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Sin & Punishment and Sin & Punishment 2:Star Successor

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It's an on rails 3rd person shooter.It was made by Treasure games for the N64 in 2000 and also re-released for wii and wiiU digital stores, its sequel was released for the wii in 2009 due to sales of the re-release. This is the type of game that inspired P.N.03 and vanquish to a tea.

Just like pretty much all Treasure games it has tons of bosses, some really unique and outlandish.

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I have the N64 version and love it. One of the best games I've played. The controls are a bit complicated at first kinda like Gun Valkyrie.

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I'm gonna get the wii version soon, I've known about them especially 2 for a while. I love a good rail shooter, arcade type shooters are my favourite shooters.
Have you seen 2? I love that boss guy who turns into a bunch of sea creatures, Armon Ritter he's called, cool name.

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I really should give this game a shot, right? I mean everytime I look at it I think "but it's just a railshooter" but it probably is just so so so much more.

EDIT: If I do, which should I get? The VC game? The original on the N64 (if possible)? The sequel on the Wii?

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Essentially yes it is still a rail shooter, but has stuff like dodging and you can use gun and melee. Not 100% is moving forward. Some parts have you in one place shooting whatever pops up like in Wild Guns.

But then, I haven't played many rail shooters so maybe everything it has is present in others.

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Get both man they fucken masterpieces. Digital versions are the same as n64, I'm gonna get the wii port. Both games are on wii U store as well.

*The story in 2 has lore nods to 1 like how you play as isa jo the son of the protagonists Saki and Airan jo. Treasure likes to have legit lore in their games for some reason, often it's quite dark and surreal like neon genesis evangelion as they seem to take story inspirations from them especially the events of sin & punishment 1.

*It's all an on rails shooting gallery, you move through levels automatically, sometimes you stop and fight a boss or fight them through the stage.
it switches to a side scroller view for a stage in 1 and also in 2, 2 has a few other perspective changes.

*in both you have a melee combo that can deflect certain projectiles.

*In 2 you can hover around the screen and have a super powerful charge shot that recharges.

*in 2, Isa(the blue boy) uses manual aim and Kachi(the pink girl) has auto aim.
Once you beat the game with both of them separately you can play isa&kachi mode which has you manually swap between them, both have separate life bars but if you die as one it's game over. It also has a coop mode that adds a second reticule for player 2 but that's it haha.

*in 2 you can use wiimote+nunchuck, classic controller or GameCube pad.
In 1 ports it's classic or GameCube.

*Super simple and super refined. Prepare for more boss fights than you can count and lots of neat stage gimmicks.
2 has no right existing but I'm so glad it does, such video game ass video games.

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This guy knows how to play, they've done all but stage 7(last stage).

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