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This guide will cover the directional attack system.

I have searched far and wide, and there is not a single mention of this system anywhere on the internet as far as I can see. The reason being that the normal attack string and the Kamui technique completely overshadow anything else.

It's pretty simple. After every attack, or certain other actions, pressing a direction and the attack button will result in a new attack. These link into other directional attacks or back into the standard attack string. The reason for this system is due to how the AI works. Do nothing and the enemies strafe around looking at you. They will attack, but not frequently. However, if you start attacking an enemy, it's like they all wake up and then try to attack you while you're busy. This is what the directional system is for, though you probably wouldn't know it, due to it being completely unnecessary to succeed.

Example: Say you start slashing a guy, and then the one behind you exploits this and you see him moving in, you tap back and attack, and the next attack Yoshi does will not be the next hit of the standard string, but a unique attack for enemies behind him. He'll either do a back kick followed by a slash, or a back flip kick where he comes down with his heel, then turns and slashes. Which attack he does in this case depends on which attack of the regular combo he was doing at the time.

S - Square. Basic light attack.
T - Triangle. Special attack.
D-Attack - Directional Attack.
B - Back (character's back).
F - Forward (direction character is facing).

1: Standard Sword Combo
There are two variations.

1 - Press S repeatedly.
2 - After the third slash, hold the direction you're facing and continue pressing S.

The second variation can also be done by holding R1 (block). In this case, you don't need to press the direction+S after the third slash. In both cases, the fourth hit in variation 2 will be a kick followed by a stab.

Infinite String
Although it appears that the standard combo's forth slash is a combo ender, it is actually an infinite string.
After the final slash, the combo resets but begins from the second slash.

2: Triangle Button Moves
1 - Dash Attack (direction+T)
*Can be done in any direction.
*Goes into the combo starting from the third slash.
*Can also be done by pressing T while running.

2 - Spin Slash (T)
*360 spin.
*Goes into the combo starting from the second slash.

3 - Launcher (hold R1+direction away+T)
*Launches small enemies.
*Can be followed up with a jump and air attacks.
*Goes into the second slash of the combo.

3: Jumping/Air Attacks
There are three types of air attacks.

1 - Down Slash (jump+S)
*At the height of your jump, press S.
*Goes into the combo starting from the second slash (upon landing).

2 - Air Combo (Sx3 early in your jump)
*Press S as you are rising.
*The third slash is the Down Slash.

Note: When running or jumping with a direction held, Yoshitsune will do a forward flip.
From this you can ONLY do the Down Slash and Dive Kick. You lose the ability to do the air combo unless you press S before the flip comes out.

Air Combo and Down Slash Variations
1 - Delay
You can do the Down Slash after the first slash of the air combo by delaying slightly.
This causes Yoshitsune to start descending, therefore triggering a Down Slash.

2 - Dive Kick (Press T in the air)
There are a few things you can do with this.

Pressing jump right after connecting the kick will allow you to jump off of the enemy.
You can choose the direction to jump after the rebound and the direction you want to Dive Kick.

From here you have further options.
-Jump off of other nearby enemies.
-Do another Dive Kick into another rebound.
-Do the 3-hit air combo.
-Down Slash.

Note: Dive Kick can also be done after the first or second slash of the air combo.

4: Running
This section will deal with Yoshitsune's running mechanics.

Running Slash (After 4 steps then S)
*Goes into the combo starting from the second slash.

Running Mechanics
1 - Stopping after reaching full speed (4 Steps).
Yoshitsune reaches full speed at 4 steps.
If you look closely, you will notice a slight blur effect around his legs (which can also be seen while dodging).
When stopping after 4 steps, he will not stop dead, but will do 2 quick, small steps as he comes to a halt.
You can see the difference if you run 3 steps and stop, in which case he just stops dead.
After 4 steps, from full speed, you will still see that blur around his legs.

I mention this detail because during this stopping animation, you can still activate the running attack so long as you press S before he comes to a complete stop.

2 - 180 Turn
After reaching full speed, you can perform a 180 turn by pressing the direction in the opposite direction of which you are running. You can stop or continue running, but you won't be at full speed until you reach 4 steps again.

Like the previous stopping option, you will see the blur effect as he turns, and you can still use the running attack so long as you press S before the 180 animation fully ends.
You can attack as soon as the 180 turn starts, which will cancel its animation, or you can wait slightly longer, just before it ends.

5: Directional Attacks
*You can attack to the left, right, or behind during the standard sword combo, by pressing one of these directions plus S after any slash. The directional attack will be different depending on which slash the direction was pressed after.

*All directional attacks lead into the infinite string, and can then be linked into others endlessly.

*Directional attacks can also be done from other attacks such as the T moves. These will detailed later in the guide.

Starting a Directional Attack
There are two ways.

1 - To do a directional attack as your starting move, hold R1 then press the direction+S.
You must hold R1 if you want the directional attack to be the starting attack, otherwise you'll just move in the direction you pressed. Holding R1 puts you in blocking stance, so this won't happen.

2 - After any slash of the normal sword combo, press either left, right or back with S.

Directional Attacks as Starters (Hold R1).
There are no official names, so I'm just keeping it basic and designating them by direction and what they look like to me.

1 - Behind (While holding R1, back+S)
Yoshitsune will do a backflip, coming down with his foot as a kick, then turns toward the enemy and does an upward slash. (Backflip Kick>Upper)

*Leads into the second hit of the combo.

2 - Left (Hold R1, then press L+S)
Yoshitsune does an upward slash to the left with both swords. (Left Upper)

3 - Right (Hold R1, then press R+S)
Yoshitsune slashes to the right with both swords. The right hand sword swings horizontally, while the left swings upward. (Right Upper)

*Both left and right lead into the third slash of the combo.

Direction Attacks From Sword Combo.
This section will list which attack you get after each slash with each direction.

1 - Left Side Attacks.

*After first slash (Left Stab)
Yoshitsune stabs to the left with one sword.
Goes to combo, third slash.

*After second slash (Left Upper).
Goes to combo, third slash.

*After third slash (Left Stab).
Goes to combo, third slash.

*After fourth slash (Left Stab).
Goes to combo, third slash.

*With the second variation of the sword combo that ends with kick>stab as the fourth attack (S,S,S,F+S),
it will also result in Left Stab (S,S,S,F+S,L+S).

2 - Right Side Attacks.

*After first slash (Right Slash)
Yoshitsune will do a single sword slash to the right.
Leads to combo, third slash.

*After second slash (Right Upper)
Leads to combo, third slash.

*After third slash (Right Slash)
Leads to combo, third slash.

*After fourth slash (Right Slash)
Leads to combo, third slash.

The second variation of the sword combo that ends with kick>stab as the fourth attack (S,S,S,F+S),
will also result in Right Slash (S,S,S,F+S,R+S).

3 - Behind Attacks.
*After first slash (Rear Kick>Upper Slash)
Yoshitsune will do a rear kick aimed directly behind him, followed by an upward slash.
Leads to combo, third slash.

*After second slash (Backflip Kick>Upper Slash)
Leads to combo, second slash.

*After third slash (Rear Kick>Upper Slash)
Leads to combo, third slash.

*After fourth slash (Rear Kick>Upper Slash)
Leads to combo, third slash.

Combo variation 2 (S,S,S,F+S), will result in Rear Kick>Upper Slash (S,S,S,F+S,B+S).

Directional Attacks From T (Triangle) Moves.
1 - Spin (Press T)
*Behind - Rear Kick>Upper Slash (T,B+S)
*Left - Left Stab (T,L+S)
*Right - Right Slash (T,R+S)

2 - Launcher (Hold R1>B+T)
*Behind - Rear Kick>Upper (Hold R1>B+T)
*Left - Left Stab (Hold R1>B+T)
*Right - Right Slash (Hold R1>B+T)

3 - Dash Attack (Directions L,R,F or B+T)
*Behind - Backflip Kick>Upper Slash (Direction+T, B+S)
*Left - Left Upper (Direction+T, L+S)
*Right - Right Upper (Direction+T, R+S)

Note: The Dash Attack has another D-Attack that is unique to it. See 'D-Attacks into D-Attacks' for full explanations.

Other Attacks
1 - Jumping Downward Slash (upon landing)
*Behind - Rear Kick>Upper Slash
*Left - Left Stab
*Right - Right Slash

2 - Running Attack (After 4 steps, press S)
*Behind - Rear Kick>Upper Slash
*Left - Left Stab
*Right - Right Slash

6: D-Attacks into D-Attacks
In addition to linking into the normal sword combo, D-Attacks can link into other D-Attacks.
This is a list of all D-Attacks and what they link into.

1 - Rear Kick>Upper Slash
*Behind - Backflip Kick>Upper Slash
*Left - Left Upper
*Right - Right Upper

2 - Left Upper
*Behind - Backflip Kick>Upper Slash
*Left - Left Upper (goes into another Left Upper).
*Right - Right Upper

3 - Right Upper
*Behind - Backflip Kick>Upper
*Left - Left Upper
*Right - Right Upper (goes into another Right Upper).

4 - Backflip Kick>Upper Slash
*Behind - Rear Kick>Upper Slash
*Left - Left Stab
*Right - Right Slash

5 - Left Stab
*Behind - Backflip Kick>Upper
*Left - Left Upper
*Right - Right Upper

6 - Right Slash
*Behind - Backflip Kick>Upper
*Left - Left Upper
*Right - Right Upper

These all lead into the combo string at certain points which have been listed in the section *Directional Attacks From Sword Combo*. These attacks can be continuously linked together

Dash Attack Unique D-Attacks
The Dash attack (Direction+T) has a unique D-Attack.

In addition to the regular D-Attacks, you can also do another Dash Attack from the Dash Attack to the left, right, or behind. The animations are slightly different but they are essentially the same Dash Attack so I'm not giving them individual names.

These also lead into the S D-Attacks.

*Behind - F+T, B+T
Goes to combo, second slash.

S D-Attacks
*Behind - Rear Kick>Upper Slash
*Left - Left Stab
*Right - Right Slash

*Left - F+T, L+T
Goes to combo, third slash.

S D-Attacks
*Behind - Backflip Kick>Upper Slash
*Left - Left Upper
*Right - Right Upper

*Right - F+T, R+T
Goes to combo, second slash.

S D-Attacks
*Behind - Rear Kick>Upper Slash
*Left - Left Stab
*Right - Right Slash

Dash Attack D-Attacks From S/T Moves.
Another unique feature of the Dash Attack is that you can do its D-Attacks from S and T attacks.
There are also ways to start it as the first attack which will be detailed in the next section.

1 - Sword combo (S)
After any slash, do a Dash Attack L,R,or B.
*Behind - S, B+T
*Left - S, L+T
*Right - S, R+T

2 - Down Slash (works with the air combo version).
*Behind - J~S or J,S,S,S, B+T
*Left - J~S or J,S,S,S, L+T
*Right - J~S or J,S,S,S, R+T

3 - Dive Kick (J, T)
*Behind - J,T, B+T
*Left - J,T, L+T
*Right - J,T, R+T

4 - Running Attack (While running, S after 4 steps).
*Behind - While running S, B+T
*Left - While running S, L+T
*Right - While running S, R+T

5 - Spin Slash (T)
*Behind - T, B+T
*Left - T, L+T
*Right - T, R+T

6 - Launcher (While holding R1, B+T)
*Behind - While holding R1, B+T, release R1, B+T
*Left - While holding R1, B+T, release R1, L+T
*Right - While holding R1, B+T, release R1, L+T

7: Dash Attack Directional Attacks from Other Commands.
This section, while dealing with the same D-Attacks, is separate because the following D-Attacks can be started from commands that are NOT regular attacks.

These are landing from a jump, blocking, running and more.

1 - Landing from a jump
As soon as you see Yoshitsune's feet touch the ground, input the command for any of the Dash Attack's D-Attacks.
As you can see, you can use them without having to attack with any of the other methods.

2 - Blocking
This one is bizarre. Simply block, then when as soon as you release and see Yoshitsune's arms start to drop, input the Dash D-Attack you want.
You can do this after holding block, or you can just tap the block button.

3 - Running
Back in section 4, I talked about the running and stopping mechanics.
These also allow the Dash Attack D-Attacks to come out without prerequisite attacks.

"When stopping after 4 steps, he will not stop dead, but will do 2 small, quick steps."

This is the small window in which you can still use the Running Attack. This is where you can also use the Dash D-Attacks. It's not necessary at this juncture to write out the commands again as these are short strings. Just refer to the previous sections.

The second method is during the 180 turn, also detailed back in section 4 and is exactly the same scenario as the Running Attack.

During the 180 turn, you have a small window to input a Dash Attack D-Attack,
and like the Running Attack, you can do it immediately, as soon as the 180 animation starts or wait a little until just before it ends.

4 - Mind's Eye
From a Mind's Eye counter, you can do any of the Dash D-Attacks.

5 - Kamui
There are two points where you can do this.

1 - If there are no enemies around, and you activate Kamui, you can do a Dash D-Attack after the flash, when Yoshitsune lowers his sword.

2 - After a successful Kamui combo, Yoshitsune will do some pose and you'll see the rating.
Just after this, you can do a Dash D-Attack just as you regain control.

6 - Dodging (R1+J+Direction)
Simply enter the Dash D-Attack you want after dodging.

This could be useful as an extra dodge. Although you can do another dodge faster, the Dash D-Attack covers more ground.

Why does this only happen for the Dash Attack D-Attacks? Shouldn't it also happen with S D-Attacks?
This is what I think based on the testing I've done. It's hard to explain but I'll try.

It seems the above actions are taking the place of the usual prerequisite attacks for a Dash D-Attack. Why, I don't know, but all of these actions achieve the same result, which is occupying Yoshitsune briefly. That's how I came to the conclusion that they are taking the place of the usual attacks that lead to this D-Attack, and thus allowing it to happen without them.

This does not work with S D-Attacks. I'm thinking that's because there is always an attack that will come out.
Take running and coming to a stop at full speed. If you press a direction and S here, you just get the Running Attack.
Most of the time, the basic first slash of the combo is what stops you from just turning in a direction. With the Dash Attack D-Attacks, there is no other command that could interfere with them, which is why I think they come out like this.

One exception with S D-Attacks though, is landing from a jump.
You can actually do an S D-Attack after landing, though the window is insanely small and the timing is ridiculous.
The D-Attacks you get are the same as the ones you get while holding R1.

In this case, there is nothing to stop the S D-Attacks from coming out though I'm still not sure why this is the case here. It has to be glitch because not only is it utterly useless, the timing is so precise and you can already do all these instantly from holding R1.


1 - Spear Moves

*Basic combo.
-4 hit combo (Sx4)
-Can be done while holding R1.

*Horizontal slash (press T)
-Huge wide range slash that covers in front and to the left and right.

*360 spin (Hold R1+b+T)
-After a short wind up, Benkei does a 360 spinning slash.
-Hits everything around him.
-Moves Benkei forward slightly.

*Thrust+Extensions (Hold R1+f+T)
-Benkei does a forward stab. Some enemies can be impaled, which leads to further options.

*Impale>Kick (Hold R1+f+T>T)
-After impaling the enemy, press T to kick them off the spear.
-The kick can hit other enemies if they are close enough.
-When you kick an enemy off, they will go flying and can collide with other enemies.

*Impale>Remove (After Impale, do nothing)
-If you take no action, Benkei will pull out the spear. This also causes damage.

*Impale>Throw (After Impale, T+L/R/or B)
-You can throw enemies to the left, right, or behind.
-You can hit other nearby enemies, and the thrown enemy can collide with others.

Note on range: Sometimes impaling won't work due to the distance at which the spear connects with the enemy. An enemy being too close or too far will result in a normal hit.

2 - Jumping Attacks

*Down slash (S in the air)
-Comes down with a vertical slash.
-You can start a ground combo immediately after landing.

*Horizontal Slash (T in the air)
-Incredibly huge, wide range slash, angled slightly downward.
-Causes Benkei to hover briefly. You can avoid some attacks with this.

3 - Club Moves

*3-Hit combo (Sx3)
-Each hit can be charged either partially or fully.
-Charge can be held. Benkei can walk while holding it.

*360 Spin (T)
-Can be charged.
-Charge can be held. Benkei can walk while holding it.

*Upward Strike (Hold R1+b+T)
-An upward strike that launches some enemies.
-Charge can be held. Benkei can walk while holding it.

*Upward Strike>Slam (Hold R1+b+T>T)
-Extension of Upward Strike.
-The slam can be held and charged, but Benkei cannot move.

*Thrust (Hold R1+f+T)
-Benkei thrusts the club in a straight line directly in front of him.
-Long range.
-Can be held and charged. Benkei can walk while holding it, but only in the direction he is facing.

Note on Club attacks: The club has no D-Attacks.

5 - Jumping attacks

*Down Strike (S in the air)
-A downward, vertical blow.

*Slam (T in the air)
-Has a small AoE.
-Causes Benkei to float briefly before coming down.

6 - Dash Attack

-Benkei lunges forward. Knocks down certain enemies.
-Sends light enemies flying, and they can collide with others.
-Tougher enemies will only take regular hit-stun.
-This also can act as a dodge but startup and recovery are slow..
-Has a degree of super armor. Certain attacks will ignore it though.
-Does damage but less than weapon attacks.
-When Benkei is hit, it doesn't interrupt his combo counter unless he gets fully knocked down by a powerful attack.

Note on super armor
Benkei has super armor in general, not just during the dash.
Certain attacks, like heavier ones from powerful enemies, or successive lighter attacks, will go through his armor, in which case Benkei will take hit-stun and his actions will be stopped.

7 - Directional Attacks

*Can only be done after the 2nd hit of the 4-hit combo.
*Can only be done to the left and right.
*Cannot be done with clubs.

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