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Character action/Hack n slash/beat em up genre names

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FGC from what I know is kinda mean, it's not all like that since the guy I watch Maximilian dood is very humble and informative.

I don't play fighting games anymore, last one was trekken revolution trying to learn mah boii Steve fox(love boxer types in games, that brutal simplicity of punches n dodges, like gene, PUT HIM IN MVCI), I played emulated arcade fighters as a kid(garou mark of the wolves, waku waku 7, KOF, darkstalkers, street fighter vs xmen). I did play trekken 2 n 5(psp version) as a kid.

I usually play games where u play as a single character, depends on genre I play action games a lot, shooters, platformers rarely(beat og crash trilogy while also beating god hand 2nd time this yr, stopped just before Afro fist tho will finish soon)

Survival horror: rarely more 3rd person usually shooter gameplay types(re4,dead space,EW,siren blood curse that's more mix of stealth,melee n some guns) so more action based than classic stuff(RE1,SH,rule of rose, fatal frame), I watch the latter stuff.

Stealth: I play mgs; odd as it's called tactical espionage action since it has all the above(boss fights in a stealth game!? Not that I mind)

I played tons of emulated arcade games as a kid(beat em ups, shmups, platformers, run n gun, even rail shooters) stuff like metal slug n alien soldier I loved. Many of varied obscurity, some weird shit too most I can't remember of the top of my head but do if shown again.

No puzzle games since I crap at them, fine with basic puzzles n such in game I do play.

No point n click too indirect n abstruse for me(see Ross' game dungeon for the worst offender armed & delirious)

No interactive movie types like telltale n life is strange(do watch them if two best friends play them, I watch them religiously) not enough interactivity n mechanics to mess with for me.

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I never really liked MGS as a stealth game but more as a story driven experience. I believe most games have like one or two stealth sections and the rest is either walking, cinematic moments, exploration or puzzles. In that regard I really prefer Splinter Cell. But that's a discussion for another board haha.

Should be noted that Maximilian is a known a-hole first class in real life from what I've heard. Really elitist sometimes even saying "do you know who I am"? Can't say myself as I've never met the guy but just what I heard.

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their seems to be an assumption that action rpg don't have to be good as pure action games since they r also rpg, so concessions can be made for the sake of the role playing.
Their many types of rpg so it's assumed what type it will be, rpg can be the most ridiculous because how broad it is.
A game isn't simply an rpg cus it has some sort of lvl up bar. Automata isn't really an rpg at all it's just got superfluous lvl up that breaks gameplay since u can easily be over or under lvl depending on if u grind for lvl.

Rpg n action games r fundamentally opposed unless carefully considered together. Say god hand has lvl up but for enemy damage,ai n speed, so that's how an action game can have lvl in some form just not a spreadsheet.

Max is a cool dood I can assure u he always humble to his chat n fans, in fact he is actively making FGC more excepting, just check his vids he super chill if he loses n loves good sportsmanship. I think he one an award for making FGC better, he has many tutorials on fighters.

Check mgs3-4-5 high lvl play u can do some neat video game stuff in them, they do have more than just stealth since it's action also n has boss fights.
Mgs usually knows when to be a game as it lets u skip most codec n cutscenes, some even have boss rush modes.
But yeh that's another topic.

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About Max, don't forget that's all on camera and such. People are never themselves with their fans or online because one wrong move will have you excommunicated and banned; see also what happened to JohnTron after he made one political joke and lost everything he had.

On MGS, I played 1 and 4 as noted; got the Big Boss Emblem on the latter. I only recall one or two real stealth sections, the rest was just combat or bosses. I don't mind it, but if I want quality sneaking around I'll take Splinter Cell where a single mission has more stealth segments than a whole MGS game. But this debate has been alive for centuries haha.

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Automata isn't really an rpg at all it's just got superfluous lvl up that breaks gameplay since u can easily be over or under lvl depending on if u grind for lvl.

I probably won't be playing Nier due to this. The IS very hard mode that kills you in one hit regardless of what you have but I don't know if I could stand it because you'd still have to grind to deal any damage to VH enemies and bosses. I'll think about this.

Other than that the mechanics are solid. It has some of the most fluid movement I've seen and feels great to dash and dodge around. Everything is very cancelable too.

I've seen Max's boss rage videos and found them super funny. Never though about who he is outside of Youtube.

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@Birdman wrote: I've seen Max's boss rage videos and found them super funny. Never though about who he is outside of Youtube.
It is a thing a lot of people don't realise. MikeKob was known as a harrasser having digitally harrassed female members of the action community, going as far as to make fake accounts to stalk them. Can't confirm or deny, just what I heard. But you have to keep in mind that the more popular they are the more fake they are online generally. Few people are really themselves online like James Rolfe (outside of his acting as the AVGN that is).
Especially if Youtube is your job it is a scary prospect that one comment of saying "wow that is really gay" or making a statement on your opinion on gender neutrality etc. (even if as a joke) can have your channel become the focus of a lot of 'angry bloggers' and see your partnerships disappear.

I still want to give Nier:A a try. But the whole open world and RPG element to it really makes me say no a lot to it. It is probably that action game I'll buy next generation in the budgetbin. There's too much I'm playing currently to also focus on that. How is the openness of the world? Can you just play or is there a lot of pointless walking around and "collect 10 boars" side missions?

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MikeKob is a known harrasser having digitally harrassed female members of the action community, going as far as to make fake accounts to stalk them.

Wow. Trying to figure out what to say about this. I guess you never know until it's exposed.

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@Birdman wrote:MikeKob is a known harrasser having digitally harrassed female members of the action community, going as far as to make fake accounts to stalk them.

Wow. Trying to figure out what to say about this. I guess you never know until it's exposed.
His videos and skill are great but there was always something 4chan/b about him. You can read more about the harassment in this thread: (there's some links to previous posts there). Yoshesque is a female Bayonetta player and fan. Hosts a podcast etc.

This is a pretty interesting point of discussion. Smash Brothers Melee has this right now as one of the top players is a known fellon who robbed people and nearly beat a guy to death. He served his time and now competes. But the community is pretty divided on him.

EDIT: his side of the story can be read here:

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I always try to keep an open mind with things n not judge by what little info I have, I can't possibly know everyone n their lives. I try to be a good judge of character since I very selective with the humans I spend my time with.

This is all getting a bit off topic but it's interesting to note haha.

I do hope mike n yoshesque become friends again but that's on them they need some time to cool off.

Mgs we can keep for another topic.(mgs3-5 have most raw stealth gameplay)

I tend to be lvl headed with things n don't mind words but the context n intent that govern them is what matters. internet can be a hyperbolic place so I stay out of feuds n SJW stuff, I'm quite recluse n hate such needless conflict. I can quite misanthropic at times so I stay away from humans as most bother me too much with all their noise in every respect(I'm sensitive to sound a lot so I wear aluminum earplugs n headphones, among other senses).

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Yeah it's always hard to judge and best to just stay away from it; but I can't help but notice and sometimes laugh (or cry) when people just air their dirty laundry on the web like that. People have to remember that this stuff is (probably) permanent. It won't go away. It is all archived.

I personally have a lot of strong opinions on matters at hand but, like you also noted, tend to just avoid the discussions. I have my opinion and I let people have theirs (unless it's along the lines of "kill all who oppose us", then I might consider opposing them). I don't see the point in spending hours of my life raging against a person who is raging against me. Does no-one any good at all.

If you want to talk MGS, you can make a topic about it if you wish! No worries. About the ears, where they damaged at a young age?

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Yoshesque is a female Bayonetta player and fan. Hosts a podcast etc.

I'm subscribed on YT. Her content is awesome.

Ugh, that thread. And it seems like the info she revealed was only the tip of the iceberg.

This is all getting a bit off topic but it's interesting to note haha.

Yeah lol. Let's get back to business, though at the moment I have nothing to add to the genre classification issue.

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No damage to ears but about late august last yr I started to become more agitated by sounds n was causing me sleep problems, I almost had a mental breakdown n I have been coping very well with my patented noise prevention method.

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Have you seen a specialist about that? Might pay to find out the root cause.

Okami is one of my favorite games of all time. What would you guys class it as?

I'll just quickly go over some points that might make it clearer in-case you don't already know.

*You don't level up at all, you just upgrade health, ink (what powers your brush techniques) and weapons, though with each weapon you just apply a special item called Gold Dust once and that's all the upgrade they get. No different from the light upgrading elements of any DMC game really.

*It's not open world, but it does have some large environments. There are hidden places to find, and some can only be accessed by returning later with a new brush technique. New areas are locked until you get an ability or the story progresses. There are also shortcuts to unlock. I'd say similar to a degree as the Souls games.

*There are dungeons and platforming elements.

*Lots of cut-scenes and dialogue.

*There are towns and sidequests. A lot of NPCs wandering around, shops.

*Combat traps you in a battle zone. From here it's all action gameplay.

I would say it's action mostly, with light RPG elements, but would hesitate to call it an action RPG.

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I'll have to see about a proper health check up, my mum looked into some therapists but I'm good for now.

Okami is a Zelda inspired type game so it follows that sort of design.haven't played it I will eventually, psn has hd version.

Rpg gets applied to so many things for so many reasons n their a ton of ideas of what rpg is, having lvl up, open world n random encounters r in lots of games, so u could argue anything with enough of those should have rpg tagged on the box.

It's all a bit silly with rpg, check tv tropes for rpg related pages like lvl up.(God hand is an example under beat em ups)

it's hard to know how much rpg elements a game has to be quantified as rpg, I'd say it has to be core enough to a game to really have rpg tagged on.

Theirs so many ways to apply rpg type mechanics, pretty much all games have some sort of exp n lvl ups:
god hand difficulty lvl is unique way to apply it that complements n enhances gameplay best way to apply lvl to pure action games if u ask me.

dmc3 style exp, ratchet n clank u can lvl up guns in many of them. Too many games to list.

Ability trees also, it's all rather nebulous. Yakuza is called an action rpg so that's going by open world, quests, move trees, random encounters, social links, things jrpg have like persona.

Maybe We r the rpg of rpg, don't stare into the rpg abyss or the rpg will start getting all self conscious, don't know what I'm writing here.

It's kinda why genres r such can get a bit much n we should sort of acknowledge what games r at their core n not get too caught up in the genre terms since so many games have so many genres in them.

But it's what they r for the most part that defines genres. Action games have many mini games in them, so do others, but that's a mini game so it's just that.

Yakuza is a series that is segregated into different playing modes i think adventure mode, battle mode, I'm not sure the names. So let's call it an action adventure then I guess.

Okami n Zelda r action adventure so that works.

Like say re4 is a 3rd person shooter survival horror n action melee moves/prompts too, that's a bit cumbersome to say on a whim.

A super genre is a broad thing so keep it like that to encompass as many games as possible,then have sub genre within each to be more precise.

perspective also should be listed n noted since it effects gameplay.

We don't spend much time talking about genres compared to the actual games themselves n their mechanics n stories n such.

So what games r most of the time is what we should codify them under a given genre. Or something I'm rambling.

Simple games r easy to codify, Tetris is puzzle, dmc is action game, house of the dead is rail shooter. Genres n sub genres r mixed all the time. Shmup elements r in various action games, more core than others.

Run n gun is a type of shmup, shmups r a type of action game. Shooters in general, I think I'm confusing things here, it's all a bit silly when u think about it but that's humans I guess so don't think to hard fam. I play games ennit, that's about it at its core.

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I never played Okami (sorry) but still want to one day. I heard there's a few versions that don't allow you to speed up the text or skip cutscenes on repeat playthroughs, so I'd need to do some research (and finish my damned backlog, slow and steady). From what I gathered it's basically what would happen if Platinum Games made a Zelda title am I right? 

About the whole genre talk; I still feel it's too constricting. I never would've bought Painkiller as it is labeled as "a first person shooter" but it is so different from the flock that I love it. It is the Devil May Cry of the shooter genre which suddenly makes it interesting for me, but if you read "FPS" everywhere it takes my interest away. So yeah, always pretty hard. 

What I do find interesting is genres per generation. There has never been a genre that has been consistently popular. In the 80's and early 90's the Platformer reigned supreme. Then the RPG's were everywhere. In the late 90's action games and exploration games that used the camera and setting from Resident Evil were everywhere. Then off in the early 2000's we saw the influx of fighting games to the point that Capcom sometimes released nearly a dozen a year. Around 2005 the FPS became dominant which is now slowly ebbing away and making room for the Cinematic genre. Pretty interesting if you think about it. I wonder what decides this, is it one popular game that gets interest of a big audience who then want 'more of the same' and developers will start providing? I believe so as most of these trends started after a big hit like Super Mario Brothers, Devil May Cry, Call of Duty, Uncharted etc.

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most mimic things popular at the time, then new types and adaptions evolve from them, mixing n adapting genres to make new ones.

funny that action games where super hot in the 2000s, from soft even made a pretty blatant sub par ninja gaiden clone ninja blade. oh the irony of this.

its hard to be innovative as its easier to stick to whats established since theirs usually reliable income from it, not made for the art of it like platinum does mostly, since even platinum iterates.

its about cutting to what games r at their core and adapting and expanding on concepts that govern their fundamental design to keep them fresh.

even the term video game is a bit odd n outdated now, hence why we call them games.

or something. go drink some juice roy.

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painkiller is oldschool doom/serious sam fps game, lots of speed jumping, no ads, wacky guns n lots of mob types n doods chasing u.

fps is first person perspective, then shooter. so thats broad enough to allow for interpretation. it depends on what one thinks of when they think of a given genre, fps is saturated with cod type games n recently different variations r showing up n breaking the mold. genres evolve n change over time so its best to let that happen naturally through experimentation.

halo was trending fps in early 2000s for shooters n many took things from it, it was cod n halo back when, halo 5 has even adapted to be more like cod advanced warfare than halo.

fear is a neat fps, one of the more noteworthy ones, has some sick slides n melee kicks. many games have slides now many games have had them before its how its executed that matters.

if a given genre is popular it means more competition n eventual variation to avoid stagnation.

bulletstorm, hard reset n desync r unconventional fps games. u may love bullletstorm thats really the dmc of fps too.

bulletstorm u get points for creative kills, great game has tons of neat mechanics n guns, say u can juggle mobs with a shotgun then slide into them then put a explosive bolas on them to kick them into a cactus then detonate for big points. its way more nuts than that.

a core theme/concepts of a game can determine its design, u then make the game that best suits this theme/concepts.

itagaki ninja gaidens sought to adapt and evolve previous ninja gaiden games, using the current generation of systems to do just that.

alien soldier is a kin to vanquish take on action shooter, along with vanquish being a spiritual sequel to pno3.

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I never played Okami (sorry)

I'll let you go...for now.

I heard there's a few versions that don't allow you to speed up the text or skip cutscenes on repeat playthroughs,

I haven't heard of this but will research. The only version I haven't played is the Wii version. I have PAL/US/JP and PAL PS3 HD versions and they allow you to skip on the second playthrough.

From what I gathered it's basically what would happen if Platinum Games made a Zelda title am I right?

In terms of world design, with the towns and sidequests, yeah they seem similar but combat is totally different.

from soft even made a pretty blatant sub par ninja gaiden clone ninja blade.
Ninja Blade is a great game and not an NG clone at all. They just look similar at a glance. I list this as one of my top action games.

fear is a neat fps, one of the more noteworthy ones, has some sick slides n melee kicks.

You might be interested in Breakdown on Xbox. It's first person, but you use punches and kicks. You can also use directional attacks, like left and right hooks, kicks etc. You can also block and dodge as well as learn many other abilities like one that lets you block bullets. You can handle guns and grenades but they're weird. Not the focus. Think of them more as those disposable weapons you pick up in God Hand.

alien soldier

That old game where you play as that 'birdman'? That game was awesome. I played it to death as a kid.

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I've seen breakdown, looks odd, I like 1st person melee combat games, it's not seen often n it's cool to see how it is executed;condemned1-2, xenoclash1-2 n breakdown come to mind, shadow warrior has that melee sword stuff too.

Okami I'll get soon enough the world n mechanics look neat.

Yeh alien soldier birdman is epsilon eagle, it has some weird lore txt scroll in the intro, always baffled me. It's super advanced for its time n even now, so many bosses(I think it has a Guinness record for most bosses in its sub genre). It reminds me of vanquish(vice versa) u even have to be resourceful like vanquish.

Treasure made some great games, they where the platinum of their time, might have been an influence on them.

I played ninja blade yrs ago was one of my first 360 games, its a cool game for sure, can't speak for its quality I remember it being clunky n having a lot of reuse n turret sections n tons of bosses(bio chopper, bio bug, bio hydra, bio ogre, bio slug, another bio slug, bio ninjas, lots of bio bosses n monsters)

It was clearly a response to ninja gaiden since it was big at the time, it's charming in its stupidity, do u have any vids on it? I'll pick it up again it was silly fun. I remember it well actually.

I'd love to see from soft do another or something non souls.

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I don't have any NB vids. No way to record from 360 at present.

It really is a great action game. I didn't find it particularly clunky but then I knew how everything worked. The three weapons were completely unique and had specific uses, making them useful throughout the whole game.

I don't know what there thoughts were on NG at the time,but NB is not better or worse than NG. It stands out as its own thing once you learn it.

The QTE finisher scenes are absolute madness. They might actually be more insane than MGR.

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A game like Ninja Blade really has the popular opinion against it. Like even before it releases it is alreayd looked at like "a cheap Ninja Gaiden knock-off" just like Spec Ops: The Line was seen as a cheap shooter knock-off only to be one of the best in the genre - but no one plays it. A darn shame. A lot of stuff would probably be a lot better received (or worse) if it wasn't compared to other games (in the genre).

even the term video game is a bit odd n outdated now, hence why we call them games.
I disagree, heavily even. A game is way too broad a term to be used, implying everything from what we do outside in the park to board games to wordgames to videogames.

I'd love to see from soft do another or something non souls.
You'll probably get your wish. The B-team will most likely keep making Dark Souls 4 and forward as the A-team moves into new territory with Miyazaki.

Also @Gabriel I mean no offense when I say this but your messages contain a lot of information, which is great! But they are sometimes really hard to read as they are incoherent thoughts put after another. Before you press "send", read it a bit so that it's more easy to read for us. Sometimes I'm not sure what point you are trying to make haha! Which is a shame, because you always bring good things to the table : )

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I'd love to see from soft do another or something non souls.

I want From to make sequels of their older games. Those were awesome. Metal Wolf Chaos, Otogi, Kuon, King's Field. Even stuff like Murakumo was decent. 3D Dot Games even though derivative of Zelda, is great fun and the graphic design alone makes it worth it.

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Yeh I know i don't right well, I'm not good with prolonged writing n sentance structures so I try to get my thought out first then structure them. I failed nearly all of my writing exams in school, I even dropped out of college cus of how far behind n slow my writing is but that's a long time ago now.

I got told I had some great points but my thoughts don't translate well to text, too many thoughts at once I lose them once I have to focus on writing them.I excel at aural conversing, less time between putting thoughts to words that way. Formal essay type writing is too meticulous for me to articulate best, my punctuation is lacking too. I'd say my writing is low commitment n has poor structure due to these.

I'll need to use quotes to phrase my writing better, so I use vids to help show my points to a fault.

Yeh video game works I'm more thinking about its origins n how odd it sounds, I think I exaggerate a tad so I hope I don't come off as a contrarian that takes back what they say all the time even tho I do haha.

Looking at my texts I can see how baffling I type is haha, I use an iPad to type so it might be the interface making it more trouble to quote than otherwise.

Writing in short bursts gets my thoughts out better than long writing so I add words n structure more with each edit, u can see how confused my long pieces r compared to my short ones.

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Metal wolf chaos is so rad, poor choice having no release outside of Japan, for the most American game ever. Micheal Wilson is even in ninja blade, wonder if he is in souls.

From soft has been doing souls non stop last few yrs so it's interesting to see them do something else, they made all sorts of games so I'd like to see them be experimental n diverse again.

Armoured core they might return to also.

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Writing in short bursts gets my thoughts out better than long writing so I add words n structure more with each edit, u can see how confused my long pieces r compared to my short ones.

I get it, but it's extremely hard to read haha as you noted. It feels like I'm diving into a mind and jumping from point to point to point, never really sure what to reply to. So if I sometimes miss a point or dont reply to it all, then you know why :P

On topic: really curious what is next for FROMSOFT. I wonder how they'll do now that they have to innovate again.

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I'd like to mention how different types of games can be fused with proper care, like vanquish which is a 3rd person cover shooter with bullet hell/run n gun, and action game designs.

These can coexist so well since they r all so alike in their game design. See pattern use patter allow for creativity usually, player skill based games. No stats or grinding.

Rpg mechanics fundamentally contradict the way action games all function, player growth vs character growth. In action games u don't lvl up stats u buy moves, more ACTIONS to perform to change the way one plays.

Stats for damage n such work for turn based rpg n tabletop rpg is because of how their combat n mechanics function. Since its turn based u would want to do as much damage as possible with each turn, along with increasing percentages for critical n status effects.

If u miss a hit in an action game it is because u timed it wrong, if u miss a hit in a turn based rpg it's because u didn't have the percentage of hitting high enough or got unlucky.

It's also a matter of directly controlling a character or commanding a party of them.

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I must say that the action-design is probably the thing I'd want to see survive most, if anything. The way enemies and attacks/weapons balance and handle is so much better than the random mess other games have. Tells, patterns, feigns etc. Games like Resident Evil showcase this even, it's a thing that's distinctly Mikami and what he's taught others over the years.

And what you note I agree, one of my most dreaded things on RPGS (games or pen) was the randomness of the foe. He could do ANYTHING - you never knew what was going to happen.

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Action games are about directly controlling characters and their actions and reacting within a games space against enemies on the fly through smart manipulation of enemy tells via your characters actions(dodges,combos,parries).
As opposed to turn based and real time strategy games which are more about commanding characters via menus with careful stat uses and turn/unit management, more methodical long term play than split second pattern recognition and reactions with offensive/defensive actions.

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Can't fault with that logic, the balance between anticipation and reaction is different per title but that's generally what it is yeah.

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I don't fuss over genre names, as I'd rather look to the underlining philosophy that determines a games design, I can look at a game and not feel the need to label it, it is what it is, a rose by any other name. But we can see the discrepancy(is that the right use of this word?) between games that can help define them as a given genre. We look to a games main mode(s) of play and it's distinguishing mechanics that make it a given genre.

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The reason why say platformers and shooters are compatible with beat em up type games is because they are all sub genres,variations of action games, as in games about controlling an avatar in a games space directly controlling their actions.

So shooters, beat em ups, platformers, and fighting games are all sub genres of action games.

They all ostensibly share the same design but go about it differently. That's why ninja gaiden black has platforming seemelssly integrated into its melee combat, as it's just another action to perform. Stats are from another type of gameplay entirely, that's why turn based combat can have them as it compliments that gameplay mode. Turn based on pen and paper with dice is the same as digital, that's why damage values are given in numbers since it's more methodical mathematic approach not reacting dynamically to physical threats and the environment.
In action games you have various actions being offensive,defensive and traversal it's up to the player to make use of them as best as they can. You could easily slot in a Romanov into ninja gaiden with little to no changes as it's the same fundamental enemy design.

Examples: mega man is a shooter platformer, remove the shooting and it's a platformer, remove the platforming then it's a shooter.

Contra is a shooter with some platforming, with top down and behind the player camera perspectives also in some entries.

Dmc and bayo are melee oriented action games with shooter aspects(guns), they also feature some platforming and minor puzzles.

Castlevania is an action platformer.

This is why action games overall appeal to me and why I avoid anything that isn't about directly controlling an avatar and performing various actions with them. Regardless if we call them action or not or whatever sub genre they may be, they all clearly share the same underlining design philosophy that makes them the way they are and why they are so compatible.
This is why many action games have platforming(bayo, ninja gaiden, dmc) and a shooter sections(viewtiful joe,bayo) as it compliments the core gameplay as it's simply another type of action game to perform. Some emphasise one action over the other, vanquish has melee moves that function complimentary to the shooting. We call it a shooter because that's what you do most of the time, shooting is a primary action of shooters, just as the primary action is platforming in platformers. If vanquish was primarily melee oriented then we would call it a beat em up, god hand has a few projectile moves and you can launch enemies into each other but it's otherwise entirely melee oriented, this is why modern action games like god hand are the evolution of beat em ups, much like how vanquish is the evolution of the run n gun shooter like gunstar heroes and contra. Action games made a drastic leap from 2d to 3D just like platformers did.
Vanquish integrates typical arcade shooter design in the 3D 3rd person cover shooter format, since the shooter action game architecture  was always their, just implemented and emphasised differently compared to typical cover shooters which also did have similar action enemy types(gears of war wretches and tickers, shunobi robots and many bosses in binary domain) but relied more on samey restrictive cover systems as opposed to having cover as one facet of gameplay and promoting more movement options like Max Payne and titanfall do.

So that's why beat em ups,shooters and platformers among others can be seemelessly integrated as the framework for them is similar as they all sub genres of action games, all different actions ones game avatar can perform.
the merger between real time strategy and turn based gameplay is more difficult to merge with action games due to how different the gameplay modes are. Something like super hot could be said to be a merger of fps and real time strategy.

This page should help clear any confusion.

Page for shooters criteria:

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