items scattered across the map. Maybe if people enjoy collecting items this can be a plus for them, but I couldn't stand massives amount of backtracking just to find minor boring items to upgrade my defenses(specially when late game makes sure you don't need them). It's like playing a metroidvania that doesn't has any of the interesting gadgets or power ups hidden and you just go around finding boring collectibles.

Overall these are my thoughts on the game, the beggining is really fun and there's a real sense of progression until the game just starts breaking apart somewhere in the middle. I've heard they'll patch late game stat values, but we'll see.

6Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Sun Oct 27, 2019 5:19 am


>regular mobs after 75% of the game hits so fucking hard for no reason
Better than doing the same to them, surely?

>character variety
Some doing more damage than others isn't a huge issue for me. I just play with the tools I like. You're talking to the guy who, in The Witcher 3 or Dragon's Dogma, poisoned enemies then ran away and giggled from behind a tree as I watched them die.

>future patches
I feel the game could benefit from an arena of some sort.

7Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Sun Oct 27, 2019 8:53 pm


>Better than doing the same to them, surely?
It doesn't make much of a difference, the gameplan boils to the exact same thing on every fight. Even if mobs can oneshot you, they still can't kill you faster than you can kill them. The focus of the question is that the endgame combat values are literally broken and aren't working as intended(no one knows how much of it is intended).

>Some doing more damage than others isn't a huge issue for me.
The problem is that they went the lazy route and damage output is pretty similar on pretty much character, which means that there isn't a real balance between strength/speed or difficulty/reward, it doesn't help that they didn't think things through and didn't bothered making specific roles or giving depth to most of the characters, the gameplan on pretty much all of them is to first clear the condition gating you out of damage(launch mobs, mix up attacks) then just spam your most damaging attacks, this gameplan is universal across every character in the game.

>poisoned enemies then ran away and giggled from behind a tree as I watched them die.
That's the thing, they didn't bothered adding interesting or more in depth tech to the combat, 2 characters(maybe 3, I'm missing one recruit) in the whole game have access to heals, slow is dedicated to Razmi, Poison and Burn are dedicated to Ren, there isn't a lot of variety in gameplay despite the game having 20+ characters.

>I feel the game could benefit from an arena of some sort.
It has a training mode where you can test stuff around. If you mean having an arena for endgame challenge then yeah, so far it only really has a secret boss for endgame content.

8Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Sun Oct 27, 2019 9:29 pm


>they didn't bothered adding interesting or more in depth tech to the combat
The ones you mentioned sound like exactly what I'm looking for. Once I get them, I'll probably have fun for a while. I got Razmi and just got Ginseng.

I really wish they'd add more synergy between characters. I saw a vid of a character that leaves puddles of water on the ground when attacking, that heal allies but damage enemies. It was actually that mechanic that got me interested. But it should allow for all kinds of crazy mix ups, good and bad.

Like say, you leave puddles, then if the poison guy uses his poison attack, it can make the puddles toxic. They'd lose their healing property but be able to poison enemies. Or if any character had an electricity attack, it could chain thought the puddles. But also have stuff that doesn't necessarily help like say an enemy was in burning status, when it attacked and went through the puddles, it takes quarter water damage but puts out the fire. Allies in burn status could benefit too. I would LOVE and RPG with tons of variables like that. Do any like this exist?

9Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Mon Oct 28, 2019 6:27 am


>I would LOVE and RPG with tons of variables like that. Do any like this exist?

10Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Mon Oct 28, 2019 6:49 am


Just watched some reviews. The second game is on PS4 so I'll have to get that.

Mechanically, it sounds like exactly what I asked for. Thanks.

11Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Mon Oct 28, 2019 7:30 am


Damn that sounds bad, really no difficulties? It looked shallow to be honest, though I played through vp 1 and 2 last year. I guess the target audience is casuals who never played vp.
You guys should really play silmeria, such a fantastic game.
Great juggle depth, srpg like tactics, and wonderfully optional, gotta catch em all grinding for moster parts.
Though the english vo is brutal, absolute shit, no jp option.
It's funny because vp 1, a psx game, had fantastic voice acting.

12Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Tue Oct 29, 2019 3:45 am


Is Silmeria the PS2 one?

I did play that one a little and watched my bro play the PS1 version.

What are the differences between this and VP? I can barely remember anything other than the way the character are set up and that you can juggle.

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13Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:33 am


Yes, silmeria is ps2.
Vp 1 is 2d like indivisible.

Silmeria uses a third person srpg set up, similar to valkyria chronicles, where you can move your party members separately or in a group around enemies, to position to body parts and juggle for drops. There is a dodge button as well that let's you dodge through enemy attack radiuses and get behind for juggles. There is a short and long dodge, this uses the same stamina attacking does, great risk reward system. Some monster parts require attacks hitting parts in their damage radius though, which is dangerous. All of the damage is location based, enemy parts glow indicating they are being broken.
The juggling feels fantastic if you get good imo. To get good equipment, you have to learn how to effectively break every part of every enemy, it felt rewarding. Makes farming fun.

All exploration is 2d, just the battles are 3d.

My only complaint is there are some bosses that don't respawn, if you miss their drops, that's it.
Most bosses let you retry for drops at anytime after beating them though.

14Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Wed Nov 06, 2019 8:41 am


I haven't touched this since my post due to being busy with DQH.

Really want to get back to it and get some more characters. The trap laying one sounds like my style.

15Indivisible Empty Re: Indivisible on Wed Nov 13, 2019 3:38 am


Ended up selling this. Just lost interest.

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