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What is your most frustrating gaming memory?

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Do share! Anything that pissed you off so badly you were just fuming, or that when you think back on it you just can't help but rage on the inside.

For me the first thing that comes to my mind is the following:
Going for the trophy that requires you to beat Max Payne 3 on New York Minute Hardcore, which requires you to beat the whole game in one sitting without saving and without dying while on a (pretty) strict timer on the hardest difficulty setting. I reached the final boss and was actually doing well, nearly 8 hours into the run. Then my game froze.

Only time in my life that I threw my controller.

This also opted a change in me as a person, as until this point I was a trophy whore. I would sometimes not even buy a game if it didn't have trophies, or avoid ones that were too easy to platinum. After this freeze of Max Payne 3 I disabled Trophy Notifications and never looked back.

What are yours?

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I havent had anything that induced such rage that I actually threw or broke something. Frustrated? Sure.

When DMC3 first came out and I learned about jump cancelling. That was pretty frustrating at the start but I finally got used to it.

Trying to S-rank Shinobi's final boss without damage. He'd always sneak in a hit and that pissed me off though it wasn't so much that I got hit, but that I got hit right before it was time to go in for the final Tate. Another scenario was he'd do that annoying teleport attack so I'd have to dodge around until he stopped which resulted in losing my full charge. Eventually got it though.

Actually I just remembered, The Evil Within 1 actually pissed me off in Akumu more than a few times. And no it wasnt chapter 6, it was that damn dog.

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Yeh fuck that dog, stupid mutt.

I've raged a fair few times, moslty when I was young, I've definitely thrown a controller or two also. I've got bite marks on my gameboy advanced, bit gross. Likely from a medibots game I have, some of the bosses are super cheap and can 1shot you, its 2 on 2 but they will gun for you and your ai buddy can die easy, so the bosses will just both spam supers and your dead. I played it a few years ago and still couldn't beat it haha.

I can't remember so I'll have to think about exact examples, but I remember getting furious at a killer is dead challenge mission, it was one of the tougher 1shot ones, I got so pissed I punched the tv, didn't break though but I was careful after to not thump TVs again haha.

I get upset all the time with games, mostly fleeting. Usually if I'm in a negative mood I'm less likely to put up with shit in games so when stuff goes bad its compounded.

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It wasn't that it was doing anything hard, it was that direct shots and strategies that others were using perfectly just wouldn't work for me. When I switched to PS4 eventually I destroyed that boss easily on Akumu. I'm guessing it was something to do with the PS3 version.

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