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Dead Rising series

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1Dead Rising series Empty Dead Rising series on Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:49 am


Anyone play these? I played the first a little back on release but was just an overnight rental.
At the time it sounded like it had some really good ideas.

The first 2 games have been re-released on PS4 so I'm thinking of grabbing the first one. From what I've read and seen, it seems they got worse with every release (except DR2 which is generally considered decent).

DR4 Frank's Big Package is on PS4 now too with all DLC included, but from what I've seen it doesn't seem much like the first two games, which feel similar to Lollipop Chainsaw in tone.

2Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:58 am


Never ever got into them, but honestly wish I had, heard some really good things about them. The first one really seems like this classic Capcom game.

3Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:50 am


Looks like I might have to import the US versions because we didn't get a physical release as far as I know. Can get digital though. They're like around $60. Seems to be some censoring issues too.

Playasia has DR1&2 on PS4. Not too interested in 3 but 4 looks ok.

DR4 Frank's Big Package is $109.99 here.
On Playasia it's under $40. 1&2 are also under $40.
I can get 1,2, and 4 for less than just DR4 here. Ridiculous.

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4Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:03 am


Got the first game on PS4 for $34. Just started.

Will update with anything of interest. So far I've just been dropped in the mall. The basic game mode allows 72 hours to complete, but that's in-game hours as I understand it. I've read up a little and it seems you have to complete some kind of missions within the time limit, but if you don't all it affects is the ending.

You can find and rescue people who will then become an AI partner/s who you need to escort to the security room. You can command them to a designated spot, or call them over to you. I've read their AI is awful.

Got a baseball bat, and there are various items to use as weapons laying around. Haven't actually fought any zombies yet.

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5Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Wed Oct 17, 2018 9:34 am


Was able to explore the mall. Zombies are everywhere, though they don't seem to pose a huge threat. They are slow and go down pretty easily but you still don't want to get surrounded.

You level up, can take photos for points (based on all kinds of categories, is this Fatal Frame? lol) and there are survivors to rescue and escort back to the security room. Events are on a timer, though I don't understand how long because the in-game time is weird or I didn't pay attention to the tutorial.

Survivors are interesting. Like these two guy had barricaded themselves in a store but attacked me when I went in to help. We exchanged blows and I pulled a handgun. I was about to blow his head off when he got on his knees and gave up. I'm not too sure if he did this due to damage taken (I pulled the gun after knocking him down) or maybe the fact that I HAD a gun (he did say something but I wasn't paying much attention) and he only had a bat. Both become reasonable after that and the talk prompt came up.

After you do something like this, a survivor 'joins' you and basically become Ashley. I think both of these guys got killed because I ran ahead, loaded another area and they didn't follow. I think because only one guy followed and the other got stuck somewhere further back, so he wouldn't follow through the loading zone.

Interesting. There could be many possibilities.
I met this one guy who just wanted to run around taking dramatic photos. All he did was dodge roll and do flying kicks on zombies.

It's like, RE mixed with Lollipop Chainsaw. It feels like it's trying to be serious but just isn't. You take all these silly photos with ratings and you learn wrestling moves and shit. I got this one where you run up to a zombie and press toward them and jump, and Frank will run up their body and stand on their shoulders. From here you can jump off, but the descriptions claims you can, say, in a group, actually run along their heads. Also have a jumping kick which is really good for a free knockdown. In the loading screens you see pics of Frank doing moves like grabs of various sorts and even Guile's flash kick.

Weapons don't last too long, but there's so much shit laying about that it doesn't matter. Leveling up gets you more weapon slots. I only have about 5 right now.

I suspect there's nowhere near the the amount claimed though, with some weapons doing the same thing.

The aiming for guns is bad. You can't move and it's quite slow. You can't keep guns either. When they run out of bullets they're gone.

Oh, and there are bad people running around too. Not sure if they're mini-bosses of just random.

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6Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:58 am


HAHAHAHA all the Dead Rising games (except 3) are on sale. What luck!

Though I'm pissed because I bought DR1 last night for around $30, and the sale only appeared today. DR1,2 and 2: Off the Record for $11.25 each. DR4 Frank's Big Package is only $34.

I'll grab the remasters, because DR4 is on Playasia for the same price, only permanently.

Back to DR1 gameplay. Lots of interesting ideas.

You can have many survivors following you at once. You can arm and heal them. You can also make them stay put while you clear a path. Seems like some amount of planning is required.

Zombies are infinite. You can clear out an area but they'll be back. They seem more like an environmental thing than a threatening enemy. It's an interesting idea.

7Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Thu Oct 18, 2018 11:03 am


From what I'm reading it really reads like a Capcom game from their golden era. Just a set of fun gameplay mechanics, humor and good levels of polish. You'd still recommend the original over the others? Are there versions on the PS4 that are worth it?

8Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Thu Oct 18, 2018 11:57 am


Did you mean which game is the best or which version?

From what I've read, the first two are considered the best, but I've barely played the first.

PS4 has remastered versions of 1&2 and DR2: Off the Record. Video reviews show better framerate and load times.

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9Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:15 pm


And another one added to the pile...sigh. Can you keep me posted on how long it takes? I prefer shorter games if possible (Fist of the North Star is eating my time). I really need to update my list.

10Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:52 pm


I'm not 100% certain, so you might want to research this aspect in case I'm reading wrong, but it seems the game can't end until the in-game 72 hours is up. I've forgotten already, but I think this equals to around 6 hours of real time. Might be 8.

You have the main storyline missions (cases) but you can screw these up or not do them at all, then you just have to hang around an extra day which leads to a certain ending.

You probably won't be able to rescue everyone or do the optional bosses or whatever. but there's some kind of NG+ and an infinite mode. I read a trophy for that mode requires surviving 7 days (14 hours) and you can't save or turn off (though you can pause and use rest mode apparently). People used to do this straight on the original 360 version. Crazy. Your life drains too from hunger in that mode so it requires all this planning.

So yeah, the if you want all the endings and unlockables (one being Megaman's buster cannon) you have quite a bit to do.

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11Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:41 pm


Do you have some footage that is interesting, to give me an idea of what type of game it is? The time scedule actually sounds interesting though, same with unlocks and all that. Damnit Bird...

12Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Sat Oct 20, 2018 3:03 am


Personally, no. I'm still new to the game myself but I get how most of the things work now.

This video goes over facts about the series. The DR1 section ends about 9 minutes in. Doesn't go into huge depth on gameplay but should be enough to give you an idea. A lot of development stuff.

This video goes into detail on the remasters. DR1 starts at 4:30 to around 8:30

General review. Does a good job explaining the mechanics.

13Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:02 am


Damn, I was wrong about the zombies. In large groups they can be quite annoying when you're trying to get around. They can grab you in groups and drag you down if you're not careful. Reminds me of a similar mechanic in Lollipop Chainsaw.

Because I've been messing around, I've missed most of the story missions, but apparently it goes into overtime and will get me a different ending so it's all good. Haven't saved anymore survivors or fought any psychopaths, but I've seen them around. Seems they pop up at certain times.

I saw this one guy who appeared to be some kind of mad priest with a cult of masked followers in yellow raincoats carrying large knifes.

They were in a clearing in the mall and once I went near they approached slowly and would suddenly start running with their knife held out in front. There were zombies around, and interestingly, when encountered they would actually take the zombies down. Found that out when I decided to see if I could make them fight. Wasn't expecting it to work. I was expecting a 'battle zone' where they wouldn't go any further because that's what it looked like.

On my NG+ I'll decide to do all cases and survivors, or go after every psycho. Not sure if there's time to do it all within the time limit in one playthrough, but it offers a ton or replay value.

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14Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:04 am


On my second playthrough now.

In my first I spent most of the time unlocking the Mega Buster which requires 50000+ zombies killed. There's a trick where you use a car to mow them down in huge numbers in the maintenance tunnels, then when the cars are destroyed, exit and they respawn. Great way to level up too. The Mega Buster is so strong it kills the psychos in a few shots and starts with 300 shots. I read that if you run out, unequip and enter the security room to get another.

It's pretty much a special super weapon unlockable. I don't use it on normal zombies though.

Missed most of the case files and got an ending, not sure which one, but now I'm going for the one that goes into Overtime mode which is basically an extra story missions after the 72 hours and you're still trapped in the mall, as I understand it.

Did all the cases and now waiting until it's time to go to the helicopter.

Next playthrough, I want to hunt down every psycho and try for all survivors.

While waiting for events I usually run around getting to know the whole mall and seeing what kind of weapons I can find. Some are just copies of others though. Like a steel pipe, 2x4 wood and mannequin body all have the same animation and effect though there's still a lot of variety.

Like when you grab a mannequin with all its parts intact, Frank holds it with both hands and does a slow attack. This is also identical to similar large, rectangular objects like park benches.

But if you attack or throw the mannequin, it breaks giving you access to the arms, legs and body as individual weapons.

Whatever you pick up, you'll usually find 2 or 3 other things that are the same, but there's enough unique stuff for it not to be a negative in my opinion.

And some weapons have a second move if you hold the button. Some are charge moves. Like the baseball bat has a regular swing, and holding the button Frank winds up and stays like that until you release it for a huge home run swing.

The gardening sickle is really good. Frank hooks a zombie's neck then decapitates them, kicking the body away which can hit other zombies. If held, he'll do a wide, low swipe at their legs, dismembering them. You can hit multiple zombies with this and it kills them.

You can mix food and drinks if you find something like a cafe (they have blenders) and I made a coffee based drink that gives Frank an insane running speed boost temporarily. You can also use ovens to cook certain foods.

Every time I play I find something new or run into some freak like this crazy chainsaw clown.

"As Roy read the post, his eagerness to try DR grew to the point he could no longer hold out. He put Lost Paradise aside and in a fevered haste, accessed the PSN store for those sweet DR discounts."

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15Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:46 am


Shut up Birdman (keep going). Game sounds amazing! But really, it is going on the list if anything else. Lost Paradise, NG2 and AC4 come first. Then we'll see what the future holds...

16Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:13 am


Haha all good.
*continues plotting to break Roy down*

I just got ending A which, if the requirements are fulfilled, leads to overtime mode which seems to be an extra chapter. I won't spoil what happens.

Unlocked a few costumes too. You can also put on clothes from around the mall.

It's refreshing to play a game that feels so old school with its gameplay and unlockables.

Oh, I forgot to mention I've learned many more unarmed moves and they're hilarious.

You've got a few grabs like the running smash where you grab a zombie by the shoulder, then release and it keeps running until it smashes into something.

You have the suplex and giant swing (I'm serious) as well as a lariat and a few kicks. There are other grabs too. The grabs have the same command, then either a direction or depend on your position. For example, to suplex, you need to be standing behind the zombie.

I find I don't use the kicks much other than the jump kick because it can be used while running and I usually have a weapon. Need to put some more time into them to see how they work. Like with the lariat, you can do this while holding a weapon but it doesn't actually use the weapon. But when the move is done Frank throws the weapon on the last spin which is something I didn't want. Might make a list with any special properties I notice.

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17Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:00 am


Interesting development video and ties to Shadow of Rome.

18Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:01 am


Overtime mode is selectable from the main menu and is like 1 extra day after the events of ending A I think. Played it a few times but can't seem to win as it's much harder for reasons I won't spoil unless no one cares.

Ok, so I might start a new 72 hour mode which you can carry over your unlocks and levels to, and work on leveling up to 50 (max) and getting the remaining moves and item slots.

I'll do the trophies at some point and a few are for tasks that unlock stuff anyway but I don't know how I'm going to beat 7 days in infinity mode. Will have to wait until my Christmas holiday.

I'll move on to DR2 and DR2: Off The Record before I do that. OTR is weird. It's basically a remake of DR2 but not canon. Just a 'what if' scenario with Frank in place of the normal DR2 guy, but also with updated graphics and gameplay.

I toyed with the idea of skipping DR2 because I still want to play 4 but then I want to see how they changed with each game.

Hope I don't get burnt out. Somehow I get the feeling that DR1 is going to remain the best in the series.

Regarding the sequels, bad news if you like platinum trophies because they have multiplayer ones. Good luck ever seeing those.

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19Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Sun Oct 28, 2018 1:16 am


So I was playing NG+ leveling up and exploring when I decided to go save someone and take them back to the security room, then I got this message that it was game over. No idea why. I thought you could skip the cases and let everything fail but there must be one you have to do. This was only in the first day. Maybe the game over only triggers if you go back to the security room, which is a safe zone you'll go back to often to advance the story.

Doesn't matter though. You just start another NG+ with your current stats and lose nothing.
I'm just going through rescuing survivors I come across and see if I can get them back. You can have multiple at once, equip them with weapons, and heal them if you have the items.

You have to be careful though. You can hurt them if they get in the way. I blew away this one woman with the Mega Buster by accident.

I don't think I've explored every store yet, but I came across this one store that had some psycho army guy with a huge machete. After killing him I explored the store (which suddenly become full of zombies) and found it was a weapon goldmine. Sledgehammers, lead pipes, hedge clippers, mail boxes on posts, even this excavator tool that holds up the zombie and spins them on the drill while you walk them into others.

There's a lot of useless 'weapons' too like frisbees, boomerangs, and toy guns like a fake Mega Buster and water gun. These all cause a light hit stun. The soccer ball is unexpectedly good. Frank kicks it and it rebounds off multiple zombies, knocking them down.

20Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:38 am


I keep coming across weird Dead Rising videos. This one is on the history of the American boxart for DR1.

21Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:46 am


That video on Shadows of Rome was a really good watch, never heard about that game but it proposes some cool mechanics and also implications. Having a meter dedicated to pleasing an audience is just fantastic. Makes a lot more sense than that meter from DMC which only really exists to promote that arcade-mentality of showing off. Here you actually have an audience, good stuff.

Despite this thread giving me interest in Dead Rising, you might have actually pulled me more in towards Shadow of Rome haha. You ever played that title?

22Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:28 am


Yeah I have it but I never finished it. The PS2 I use for imports won't load it anymore.

From what I played, the movement felt similar in some ways to Onimusha, like how you can step to the side or backward.

You can roar for the crowd after doing something cool and it boosts the meter. I saw a video of a player who would throw his weapon into the crowd which generated a boost.

Don't remember the exact mechanics though. It's been years, but I do remember it being fun. I know at times you play as this other guy who can't fight so his sections are all stealth. Might look into getting it running again or just find a PAL version.

This or SoR, either is fine. I'd even say go for SoR as it's your classic PS2 days action game and pretty unique for the time.

23Dead Rising series Empty Re: Dead Rising series on Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:36 am


Here's an interesting run. No zombie kills. Probably not something you should watch if you've never played the game though. Spoilers and all that, but incredibly interesting.

You have got to watch this. So, DR1 got this weird Wii port. It's described as a remake and was called Chop Till You Drop. There seems to be a few mechanics and a lot of other stuff changed due to hardware limitations.

This video goes over development history and the changes. There are some very interesting ties to RE4. It's pretty much a completely different game that plays more like a bizarre RE4.

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