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In all honesty, I feel like Viewtiful Joe is that kind of game that even in an tight circle of action-lovers doesn't get its due. No shaming here. Just my impression. True, from one pov it's clear that it would help to introduce it to a new and wider audience if it were to be released on HD mashines instead of having to get a last generation SD to give it a spin.

In any event I came about an Q&A with Kamiya and he talks briefly about developing VJ. If you don't know it already it's Iwata Asks Hideki Kamiya.
If you're into Kamiya stuff please read the complete thing. I found it to be regaling.

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It is one of the articles that's up for an update as of writing, really one of those great games that doesn't get a lot of love. Being on the Gamecube originally didn't help either, as that game didn't really have an Action Focus.

People tend to say DMC, GoW and NG were the games of that generation, but honestly Viewtiful Joe belongs among them. It was the action title on the Gamecube. I'm still surprised it hasn't gotten a HD-remaster. Originally I'd tribute this to a porting problem (perhaps due to the graphics-engine), but there's already HD emulated versions out there. So that's a sham.

The game was pretty unique as its origins lay in the “staff-focused projects” at Capcom. These aimed to increase the skills and expertise of Capcom’s staff.

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Having an extra character in a port is a fine thing, Dante that is. Yet I felt bummed out when I learned that for PS2 the buttons for Mach Speed and Slow aren't designated for L2 and R2. It's L1 and R1. Much slighter and narrow. With the Cube you can really grope the L and R. With the other you have to 'touch' it. May I ask if I'm allowed to go for it? Cube is JUST GO FOR IT!! Feels off for someone who knows a difference.

Alastor's campaign to me is the pinnacle of the game mechanics. Simply by revoking the automatic Henshin. Manually triggering it becomes a whole new orientation. With the other bunch it's only dangerous when you run out of juice. With Al, it's by default. To D.T. is to acknowledge what works and gets results. Point in case: the whole INFERNO LORD Fire Leo fight. You mess up the sequence and you will fail. Intense.

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