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1Magatama Empty Magatama on Sat Aug 19, 2017 1:25 pm


I totally forgot I owned this game. Was tidying up once again and found it one of my boxes of old games. Even I don't know what's in those. I'm probably going to be posting a lot of obscure action game topics this weekend.

This video should give you a solid idea of the game, but there's a few things I want to say. I have barely progressed in this game at all. I got annoyed with the hub world and it seems you can repeat a level but not be able to finish it without those mirrors which I didn't know at the time. I would wander that hub world with that annoying girl not knowing where I was supposed to go so it went in the box. Just didn't have time to mess around in it either.

The guy in the video compares the one button sword attacks to Dynasty Warriors two button setup, which is crap. The mentality that the amount of usable button in combat defines quality is bullshit and needs to go. This attitude (while not the intention of the reviewer here) is what destroys the genre.

In Magatama, that one button still has more than one function. You also charge attacks which create different finishers. The video doesn't go into it much, but this is how the combat works. You have a single sword combo. As you slash, you can hold down the button and briefly charge, then release. The end result is similar to DW's combos where pressing triangle after each slash will do a different finisher. Magatama's method is interesting, and I found it odd at first, but since you are charging as your attack is happening, there's no delay (or at least not the longer one you'd expect from a charged move).

The video mentions how Orochi can attack when there's enough meter but again doesn't mention how this actually works. You can call him any time as I remember, but during sword combos it depends on which part of your combo you're at when you call him.

Some things I say might not be 100% accurate, as I just bought this one day with no knowledge of it, popped it in the Xbox, and was like WTF? This video taught me some things I didn't know like that you can shoot Orochi to reach inaccessible items. There were no videos or any kind of info around the time I bought this.

The reviewer recommends button smashing as a good idea. Disregard that.

I can't remember if the dodge is invincible or not. It works fine though. Not sure if stuff can be cancelled. Honestly can't remember a thing about blocking. Might set up the game tomorrow and test this basic stuff if I can be bothered.

Never bothered with customizing Orochi. It's pretty basic which I like. Just find those magic stones or something and slot them in. Probably more to it than that but this is just my observation with no understanding of the menus. He mentions new sword attacks but I didn't have those at the point I reached. Must be a stone that allows abilities like that. All I had was an elemental one.

2Magatama Empty Re: Magatama on Sat Aug 19, 2017 6:25 pm

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
Looks cool, yeh amount of usable buttons is a bit silly, virtua fighter has 3 attack buttons but is supremely complex, dmc has one attack, gun and a style button, but dmc3-4 are the most complex action games around, God hand has 3 of buttons plus prompts/roulettes, list goes on. Yeh button mash isn't a sign of skillfull play and a good action game avoids this.

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