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Eve of Extinction

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1 Eve of Extinction on Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:29 am


Making this topic since Gabriel mentioned it.

This game was released in 2002, and features QTEs, weapon switching, and super attacks that require you to use the right stick to draw a symbol.

I've finished this game many years ago, but I can barely remember it. I think with weapon switching, when your next weapon comes out, it doesn't use its first attack like it would if you started with it. Rather, it does a new attack, or maybe it was the final attack of its string. Again I can barely remember. I'm starting to want to play this again. I think I have a burnt dvd of it somewhere.

The drawing of special moves is awful and I barely bothered. It's not really like Okami.

The weapons each have an element, and a some have a special ability like the snake sword grappling and the staff super jump. You'll see examples of all of this stuff in the trailer.

Here's the trailer.

QTE scenes

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2 Re: Eve of Extinction on Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:48 am

Yeah it was a bit janky, you get many weapons from defeated bosses, notably one boss uses guts' sword animations from yuke's previous action game sword of the berserk: guts' rage. I remember the special uses weapons had, namely staff jump and snake sword grapple, I think you get a gun at some point, maybe.

The weapon switching was interesting, that's something I remembered about it clearly, it was an end hit move I think for mid switch use. Don't know if it has many mechanics beyond weapon switching and super move drawing. Platforming was janky too.

I have my ps2 copy at my dads I'll have to dust it off along with my ps2 which still works last time I tried in 2013(I popped in onimusha1 and almost beat it then, along with shinobi)

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3 Re: Eve of Extinction on Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:26 am


I think you get a gun at some point, maybe.

Crossbow. I found that weapon really good. Just sidestep and shoot all day.

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4 Re: Eve of Extinction on Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:44 am

Haha yeh the cross bow, lots of novel weapons. I've been looking at gameplay, looks how I remember, when you do a weapon switch attack it's the end of a moves combo string it seems, so you use sword into staff the staff will do a juggle type move, doesn't look like any juggles from gameplay I seen, really cool to see weapon switching done before dmc3. It looks like you can cancel animations with weapon switching.

Different weapons seem to have different dodges, the claws have a backflip, sword is sidestep. Those qtes are funny stuff. I'll look into it more gotta sleep now.

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