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1Alienation Empty Alienation on Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:56 am


This is another Housemarque game. It was on sale on PSN.

I like it, but it's a very grindy unlike their other games (that I've played). You have levels, gear and loot. I've been playing online with others and I got put in this game on a high difficulty where my shots did nothing to basic enemies.

The gameplay is fun though, but depending on how bad the grind gets, I might drop it.

2Alienation Empty Re: Alienation on Sat Jul 28, 2018 10:38 am


The grind isn't too bad. Similar to Nioh but without as many systems in play.

Loot is color coded and you get better stuff on higher difficulties. I've been playing online and you can team up with 3 others. I joined this one game where they did all the work and I went up to level 30 in one stage and got a few legendary weapons.

As I understand it, 30 is the max, and after that you start getting 'hero levels' but I'm not sure what they're for. I think they raise your health. Hero level goes to 100.

Weapons have slots that you can equip cores to. These are drops and you can combine 3 weaker ones to make 1 of the next level.

There is stat re-rolling, similar to Nioh, but is simpler.

There are difficulty levels but you can't win by skill. Your attacks will do nothing and you'll run out of ammo.

There's hardcore mode, which is the same as normal but if you die everything gets deleted. Who would do this?

I find myself quite addicted to this game. It's so fun with team mates.

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3Alienation Empty Re: Alienation on Mon Aug 06, 2018 6:33 am



I play Bio-Specialist. If you've seen my posts on how I played Nioh, this will make perfect sense.

Note: You don't get enough points to level up everything, but you can respec any time.

I play support/defensive mostly, but my pulse rifle is pretty strong, with the bonus to launch a boomerang on some shots. For secondary I have powershot, which fires an instant shot that looks like a beam but it doesn't stay on screen. I don't know if this counts as a beam though. But it goes through multiple enemies.

On heavy I have a minigun that I don't really like but it's the only legendary weapon I have for that slot.

On equipment, I have the land mine. Simple weapon you place and it explodes when enemies get near it. I often place this at choke points or behind the team because enemies usually appear behind. Good for breathing room and covering a retreat. Each one has three uses. The bonus I got is fast recharge.

I use Poison Cloud with the duration bonus over damage, meaning when upgraded to the level that grants slowdown, you get large swarms moving like lead and still taking decent damage, while you and your team mates mow them down.

I have full stats in healing, with duration over amount. This is useful in teams.

For passives I have the dash upgrades so I dash further, choosing distance over knockdown.
I got all the healing stuff too.

I've completed the game on legendary so all I can do now is farm more stronger weapons with more sockets and play the Ark which is a place where you can keep going deeper for better rewards. There's also pvp but I'll get destroyed if I try that now.

There is a mechanic I seriously don't like, which is that you can't hurt something unless you can see it.

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4Alienation Empty Re: Alienation on Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:19 am


I have to admit these games never resonated with me, in terms of style and mechanics. I tend to want to really see my character, dunno there was always something about it that didn't sit well with me. I assume it is made for co-op since you mention elements like support?

> There is a mechanic I seriously don't like, which is that you can't hurt something unless you can see it.

Dear god that sounds super annoying...

5Alienation Empty Re: Alienation on Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:03 am


in terms of style and mechanics.
I tend to not like the ones that are nothing but shooting like that shitty 'Riddled Corpses'. It has zero depth. Just hold shoot and move around. Ones like Alienation, Ruiner, Nex Machina, Matterfall, all have various abilities or builds as well as unique mechanics for scoring.

I tend to want to really see my character
Are to referring to the camera angle not showing them clearly? Or that in this game they all have armor?

You can play this one solo just fine, you'll just need higher level gear to tackle legend mode or the Ark (dungeon of sorts).

elements like support
This class (bio specialist) is good as support due to healing and poison cloud, but has other abilities like wraiths which are these little swarms of nanomachines that follow enemies and damage them so you can play offensively if you want. They ignore walls/obstructions, energy barriers, height. At first all weapons were class specific but there was a DLC to equip anything to any class.

It just depends on how to want to play. It's more interesting than all guns blazing. No one uses the land mine. EVER. Actually this is why I mentioned Nioh. Any game where I can customize or build in any way, results in me trying to stay as far away as possible or putting something on the field that they have to deal with. The mine and poison cloud are similar to what I was going for in Nioh with the spikes and spear. Even in fighting games I usually go for the character with longest range like Ivy and Mina.

The poison cloud is great because of the huge trail it creates, and you can use it while moving back while still firing and they get slowed down and damaged. I do that when solo. In MP I use my dash to run a circle around a group and surround them in poison then get out of there. I haven't seen a single player do that yet. Sometimes I'll dash in a straight line between my team and a horde creating a sort of barrier of shit the enemy has to go through.

I wonder how far I'd get against another player with this stuff? Problem is they'll have gear with power ratings in the millions.

Sometimes I co-op with these players with super powerful gear and all they do is run into a room firing these huge lasers while spinning around. Half the time I just watch. Everyone seems to have the DLC weapons which are really strong like the vortex grenade. I'm getting sick of seeing that.

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6Alienation Empty Re: Alienation on Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:38 am


Will probably quit this game. No interest in further looting for a weapon with more slots and all that for ultimately no reason. Gameplay is good though, just nothing more to do other than get the most powerful gear. Waste of time. Was really only interested in the bio-specialist abilities and it's reasonably fun though it's really all about your weapon DPS.

Funny that equates to 'nothing to do' for me. I'd rather play Nex Machina where you just get better and go for higher scores.

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