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White Day

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1White Day Empty White Day on Sat Jun 23, 2018 12:38 pm


So this is a remake/remaster (whatever you want to fight with someone to 500 on GameFAQs over) of some old Korean horror game. I just saw it on sale on PSN and grabbed it. I've had a remote interest for a while but was waiting for a sale, as they were asking for like $50 for it.

Also, seeing as it's one of those first person types without combat, and all you can do is run and hide from invincible enemies, combined with being quite low budget, it's not exactly something you'd want to pay full price for, at least without full knowledge of what it is.

I don't actually mind these types of games if they have interesting or at least passable mechanics and scares. This one has this janitor (not sure if he's human or not) who hunts you down. You can switch lights on and off, which is necessary to collect items, but can attract him, as does leaving doors open.

You have the option of English and Korean voices (and can also change all the text to Korean) which is a huge bonus for me. So far I've just been mainly wandering around reading the various Korean writings around the school.

There is one unlockable difficulty beyond hard and a lot of costumes as DLC. Some of these were at one point only available in Japan I believe. Apparently, the Japanese version made everything un-Korean, changing their school uniforms to Japanese ones and stuff like that. The JP uniforms are a DLC pack now. Japan also originally had the Blazblue pack, but that has also been released worldwide. There are two other packs I think with horror and swimsuit themed costumes. Quite a few overall at like $10 a pack. Enough to make one check the game case for the Koei Scamco logo.

I'll play it a bit more tomorrow and post how the actual gameplay is.

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2White Day Empty Re: White Day on Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:03 am


Solid review. Visually, there are a lot of spoilers for ghosts you'll encounter later.

He's off about how hard it is to avoid the janitor, at least on normal. He's slow so you can outrun him easily. Shutting doors behind you really slow him down and break line of sight. You can crouch behind desks and the toilets are (so far) the best spot because you'll find them on every floor. You're kinda screwed if you get cornered though.

Running and turning on lights attracts the janitor, as does leaving doors open, or so I hear. Many rooms are dark and need light to see and pick up items or interact with stuff.

You get the lighter which illuminates enough for you to see everything that having full light does, but you get it so early that I don't get what the point of the main lights are. The lighter is infinite too AND doesn't attract the janitor. If there was a resource necessary for the lighter, I'd get it, but as it stands, a whole mechanic becomes worthless once you get the lighter right at the start pretty much. #nolighterrun

Crouching lets you move silently, but screw that. I only do so when he's seen me and I'm hiding behind a desk or something.

There's stamina for running but there's no meter. I haven't exhausted it yet but read you get slower and heavy breathing. I wonder if there's a way to move fast without alerting him like tapping the run button? Haunting Ground and Fatal Frame had this.

Oh and this.

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