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Red Dead Revolver

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1Red Dead Revolver Empty Red Dead Revolver on Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:57 am

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
Wacky third person shooter for PS2, PS3-4(download), Xbox(360 compatible with notable technical bugs).

Some neat history:
Wiki wrote:Rockstar San Diego, at the time known as Angel Studios, began working on Red Dead Revolver under the oversight and funding of Japanese video game publisher Capcom in 2000,[2][3] and the game was announced by Capcom in March 2002.[4] In November 2002, Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Rockstar Games, announced that they had acquired Angel Studios, with it being moved to the Rockstar Games label and being renamed Rockstar San Diego.[5][6] Following the purchase, Rockstar Games executives reviewed projects in development at the studio, so to sort out what was worth keeping.[7] Dan Houser, creative director at Rockstar Games, remarked that "this cowboy game that looked very good", that being Red Dead Revolver, caught the review team's eyes, despite it being in an unplayable state.[7] Due to the troubled development leading to that unplayable state of the game, with it missing both the 2002 Tokyo Game Show and the 2003 Electronic Entertainment Expo,[8][9] Capcom cancelled the title in August 2003.[10] However, Rockstar Games acquired the rights to Red Dead Revolver the following December,[11][12] and let Rockstar San Diego go on to develop what would become the first installment in the acclaimed Red Dead series.[7]

Original Capcom version:

Did you see that flying chicken guy!

One enemy backflips to dodge shots, wish they did that in the final game.

Final Rockstar version:

I wish the Capcom version was made, I adore the HUD, which looks both stylish and functional, the gameplay looked much faster and arcade like in nature. It was said to be a spiritual sequel to GunSmoke and was essentially a best em up in design but with guns, hence the individual lifebars with names for all the bosses and mooks like Final Fight, and tons of bosses which remain in the final game.

I’ve been playing this on PS4(just raw emulated from PS2, runs st 30 while Xbox is 60), I really like it but not all of it equally. Levels are usually very short and are various themed Wild West levels(train,circus,ghost town) with most ending in a boss fight, a few have unique move sets with an exploitable weakness(usually after a special move they take massive damage). Some bosses are pretty neat, namely Pig Josh, Professor Perry(for his wacky teleporting clown magic, yeh that’s a boss it’s great) and Mr.Black(who may or may not be undead...has a Gatling gun in his coffin).

I feel the game lost a lot of its style when they changed it(the HUD for instance is serviceable but doesn’t strike me like the Capcom HUD), it would have benefitted from having more focused levels, some are nice and short shooting galleries with a boss but others are less concise and feel too long or open in its arenas.

The game has a goofy semi-cartoon aesthetic but doesn’t commit the whole way to being completely bonkers as it could be, as the best moments so far have been the most outlandish loony tunes nonsense. As noted above, how you fight a fat guy who explodes tnt on you(as in he explodes his fists on you, is also bulletproof from the front), an insane clown with the unexplained ability to teleport around the stage in green puffs of smoke and can heal himself, an undertaker with a gatling gun in his coffin(which is on his back like Django) who may or may not be a zombie and a fat man cosplaying as a bear who can super jump around his arena(and roars like a bear too).

These weird semi-supernatural comedic bosses play to the strength of being a larger than life cartoon of the Wild West, many levels seem a tad uneventful so far, with many bosses that are pretty much regular enemies with a boring special move.

Gameplay is simple, you can carry a side arm(revolvers, dual wield revolvers), a long arm(rifles, shotguns) and an item(knife, dynamite). Your fairly mobile and will need to move a lot to not get hit as enemies are mobile as well.

What’s noteworthy about gunplay is that all shots are physical projectiles that can be dodged due to their speed, though during large firefights with enemies all over and close up you will get hit unless your pretty good/lucky. Enemies enter hit-stun when shot so take advantage of that.

You have a jump which becomes a dodge when aiming, dodging left/right is a roll that covers a lot of distance fast, back is a back step and forward is a measly forward roll. I’m unsure if these have frames or reduce your hitbox, It wouldn’t be out of place in the Capcom version but I don’t know about the final game.

There’s a cover system but I’ve not had to use it, it’s a bit awkward.

The main gimmick is Deadeye, a meter that fills up over time, you enter slomo and aim your gun to paint crosshairs over targets, you then fire the amount of shots aimed at those targets. This is exclusive to Red(main character) and Jack Swift. You play as 4 other character in the main game each with their own special move, those being Jack Swift(Deadeye), Annie Stoakes(some weird giant explosive shot), General Diego(flare shot), Shadow Wolf(burning arrow) and Buffalo Soldier(explosive shot).

2Red Dead Revolver Empty Re: Red Dead Revolver on Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:19 am

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
So I beat this earlier, I like a decent amount of it but a lot of it is pretty uninteresting to me. The first few levels are paced well, simple linear areas with a neat boss at the end, but many stages last too long or feel too slow and uneventful and more so lack novel bosses, with most bosses having your regular move set with no special moves of their own.

The best bosses are Pig Josh, Prof. Perry, Mr. Black, Sam, Grizzly(kinda) and Colonel Daren. These bosses have unique moves and weaknesses(getting stunned after special their move) and add a lot of variety and show it’s arcade roots. So rare for 3rd person shooters to have bosses now, especially western made ones as boss fights are something many western games omit entirely due to immersion or whatever.

When you beat the game you unlock Hard mode and Bounty Hunter mode.

Once you beat Hard you unlock Very Hard and gRed Wood Revolver mode, in which you play the main game as Manny Quinn(get it?), a sentient cowboy dummy, who appears in all cutscenes in place of Red. His special move is to set himself on fire burning anyone he touches, but if touched by a burning enemy you will take fire damage which depletes your life rapidly.

Bounty Hunt mode is just most of the levels with a different goal like no damage, get combo of $500 or beat level in 4mins. The reward is either a new character for the multiplayer mode or cheats. Cheats include invincible, bite the bullet(you and mobs die in 1-2hits) sand stars(cartoon stars replace blood) and infinite dead eye which makes it feel like the arcade game it should have been.

I can’t help lament the unfinished Capcom version, a dream game I didn’t even know existed for a time. I feel that the Capcom version would have had that dynamism that the main game lacks a lot of the time, it looked faster and committed fully to being a wacky cowboy arcade game where as the final game is in this odd soggy middle ground between a cartoon cowboy arcade shooter and grounded generic shooter that lacks the creativity and ambition of the original version sadly.

I mean did you see the Capcom trailer and gameplay? One boss(red beard guy with a blue suit called gorgeous) was doing backflips and another chicken man could straight up fly! Final game needed more of that stuff. Funny how it went from being a Capcom backed linear arcade shooter into the first entry in an otherwise open world Wild West series.

I’ll get the Xbox version as it runs 60fps, emulation on 360 has notable graphical bugs(areas and character models flicker) and a bug with a boss that freezes the game. Graphics bugs can be fixed if 360 resolution is changed to 480p.

Taken from the above interview:

When did development start on the original Capcom version of the game?
Around the turn of the century! No, seriously, it's hard to pin down because we made several prototypes for Capcom that were not westerns before we decided to go west.

How near to completion was development of the game when Rockstar picked it up?
Some aspects of the game, like various characters and levels were complete, but a lot of fundamental elements had to be revamped.

In what ways does the Rockstar version of the game differ to what it would have been had the game remained with Capcom?
The story was rewritten, the audio and cinematics were redone, and the cameras, controls, AI, multiplayer, unlockables, weapon tunings, combo system and special moves were revamped to make Red Dead Revolver a Rockstar game.

Images and footage of the Capcom version, fuck I want this version so bad:

According to this: Four different levels were on display, including one where Tom squares off against a number of outlaws holed up in a camp, and another taking place at night where apparently the ghosts of long-dead gunslingers have come to wreak havoc. In between levels, you can buy equipment such as ammo, shotguns, and additional revolvers--and you get money from bringing down enemy outlaws.

Fucken ghost cowboy enemies! Dammit, final game has a crazy magic clown so that’s a fair replacement. Buying ammo/guns and choosing your loudout between levels is in the final game.

2002 preview:

This ones detailed:

Details make the game. Shoot a hulking ogre of a man in the leg and he'll limp like a wounded dog, threatening to keel over. Pop a tall, slim foe in the arm and he'll staggers backward, stunned and in obvious pain. Chaining hits together is half the fun, with location-based hit animations causing enemies to writhe and dance in sick fashion, and you're encouraged to brutalize opponents as effectively as possible. This technique isn't just for face value, either--fail to juggle troublemakers into oblivion and certain members of the enemy entourage will flank your position, commence head-on blitzkriegs, or seek cover and wail upon the hero. As tactics go, your adversaries aren't stupid.

Some of these animations appear in the final game but aren’t pronounced or effect gameplay much, here it seems far more involved limb damage system. Shane this version could have been legendary, we would have all played it and loved it I’m certain.

2003 impressions:

The character animation is coming together quite well, as 100 different character animations are being used to give the characters quite a bit of personality.

The game's targeting system gives you two shooting options. Once you've targeted an enemy, you'll of course be able to shoot him or her. However, it's also possible to fire at specific points on the enemy's body by using the left analog stick to move your targeting reticle anywhere on the enemy once you've locked on to him or her. Besides your standard shot, you'll also have the option to perform a special rapid-fire attack move that doles out a respectable amount of punishment. We were pleased to hear that once you've defeated a boss, you'll gain access to a special attack unique to that boss, much like earning boss attacks in the Mega Man games.

In a pleasing bit of eccentricity, the special attacks you earn seem to get progressively more preposterous as you go through the game. While you'll initially receive fairly normal attacks such as a ricochet shot that will bounce off objects before striking a target, you'll also apparently get far stranger ones. A buffalo attack calls on a stampede of beasts to attack your foes, while a cannon attack summons cannon fire from a distant artillery unit to dole out some punishment. At the moment, it sounds as though there's going to be some limitation on the number of boss attacks you'll be able to use when playing, meaning you may be allowed to equip only one or two specific moves on Red.

3Red Dead Revolver Empty Re: Red Dead Revolver on Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:54 am

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
Anyone have any experience with this game? Thoughts on the final game?

But mainly anyone’s thoughts on the Capcom version?

Which looked like a classic to me, real shame we didn’t get that one...Thanks Capcom. I had no clue of its origins, really surprised me and now I’m retroactively morning a game I never knew I wanted.

Main game feels rushed and lacking polish. The combat lacks a certain dynamism to it, only a few areas feel like a arcade type shooter, most of the game feels like a more generic shooter, like GTA. Kinda slow and uneventful. Just feels really toned down when I’d rather it go full retard with the goofy stuff. Most of my complaints are due to how better the Capcom version looked and I really want my Sunset Riders: 3D Edition(love that game).

I’m a sucker for flamboyant cowboy aesthetic and gunslinging in games, which reminds me I should have played Rising Zan by now haha.

One thing I dislike strongly is that you have a chapter select for Bounty Hunt mode, which is most but not all the levels with a different goal, but not the main game. Stupid choice.

Given that the game has many bosses, I’d like a boss rush mode too, even if only a few are novel and fun enough to fight.

4Red Dead Revolver Empty Re: Red Dead Revolver on Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:06 am

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
MASSIVE history article of the games development cycle. Akiman was the character designer, really sad this version never got released:,_the_arcade_game_by_capcom

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