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Knack 2

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General Mechanics

Canceling Attacks

There are two points where an attack can possibly be canceled.

1 - During any stage of the attack animation, be it start up, active hit, or recovery.
2 - During the recovery animation only, as Knack returns to his neutral position.

The types of things that can cancel an action (be it just the recovery or completely) in Knack 2 are jumping, dodging, guarding, running, changing forms and certain special moves. You can also link some attacks into others, canceling the recovery. Here is a brief overview of the basic types of cancels.

Jump cancelling - Simply press the jump button during certain attacks. Jump cancelling is great because it also leads to double jump and hover, or any of your air options, such as Bodyslam, Jump Kick, air dodge, Flip Kick, and special form moves. This can get you out of a dangerous situations, with the option to double jump hover/air dodge away, but also allows you to launch your air attacks at any time. You can also guard in the air so you have an option if you can't fully escape.

Guard cancelling - Pretty simple, just hit the guard button during certain attacks. This is good for when an enemy tanks some of your hits, avoid incoming projectiles while you are attacking, or to just get you out of danger if you mistime something. Also, since parrying is pressing guard at the last second, this can also cancel attacks so you have an extra option for incoming projectiles. Not as useful as jump cancelling as you have far less options and mobility, as well as the size issue determining whether or not you can successfully defend.

Note: If you are in the air, guarding can cancel your double jump or hover. Normally, you cannot perform another action while in the air after guarding. However, if you just tap the guard button, you can air dodge while Knack is falling. This is the only action you can take in this case. Air dodging leads to other air options, so it is a way to bypass the rule, though Knack can't really jump high enough to make any real, serious use of this technique.

Dodge cancelling - Dodge cancelling is great because the dodge can lead to quite a few options when fully upgraded. You can dodge up to three times in a row which is good for getting you out of immediate danger, but there are also attack extensions and other special properties that I will detail in this move's own section.

Run cancelling - This is barely noticeable, but when a move recovers, if you are holding the stick to run, the move will recover slightly faster.

Special moves and other cancels will be described in their own sections. I will be detailing where each of the attacks presented in this guide can be canceled and by what, and whether they can be canceled at any stage of their animation, or recovery only.

Changing Size

The more relics you collect throughout a level, the larger Knack will become. Relics are essentially your HP, and taking damage makes you smaller. Lost relics will be restored to Knack after a few seconds, however, you will be more vulnerable during that time. You can also discard all relics and shrink to Knack's small form. Most attacks will instantly kill you in this state, though there is still some stuff you can do with this and will be explained in a later section.

Knack's size determines his effectiveness in pretty much every possible area. Here is a general list. Move specific stuff will be detailed in later sections.

Attack power
The larger Knack is, the higher his attack power.
A larger size means longer limbs, thus improved range on all attacks.
Longer HP bar, meaning you can take more hits before getting too small. Technically, your defense doesn't go up, you can just take more hits due to having more relics connected.
Ability to block
If an enemy is larger, some attacks will guard break Knack. Bigger size means you can block more powerful attacks. Most attacks can still be blocked if you're smaller, and by playing for a while you'll get a feel for them.
Movement speed
The bigger you are, the larger your steps, meaning more distance covered and allowing you to jump higher and further. It does not affect attack speed.

What happens when Knack takes damage

After taking a hit, Knack will lose some relics and shrink in size. How much depends on the attack. Once hit, you will see blue electricity on Knack. In this state, if an enemy attacks and you block, your guard WILL be broken by most attacks, even if you could normally block that particular attack. If the enemy and their attack is ridiculously smaller, you can still block. For example, I was much bigger than the small archer goblins, and even when damage, I was still able to safely block their arrows.

I need to test it more, but it might be related to whether or not an attack can put you into hit stun at any given size. In my example with the archer goblins, I was at a size where their arrows could not cause hit stun.

See here. Normally you can block these guys easily, if at smaller sizes with no problem. See how as long as the blue electricity is present and Knack's relics haven't returned, these guys easily break through his guard?

Special Forms

Knack has four extra forms, each offering unique abilities. You gain access to these forms by collecting the required amount of gems per form, which are found in hidden treasure chests throughout the game. Since what you receive is random, it can take a while to get enough gems to unlock single form. It will take a 100% completion file to unlock them all. You can then change form at any time by pressing left or right on the d-pad.

What's great about these forms is that they are an extra layer over default Knack so you don't lose access to anything since their special commands are done while holding L2. Their special attacks/abilities require Sunstone meter to use unless otherwise noted.

Each form will be detailed in its own section at a later point in this guide, but here I will give a basic overview of each form as the game describes them, as well as a few extra details, as the game does not clearly explain some of them. The colors represent their in-game color, and will be used when listing their moves in later sections to differentiate from default Knack's stuff.

Basic/Default Knack

Special Action: When you have Sunstone meter, a barrier will be formed, protecting you from enemies.
Explanation: It's not a visible barrier you can see at all times. It means one will be formed if an enemy lands a hit on you and you won't take damage. You will recoil from hits though not as much.

Speedy Knack

Special Action 1: The period of vulnerability after attacking is shorter.
Expanation: Basic punch and kick attacks are faster. Nothing else seems faster or recovers faster at all.

Special Action 2: Shockwave *Requires Sunstone meter.

Vampire Knack

Special Action 1: Storm *Requires Sunstone meter.
Special Action 2: Teleport *Does not require Sunstone meter, but requires an enemy to be in range.

Saber Knack

Special Action 1: Relics are returned more quickly after taking damage.
Explanation: Faster regen.

Special Action 2: Crystal Swords *Requires Sunstone meter.

Shooter Knack

Special Action: Parrying unleashes three homing missiles. Does not require Sunstone meter.
Explanation: Not entirely true. It can unleash a max of three missiles, but how much come out from a parry is dependent on how many enemies you're facing.
For example, if it's one, then one missile. Three? Then all three missiles come out. One goes back to the shooter and the other two will go for the closest enemies.

Special Action 2: Crystal Blast *Requires Sunstone meter.
Special Action 3: Relic Shot *Requires Sunstone meter.

Form cancel:

When you change forms (left or right on the D-pad), Knack goes through a brief animation and the game slows for a second as he transforms. This animation cancels absolutely ANYTHING. Sadly, you cannot take action until Knack has returned to his neutral position. Also while changing, he is still vulnerable to attack, though this cannot stop the transformation.

You can also change forms in the pause menu, which bypasses the animation, however, the game prevents you from pausing during special attacks. You CAN change forms during any normal action, or any of default Knack's attacks.

There are a few things you can do with Form Change. Though they are not very useful, I'll list them for the sake of completeness and that someone may find them useful.

Form Change block cancel
You can cancel out of blocking by doing Form Change just after the attack connects. You will also cancel any pushback if timed perfectly. Usefulness is very limited due to not being effective on successive attacks that can hit you while you transform.

Dodging attacks with Form Change
As you can see, Knack does a little jump as he changes forms. If the attack is low enough you'll be able to hop over it. Less useful than the block cancel because there are barely any attacks low enough to transform over. You have to be very careful with beams, as if you mistime, you won't clear the length of the beam.

Changing form instantly during hit stun
So, if you are stuck in hit stun, you can instantly change forms. Getting hit cancels the animation but can't stop the transformation. Another useless trick. The second video is pretty much the same, only showing you can do it from being knocked down as well.

Standing hit stun


Note: I have recently discovered a glitch using the pause menu method. This allows you to add the explosion of Speedy Knack's Shockwave to the Bodyslam, as well as use Shockwave from a move not normally possible. I have not found any real use for this.

Temporary Forms

In addition to these, there are two more forms that are a little different from the ones above, Iron and Ice. First, they are temporary, in that you can lose them by taking too much damage, and that they are only usable in certain levels. You gain these forms by hitting lumps of iron or icicles scattered throughout the levels. These also add to Knack's size.

Once the material attaches to Knack, another meter appears below the HP bar. This is basically a second health meter and functions similarly to default Knack's Sunstone barrier ability. They have to get through this to get to your main health bar.

Like the special forms, they are an addition to default Knack, though these ones DO change certain moves. These will covered in depth in a later section. They can also be used with special forms.

Iron Knack

Special Action 1: Iron Punch *Takes over punch combo.
Special Action 2: Iron Whip *Takes over Multi Punch move.

Ice Knack

Special Action 1: Ice Slash *Takes over punch combo.
Special Action 2: Ice Breath *Takes over Multi Punch move.

Combat Options

First I want to go over some general enemy stuff.

Changing size in combat

As I mentioned earlier, changing size, be it from taking damaging or choosing to switch to small Knack, leaves you extremely vulnerable. There is still some stuff you can do in these cases though.

Size change dodge
Switching to small Knack at the last second will cause a brief duration of slowmo. You can also mash the switch button on and off to extend it and get out of continuous attacks. Here is an example of using size change to dodge a single attack.

Berserk Enemies

Whenever you become significantly smaller than the enemies, either from taking damage or intentionally shrinking, they will go crazy and get a huge speed boost. Their movement and attack speed go way up as they furiously try to end you in your vulnerable state.

Right before they attack, they will do an animation first. For example, archer goblins will roar with laughter before charging an arrow, or robots with blade arms will clash their blades together before running at you. They also get one new attack.

Example: Large robots with missile launchers will fire a horizontal spread of 5 missiles in a straight line. When you're small, they will fire 5 single missiles in succession. So if you ran to the side, they can aim at you firing single shots making it harder to avoid.

To be honest though, the new attacks are not an issue. It's the speed up that's the real threat. In fact, you can purposely bait enemies into doing these attacks by shrinking. The great thing about this is, you can immediately change back to full size and they will still carry out their attack.

Example: I'll use the missile robot again. These guys can be difficulty to approach because in addition to missiles, they have an attack where they shoot multiple rolling bombs. They sometimes do this twice before firing missiles, but if you purposely shrink and trigger them, they'll use their 'berserk' attack, which in this case is single missiles for an easy parry.

Enemy Electricity Field

I want to mention this because it affects a lot of your moveset and it becomes quite common later in the game.

During the game you'll encounter robots of various types. These guys have an ability where they cover themselves with electricity. In this state, they can't be attacked physically and their attacks become unblockable. You can cancel this state with certain attacks though, and will be noted when I get to those attacks.

Otherwise, after a short time they will disperse the electricity in an AoE attack. They can activate electricity any time they want though, so early game you want to attack as soon as they're vulnerable. Also, if a robot has a shield, it will not use it in this state. This only affects the use of the boomerang, which restrains enemies. Normally the boomerang bounces off their shields, but since they stop blocking when they activate electricity, the boomerang can now catch them, and also cancel this state.


Only projectiles can be parried. Pressing guard at the last second (very generous timing) will result in Knack knocking the projectile back at the enemy.

-Not all projectiles can be parried like laser beams or bombs.
-The parried projectile will travel directly back at the enemy who fired it, but can hit anything that crosses its path.
-Depending on size, it's possible to parry more than one projectile.
-Because it's done with the guard button, you can cancel into a parry if the move allows it.
-Arrow traps can be parried, but the deflected projectiles will not target enemies. They can still be hit if they cross paths though.

Punch/Kick combo string

These are your basic attack strings that you'll be using often. They offer quick, decent damage, and with upgrades you get more hits (punchx5/kickx4) as well as various cancel options. You can also link in special moves after each strike.

Note: The final kick of the upgraded string recovers slower than the rest, and cannot be canceled by certain actions until just before Knack returns to neutral position.

Cancel points

Jump - At any point in the animation.

Dodge - At any point, except for the final kick.

Guard - At any point in the animation.

Flip Kick - Can fully cancel any kick at any point, but cannot fully cancel punch animations. It can only cancel the recovery and link from your punches. This is probably due to the kick and Flip Kick sharing the O button.

Running - After hit, you can immediately run and cancel the recovery. No hugely noticeable. Final kick delay applies.

Teleport - At any point, but requires an enemy to be in range.

All other attacks can be linked into from punches or kicks smoothly, though again, the final kick recovers slower than the rest. I'm not going to list them all here as it's unnecessary and they only cancel a very small part of the recovery animation before you can move again. More details can be found in their respective sections.

Attack Delay

You can delay the next strike of punch/kick strings for about 2 seconds before the string resets. This is related to what I call Knack's 'fighting stance'.

Whenever Knack performs an attack, afterwards his hands will be raised as though ready to strike. This lasts about 2 seconds before he returns to his normal standing position. As long as you attack during this time, the string will continue. This also applies while running, so you can run about two steps before continuing the string. Waiting too long or performing any other action will reset the string.

This video shows what the punch combo looks like when done as fast as possible, then with delays. You'll also be able to see what I meant by Knack's fighting stance. Pay attention to how his hands are raised when I finish the strings.

And the same for the kick combo.

First hit of the kick combo

The first kick is unique in that it propels Knack forward much more than his other attacks. It is excellent for closing the gap on approaching enemies and interrupting their attacks.

Some enemies, when blocked, will rebound off of Knack's guard and be just out of punching range, but with this kick you can close the gap easily. While there are other options for attacking an enemy outside of punch range, this kick provides a fast and fully cancelable option.

Jump Kick

This is a spinning heel drop. When he lands with this kick, there will be an extended length of relics than come down with his heel and lay out on the ground in front of him. Sort of looks like bring a whip of relics down.

Knack will spin a few times during this move (more depending on height). This move can hit at two points; with Knack's heel up close, or with any part of the relics that lay out in front of him, so it has some good range to it and fantastic for jumping in on enemies with.

It can be done from jump, double jump, hover, Flip Kick, air dodge andShockwave.

Body Slam

This attack has a small AoE shockwave, but can leave Knack very vulnerable. Once you start it, you can't cancel with anything other than Form Change. Knack plummets directly downward at high speed, creating a splash of relics. You can be easily hurt during it though, especially if enemies start attacking below you as you come down.

It can be done from jump, double jump, hover, air dodge, Flip Kick and Shockwave.

Not a hugely useful move, but can be decent on groups of small enemies when you are larger. It also gets an upgrade that created a shockwave which can break Sunstone crystals from a decent distance away. This includes the large Sunstone crystal that activates Super Move Mode and will also trigger Sunstone Bomb.


With upgrades, you gain access to three dodges in a row. The final dodge has a short delay to prevent spamming it, though there are ways around that. Dodging only has a small amount of i-frames, so they're not useful for extended attacks or things like beams, but rather for short, quick bursts of movement.

I often refer to this this move as a dash because that's what it looks like, though the game labels it as 'dodge'. If you ever see me mention dashing, you know I'm talking about dodging.

Cancel points

Jump - Only the first two dodges can be cancelled by jumping and only at the end of the animation. The timing is super tight. Has no real use but it's there.

Note: I have reason to believe jump cancelling the dodge is not intended. The timing is either so tight as to be near impossible to do consistently for no real reason, or it has something to do with the terrain. I notice it works more on bumpy ground, but at times even then it won't come out. I suspect it's related to the fact that when Knack dodges, his feet leave the ground slightly.

Flip Kick - Cancels the dodge completely at any point, even the third dash.

Teleport - Cancels the dodge completely at any point, even the third dash, though it requires an enemy to be nearby.

Multi Punch - This cancels the recovery on the final dodge, but also delays you slightly for another reason. MP in a move that requires you to hold the square button and cause Knack to unleash a barrage of punches, and when he does this, there's like about half a second of him winding up, so ultimately you end up with a slight delay.

This is still useful because you can also cancel MP with a few things, and do so as soon as you see the move about to come out. Here is an example of using it to cancel the this to cancel the recovery on the final dodge and keep going.

Infinite dodging

This is a glitch that allows you to cancel a dodge with another dodge. This can be only be done using Vampire Knack by cancelling a dodge with his Storm special move. You must have Sunstone meter to use this glitch, though any amount will do. This is due to the fact that special form moves require meter to use, even though in this case, the special move never comes out but the rule still applies. Without meter, you can't use this glitch.

Press and hold the right stick in the direction you want to dodge, while at the same time, entering the command for Vampire Knack's Storm special move which is done by holding L2 and pressing Circle. Now simply press Circle during the dodge to instantly cancel it with another. The faster you mash Circle, the faster you can repeatedly dodge.

This completely deletes the recovery time and allows you to infinitely dodge at ridiculously high speed and tear through levels and run circles around enemies. With the upgrade to make the dodge do damage, though is isn't a huge damage dealer. You can still stop and attack at any time.

Enough explaining. This nonsense has to be seen to be believed.

Note: This glitch can also be done with Saber Knack and Shooter Knack using the above method, though for some reason it uses meter, so you run out immediately

Air Dodge

-Can only be done once in the air.
-Can be done from single or double jumps, but not hover.
-Can be done from Shockwave.
-Can be fully canceled by Teleport.
-You have access to Bodyslam, Jump Kick, Teleport and Flip Kick after air dodging.

If you do a grounded dodge on certain slopes or off ledges, Knack will keep traveling straight ahead which will put him in the air, technically becoming an air dodge.


This is an upgrade that causes the dodge to cause damage. It can also destroy certain projectiles.
Here is an example of it being used to go through thrown cars.

Super Dodge

This upgrade causes you to go through enemies and get behind them. It doesn't work on enemies with energy barriers that appear later in the game or enemies covered with electricity.

Dodge attack extensions

These are upgrades that add quick punch or kick attack to a dodge. These come out and end so fast that there is no need to cancel them and their animation can't be fully canceled outside of Teleport and Form Change. You can only do so with other stuff in the fraction of time it takes to return to neutral position, just after the attack comes out.

The dodge attacks can link instantly into the punch/kick strings and other moves, though these come out slightly slower than normal punches/kicks.

Dodge Delay
This follows the same rules as the punch/kick delay. Knack will enter the fighting stance though it's shorter than p/k, about 1 second. The next dodge will come out as long as you do it before Knack completely returns to neutral position.

Note: When using the dodge attacks, they will also suffer the same delay after the third dodge, and you will not able to link into anything else.

Power Punch

This single punch is used for breaking shields and armor easily. It has longer range than normal punches and kicks (though rivaled by the first kick), but can leave you vulnerable if an enemy dodges and it can only be canceled by a few things.

Dealing with shielded/armored enemies
Any attack in the game that does damage can break shields and armor. The only downside is that enemies with shields will be blocking while you chip away and will most likely counter you after only a few hits. With armor, the enemies will be able to tank your hits.

Using the Power Punch cause enough damage in a single strike to shatter most armor and shields instantly depending on size, and upon break either, will send the enemy sliding back. Lighter attacks still have their use in this scenario, considering you might not want to commit to a Power Punch due to nearly enemies. In this case, other attacks like regular punches and kicks would be the better option due to how highly cancelable they are, offering far more options to avoid damage.

Flip Kick - This can cancel it at any time.
Teleport - Any time, as long as an enemy is in range.
Form change - Any time, but can't take action until Knack returns to neutral.

This move requires you to hold down the kick button. You can link this into regular strings or after other special moves by holding it down during those actions. This is especially effective with normal kicks because they both use the circle button.

Flip Kick

This is a somewhat glitchy move. It cancels a lot of stuff that can't be cancelled by other means.

-Launches small enemies. Can launch certain larger ones depending on Knack's size.
-Leads to air options: Bodyslam and Jump Kick.
-Can be done in air from single or double jump, also allowing air options.
-Normally cannot be done from hover, but there is a glitchy version you can do.
-Can be done from Shockwave at a specific point. Also a glitch.
-Can parry projectiles.
-Can be used to dodge attacks.

The only things that cancel this move are Teleport and form change.

Parrying with Flip Kick
This follows the same rules as the regular parry. There is no mention in the move tutorials in-game about this stuff.

-Doesn't matter which direction you're facing.
-Grants i-frames while parrying.
-Deflects all the same types of projectiles.

Flip Kick Parry

Notice the bullets passing through Knack as he lands.

Multiple parries on bullet streams

You can parry, which grants i-frame, then immediately Flip Kick and parry again. This is super useful when dealing with bullet streams like this or multiple shooters.

Hover version

There is a specific point in Hover where you can do a Flip Kick, but it causing the Flip Kick to go downward if down at the max height of hover. I think this is to prevent it from going higher than Knack's max jump height, but it is clearly a glitch due to how it cancels hover and drops straight down and looks weird, like he's flipping in reverse and then hits the ground too early.

Note: While this version is extremely awkward, and I can't think of any time I would ever use it, it will still deflect projectiles. Even then, you can block and parry in the air from hover, which is way more useful and easier to do, so there's really no point doing doing this glitch.

High jump glitch with Shockwave

This is done by doing the Flip Kick during a certain point in Shockwave's animation. This allows you to reach places you normally couldn't leading to many shortcuts and skips.

Here is an example of the glitch.

And you can view the full playlist here. I know you want to.

Dodging with Flip Kick
This is far more useful than the Form Change dodge. Flip kick goes way higher and leads to air options. Even better when used in conjunction with Teleport.

Multi Punch

This move is done by holding the punch button. Knack will do a barrage of DBZ punches. There are two parts to this move, the multi punch part, and the finisher. The finishers are upgrades.

Finisher 1 - This is an uppercut and launches an enemy though not directly upwards, more like a high knock back.

Finisher 2 - This is a story upgrade. After enemies with energy barriers are introduced, there will be a QTE cut-scene where you learn this move. It's the only thing that can destroy these barriers.

Note: Finsher 2 takes over finisher 1.

Since the multi punch part requires you to hold the punch button, you can do less punches by releasing the button. You can also link this from other stuff by holding punch during other actions. You can change the direction of the finisher just before it comes out.

Multi Punch Cancel points

There are two parts to this move, the multi punch part, and the finisher. The multi punch part can be canceled at any point of its animation by jump, dash, guard, Teleport and form change.

The finishers can only be canceled by Teleport or Form Change once it comes out but can be cancelled by anything else during its start-up.


This move restrains enemies for a short time, preventing them from moving or attacking. This temporarily removes them from the battle, allowing you close distance, attack, or focus on other threats. It doesn't do damage, but does have an upgrade that causes damage when Knack hits a restrained enemy. It's generally used for control and is easily one of the most useful moves in the game.

-Long range.
-Homes in of closest enemy, or wherever Knack is facing.
-Cancels electricity fields.
-Can be upgraded to throw two consecutively.
-Cancels what an enemy was doing even if it can't restrain.
-Breaks Sunstones and relic crates.
-Tanks cannot be restrained (but spider tanks can).
-Throwing another at the same enemy will reset its timer.
-If you have two active and throw another, the first one will cancel.

Size Difference and other factors
Knack's size determines how effective this move is. As small Knack, it will always cancel electricity, but won't restrain. As a medium sized Knack, you can restrain most enemies outside of giant robots until you get larger. Armored enemies can break out immediately, and shielded enemies have their own set of rules.

Note: If you change to small Knack while an enemy is restrained, it will cancel it.

Shield enemies and how to catch them

There are two types of enemies with shields; human and non-human, and they have different rules on how to catch them with boomerang.

They will block it, but if you throw while they're attacking it will catch them. These guys like to throw their shields a lot, so it's easy to dodge and throw, but even when they're using melee with their shield you can still catch them.

These are large goblins with clubs and shields, and robots. They cannot be caught even if you connect with the boomerang while they're attacking. They just auto block it. You have to break their shields to be able to restrain them.

This is not all bad though, as they are forced to block which gets them stuck for a second, cancelling whatever they were doing. This allows you to close the distance and prepare something to break their shields.

With robots, they lose the ability to block when they activate electricity fields. In this state they are completely vulnerable to the boomerang. It will not only restrain them, but it also cancel their electricity field. One thing I discovered recently though, is that when restrained and still holding intact shield, if you throw another Boomerang it will not reset the duration. They will actually just block as if they weren't restrained.

Note: When an enemy with a shield is restrained, you still have to break through their shield.

Quick restrain on armored enemies

They will be break out immediately, but in doing so they go through a 'breaking out' animation. This is great because this cancels whatever they were doing and gets them stuck, similar to blocking enemies, allowing you to close the distance and smash their armor with a Power Punch or whatever you want. Better yet, if you didn't get close enough, you can throw another and force them to get stuck breaking out again. Once their armor is removed, they can can be fully restrained.

Quick Throw

Boomerang is done by holding triangle, so you can hold it during other attacks or actions to make it come out faster.

Notice the difference between a normal standing throw, and landing from a jump? There's no wind up. It just pops out near instantly. I've tested this with every move, and as far as I know, the only thing it doesn't work with is Shockwave.


There are two types of tanks in this game: Normal tanks (that is, with wheels and treads) and spider tanks.

Normal tanks cannot be restrained, and the boomerang has no other effects on them either. The spider tank can, but here's where it gets interesting. Their movement will be completely shut down, but their turret can still fire. It will follow you and continue to fire missiles. I don't want to get into enemy specifics at this point, but I thought this was really cool and wanted to mention it.

Exploding Boomerang

This is the damage upgrade I mentioned earlier. With this, if you hit a restrained enemy, the restraint will explode dealing huge damage on top of the damage caused by your attack. Any of your attacks will trigger the explosion. Better yet, parried projectiles and Sunstone crystal explosions will also set it off.

As you can no doubt see, all of this makes the boomerang an incredibly useful tool especially when fully upgraded.

Note:Sunstone crystal explosions are caused when you have a certain gadget equipped. This causes a shockwave to be emitted from any Sunstone crystal you hit. I will go over this later.

Hookshot (Grab)

The Hookshot is a grab where Knack stretches his arm out and pull enemies toward him and has incredible range. It's sort of similar to Nero's Snatch move. Enemies pulled in will be briefly stunned allowing you to follow up with whatever you like. Like the boomerang, it's a very versatile move allowing you to close distance, stun, and attack all in one.

Use on enemy stance
In Knack 2, many enemies can take a stance where they raise they ready their weapon to strike. This allows them to move around and strike instantly when you're in range. They often approach slowly, readying powerful AoE attacks that will guard break you. These types are very dangerous especially when appearing with other enemies like gunners or ones that like to rush at you as they control space with their slow approach and break your guard, opening you up for attacks from their allies. Jumping and dodging can be dangerous too, as their AoE attacks can easily catch you.

These enemies always dodge roll and backstep to maintain range and enter their stance and control space with their AoE. This is where the Hookshot comes in. You can grab them from range right out of their stance.

Another thing these types can so is push you away if you get too close. While this doesn't do damage, it puts you at a disadvantage by knocking you down. They can then quickly follow up with their attack, forcing you to block and get guard broken. Here is an example.

The Hookshot, of course, bypasses this.

Grabbing larger/armored enemies.
There is an upgrade that allows you to grab armored enemies, but you can still grab without it IF you are larger. If not, breaking their armor solves that.

On significantly larger enemies like the huge robots, you can't grab unless you are larger, however, these robots don't uses stances so this isn't an issue.

Hookshot cancels
It can be fully canceled at any point with Flip Kick or Form Change, otherwise with the usual (jump, run, dash etc) when he snatches his arm back and it's just over his shoulder, right before returning to neutral position.

Attack Extensions

There are three extensions. These are done by pressing a button once you've pulled the enemy in.

Stun - Press guard and Knack will instantly form his shield and bash the enemy with it. This doesn't do much damage, but it will temporarily dizzy the enemy allowing you to follow up with anything you want, or if facing multiple enemies, leave them and focus on something else.

Punch - Press punch and Knack will do a unique punch attack. This links into the regular punch string, but it will take over the first punch.

Kick - Press Kick and Knack will do a knee attack that knocks away light enemies. This links into the regular kick string, but the knee will take over the first kick. If the enemy is knocked back, you can't follow up with anything, so you really want to use this if you grabbed someone, then want them out of your face.

If none of these suit, you can follow up with any attack you like. You aren't stuck with just these options.

Punch/kick extensions can be canceled the same way as regular ones. The stun move can be canceled with form change.

What can't be grabbed?

Enemies with electricity on cannot be grabbed ever. Some enemies have attacks where you cannot grab during them but I'm not going into enemy specifics in depth at this point.

Shield enemies follow the same rule as the boomerang, that is, they can block Hookshot, but you can still catch them during their attacks.

Super Move Mode

At certain points in a stage, a large Sunstone Crystal will appear, along with many enemies. This is a scripted event.
Hitting the crystal with result in Super Mode, where Knack will become invincible and have infinite Sunstone energy for a set amount of time. In this mode, you gain access to super moves.

Basic overview.

As you can see, the super moves are also the same ones used in Special Forms. These moves will take over your regular attacks while in Super Mode. For example, punch becomes Crystal Swords. But, you can use other regular moves as well, so long as they aren't replaced by a super move. Also, special form moves can still be used because they use the L2 button which allows you to use the same face buttons without any conflict.

Special Form Analysis

Speedy Knack

Basic attack changes
Knacks basic punch and kicks become faster. This allows you to get in more hits before certain enemies try to guard, and interrupt enemy attacks more easily.


This move is an AoE explosion, great for trashing groups. It has two versions; ground and air.

In the ground version, Knack boosts into the air creating an explosion as he leaves the ground. Since this puts him in the air, you can use air dodge, Bodyslam and Jump Kick. You can also use the air version on Shockwave.

This can be done any time Knack is in from jumping, hover, or a grounded Shockwave. It cannot be done from Flip Kick, air dodge, or air guard (unless you release guard). It can also be done while falling, like if you ran over a ledge and dropped.

Knack will plummet at high speed into the ground with a punch, causing an explosion. It's no different from the one that starts on the ground.

Other notes
-Can link into it from other attacks like p/k strings.
-Cancels electricity fields.
-Destroys certain projectiles, but can't stop laser beams.

Vampire Knack


Knack does an uppercut motion and launches a relic tornado that hits multiple times, and can launch certain enemies. It will also juggle them allowing you to follow up with other attacks.

It travels quite far, and as long as you have meter you can continuously throw them, having multiple on-screen.

Second method of using Storm
In addition to the special input, you can launch Storm as an extension from Jump Kick and Power Punch. This is not Knack just doing the uppercut animation after the attack as a link, but rather a tornado coming out of the attacks. This is done by holding the buttons for a regular Storm while performing the normal move.

Note: Notice how the Power Punch version is larger, as it came from a more powerful move.

Other details
-If Knack is hit after throwing a tornado, it will shrink.
-Destroys projectiles (not lasers).
-Storm doesn't cause Knack to shrink.


This move allows Knack to teleport behind an enemy. It doesn't cost Sunstone meter, but only works when there is an enemy in range. You must be about mid range for it work.

Even though Knack appears to vanish, this is not entirely the case. At the very start of the animation, there is a very short duration of i-frames. You can still be hit if an enemy attacks in the teleport's path though. In these cases you will take damage but still appear behind the enemy. The best time is when they're doing nothing, or when they are in the start up frames of an attack, so you get behind them before it can cross your path, putting you behind them and free to attack.

This move is great because it cancels nearly everything at any frame, can be used while jumping of from any angle, and closes distance. If an enemy is at a higher or lower point, you will still teleport behind them.

Note: The side you appear on depends on the angle you teleported from. Generally you want to appear behind for the best advantage, but sometimes it can be a little off, or maybe your angle it was intentional. Either way,

The only thing it 100% doesn't work on is stuff like tanks and certain bosses. Other things will hurt you as you pass through like electricity fields or area attacks. Be aware of enemies that can use these. Also, watch out for enemies that use combo attacks as they may be able to track you if you don't attack in time.

Teleport Dash Glitch

This newly discovered trick allows you to dash and teleport at the same time. What this means is, in combination with the Tackle (dash attack barrier) the teleport becomes an attack. There are also other variations.

Teleport Dash
This is done by dashing and pressing the Teleport (L2+Triangle) at the same time and holding it down. You will teleport, but instead of just appearing behind the enemy, you will appear while dashing and hit the enemy.

Notice the trails when Knack vanishes? Those red, blue, and yellow trails are what happens when you dash normally. The dash and Teleport are being combined.

Teleport Dash - No dash version
This is what happens if you do Teleport Dash but release the buttons during the Teleport. This is basically a normal Teleport, but notice you still get the Tackle barrier.

Teleport Dash Flip Kick
As you know, you can fully cancel a dash with Flip Kick. This can be applied to the dash done during Teleport Dash.

Teleport Dash Multi Punch
In the dodge/dash section I talked about, and gave an example of how Multi Punch can be used to shorten a dash. It can't fully cancel, but by holding MP during it, you can cancel the recovery. You can apply this to the Teleport Dash.

Air Teleport Dash
This is simply Teleport Dash done in the air. The difference being how you zoom downward. This is due to how you can teleport to an enemy no matter your position.

Saber Knack

This form offers faster regen, high attack power and has more range than regular punches, therefore it excels at attack and defense.

Crystal Swords

Knack will attack with dual energy swords, up to 5 hits. These follow all the same rules as regular punches (they use the punch button). So hit delay and the same cancels all apply.

Canceling electricity
Make sure to not be too close when striking or Knack will take damage. Only the swords can be touching the enemy. Seems to only be the case on larger electrified enemies because there is more of them for Knack to clip into. Spacing is important, as Knack will launch forward with each strike.

Destroying projectiles
Well timed strikes can destroy many types of projectiles. Lasers cannot be stopped. Follows the same rules as Shockwave.

Visual glitch when using Crystal Swords after cancelling it
This happens whenever you cancel a Crystal Sword strike, then immediately use another. The swords are relics with yellow energy covering them, but when done immediately after cancelling one, the next strike will not have the energy effect. As far as I can tell, this affects nothing. They will still cancel electricity.

Shooter Knack

This form is my personal favorite and is the best complement to normal Knack, as it adds excellent long range options. The basic Relic Shot is strong with a low energy cost, allows you to take down out of reach enemies, or ones that jump down into an area to ambush you, and allows you to shoot into battle zones. By this I mean areas ahead of your position (these can also be above or below) where you can see enemies grouped, awaiting your arrival.

Shooting unaware enemies

This allows you to cause damage and in a lot of cases kill enemies without going anywhere near them.

As for the parry bonus, the extra missiles on don't cost Sunstone meter, so even if you run out for regular shots, you will always have this (so long as their is a projectile enemy), which can take out up to three enemies.

You can combine Shooter Knack's abilities with regular Knack's ranged option, the Boomerang. Better yet, when upgraded to Exploding Boomerang, you can trigger the explosion with Relic Shot from a distance, saving the need to rush in and use melee. This makes the Boomerang far more deadly, and means you can save energy by using only a single shot and letting the explosion do the big damage.

The damage Exploding Boomerang offers cannot be overstated. Takes this example situation.

There is a stage near the end of the game where you start pretty big. Soon you will encounter a large robot with a missile launcher. At this size, it takes Knack 8 shots of Relic Shot to defeat this enemy. If restrained with Exploding Boomerang, it only takes ONE.

Relic Shot

This is Shooter Knack's basic shot. It fires a small homing shot with incredibly long range.

-Fires as fast as you can press the button.
-Homes in on enemies.
-Can be used in the air from jump, double jump, and hover. It can't be used from Flip Kick though, as part of Relic Shot's command uses the Circle button which is also used for Jump Kick, so that comes out instead.
-Once You take a shot in the air, you lose access to all other air options.
-Can cancel the recovery of most attacks.
-Cancels enemy electricity fields.
-Can be used while running with no impact on speed.
-It can be blocked by shield enemies (but can damage and break shields like any other attack).

Crystal Blast

This is Knack's heavy shot. By holding the button, you can rapid fire this move but takes quite a lot of meter. It's basically Multi Punch with projectiles. You can opt to fire only a single shot which could be considered its own move as it may not be necessary to spend the energy on multiple shots. For a long time, I didn't know you could hold the button down and get multiple shots, and was only ever using a single shot.

If you choose to use the rapid fire version, Knack will fire a set amount of shots, finishing with a final shot with a unique animation from the others. You can release the button at any time to stop shooting.

It has no homing and only travels in a straight line, but as long as you're facing the enemy, Knack will target it. The range is far less than Relic Shot but hits multiple times.

-Hold down the command for continuous shots.
-Cannot be used in the air.
-Cannot be used while running. Knack will stop and fire.
-Cancels electricity.
-Hold down the command for continuous shots.
-Very effective on shields.

While you can't do this while jumping or in the air normally, if you jump cancel while rapid firing, Knack will 'carry' a few of the shots into the air, but not very far from ground level.

Extra missiles with parry

As mentioned in the Special Form overview, when you parry as Shooter Knack, you will unleash up to three missiles, along with the enemy's projectile. The limit is three, but the amount that appear is dependent on the amount of enemies on-screen.

For example, you have two archer goblins. One fires and you parry the arrow back. Since their are two goblins, two extra missiles will come out. One will be sent back with the enemy's projectile, and any others will go for the closest enemies. These do not cost Sunstone energy.

The Flip Kick parry does not get this bonus. Parrying arrow traps does so long as there are enemies.

Temporary Form Analysis

These forms are only available in certain areas that were designed around them. These areas feature puzzles or obstacles that can only be overcome with these forms.

Iron Knack can swing from hooks to cross large gaps, use his extra weight to activate pressure panels to open doors and drop a metal line that can transfer electricity currents. Ice Knack can freeze switches in place to keep gates or elevators open, or to freeze other obstacles.

Deactivating temporary forms

These are a little different from form switching with special forms. At any time, you can shed the metal or ice. When you do this, the pieces will form a statue of Knack. Hitting or having any contact with the statue will cause the parts to reconnect to Knack and restore the form.

The only use this has is in various puzzles requiring you to do things like shed the material and form a statue on a platform that can be raised by hitting switch. This will allow you to bring the statue to a higher area where you'll need that form's abilities to proceed. Some pressure panels also require you to do this.

You can still use a special form and switch between them while also being in a temporary form, with no conflict due to special form moves requiring to you hold down L2 along with a button.

Iron Knack

Changes to basic punch attack

Iron Punch

Knack will no longer use regular punches, but will form large bludgeons of iron and slams the ground while moving forward. This follows all the same rules as the regular punch string.

Iron Whip

This takes over Multi Punch. Knack will instantly form a whip and unleash a barrage of whips in front of him. This move has great range (mid), but is also quite wide so you can take down small groups with it or those jumping in. The strikes are so fast they lock enemies in place. It follows all the rules of Multi Punch.

Iron Whip on electricity enemies
Iron Whip cannot cancel electricity, though strangely, Knack will not take damage when attacking like this. The enemy will not flinch at all or take damage in this state.

When doing puzzles that involve electricity, you must be in Iron Knack form, which allows him to stand on electrical currents and transfer them. Knack is not, however, immune to the attacks of electrical enemies.

Ice Knack

Changes to basic punch attack

Ice Slash

Knack will no longer use regular punches in this form. He will form ice blades and slash instead. With each slash he slides forward a little, so you get more range than a normal punch. Ice Slash follows all the same rules as the regular punch string.

Ice Breath

This takes over Multi Punch. Knack will blow out a stream of icy wind, freezing enemies on the spot. This move has deceptively long range. The longer you hold the button down, the longer the duration, but the truth is you can release the button instantly and still get a full range puff of breath. It just won't be a stream but you don't need it to be, It will still freeze enemies in place. An enemy barely needs to be touched to be frozen.

You can direct the stream to the left or right slightly and catch and enemies off to the side of you. You have to press the direction after the stream starts and you don't get a lot of time to sweep it. You only really have enough time to angle it one way, so check your enemy's positions first.

It can damage enemies depending on Knack's size. The smaller they are, the more damage they take. If you use Ice Breath on them while they're already frozen, you will not do more damage.

Freezing enemies
This causes ice to form around the enemies legs, temporarily freezing them in place. Basically works like the Boomerang, though there is no explosion or anything after hitting them.

You can use Boomerang on a frozen enemy, which will break the ice and restrain them. If you use Ice Breath on an enemy restrained by Boomerang, it will cancel the restraint and freeze them. It does not set off the explosion.

Freezing shield goblins
In these segments, you won't encounter most enemy types, but you will encounter the large goblins with shields. They can block freeze breath, but you can catch them either in hit-stun from a previous attack, or catching them during their attacks.

Another thing about certain shield goblins, is that they come with flaming clubs. You can actually put out the fire with Ice Breath, but if they block it doesn't work. Any time you catch them not blocking is fine though.

Another enemy you'll find in Ice Knack levels are goblin archers with fire arrows; however, freeze breath has no effect on their arrows.

Instant Ice Breath
This is a neat trick where you use Ice Breath, then instantly release the button so the breath barely appears and it still gives you a full range shot. You can do this repeatedly at higher speeds by releasing, then instantly holding again to generate the brief charge for the next one.

Example on an enemy. Notice how even though the breath is cut short, it still locks the goblin in place. Also, see how the mist is continuing on behind him? That's the max range which is actually pretty far.

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