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LobosJr plays GoW1

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1LobosJr plays GoW1 Empty LobosJr plays GoW1 on Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:03 am


LobosJr is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, souls challenge runner. He plays a bunch of other games too, and this time he plans to play the full GoW franchise. He started playing GoW1 a couple of days before. First playthrough so you'll not see anything competent I guess, but I think you guys will find this kinda entertaining, so I wanted to share it. Also an excuse to say hello, not very active with videogames lately.

2LobosJr plays GoW1 Empty Re: LobosJr plays GoW1 on Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:25 am


Pretty fun to see him attempt this, his playstyle is really wonky though. Lots of dodging, reminds me a bit of my earlier game time with the game. Thanks for sharing!

How've you been DB?

3LobosJr plays GoW1 Empty Re: LobosJr plays GoW1 on Wed Oct 30, 2019 6:09 pm


Never got around to watching him go through the games casually. Saw the Nu-GoW showing, but that was it. There were a few others on my list of his kind (just for amusement to see the first time and how chat would behave with spoilers, moving discussion to begging for DMC *with the odd NG slipped in* and most importantly the backseating *even when he would allow it*). Seeing their "advice" is what would amuse me most (extending into the comments on YT). Much could be said.

It is just so tempting to see what nonsense they spout (even worse, raining negativity about the series for not being about 'cuhrayzee' HARD COMBOWS). Couldn't believe how ill-mannered they were during the DMC series (and how permissive the mods were *apparently they were fans, so they let things that angered Lobos slide and he even gave in to the terrorist's demanding more useless style play*). Should have been timing out (then banning) in a big way, but maybe he was hoping to keep some of these people (foolishness). There is good reason some others do not give them the time of day (save to talk trash about their community as with Aris).

Changing gears, can you imagine haphazardly stacking conditions that don't gel well? I remember people in the past asking me why we do not have 'No Block' or 'No Grab' types mixed with others beyond NUR+ (generally easy runs in a given entry, but with a few problem areas). One that knows the games would know why this is most unwise (not just for difficulty, but enjoyment). Who wants to reduce the game to weak chip damage affairs? It is why PAIN/PAIN+ (already composites of composites) don't need extra limiting factors all that much (least of all lose of such an integral mechanic as grabs).

NOTE: Should anyone wish to learn the ropes, yours truly is around.

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