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Warriors Series

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There is weapon equips and room for accessories, but I haven't unlocked the blacksmith yet. Trying to get all of the warriors in adventure mode. There is a skill tree as well

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I'll try and find the WiiU version. Could've got the 3DS version on sale today but don't want to be stuck on that thing unless there's no other option.

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I think 3ds version is very limited as far as framerate/enemy counts. Warriors also get multiple weapons to chose from, besides just upgraded starting weapons. I got a magic rod for Link that is fucking awesome. Google Link magic rod gameplay, much different than his sword, and as equally awesome. This game is great to grind out on portable mode, unlocking everything has been fun so far.

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54Warriors Series - Page 2 Empty Re: Warriors Series on Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:28 pm


DW Next: A PS Vita exclusive.  I think it is based on DW7 combat( I haven't played anything DW7 related), however it is based on the Empires games. It makes full use of the Vita from time to time. Whenever it is conquering the land in Conquest Mode or in doing Campaign Mode, you will be at the map first. At the map you will be greeted with many things like peasants and merchants and rarely the Imperial Messenger. In the map will be your territory and your enemies territory. There is a menu for Stratagems.  The Stratagems and can help and hinder yourself and your enemies. The Stratagems cost Gold and it varies by Condition. Condition is mostly how fast and how well your character is.

At the start of a battle you will be at the Preparations menu as usual.  You can carry up to 8 weapons.  You can carry up to 5 items, 1 orb, and a Saddle. Once you are done with your character you be at the main menu for Preparations. You will see a map with many icons. The icon that has a camp with a flag is the Main Camp. The icon with a paw is the Lair. The Lair is mostly infested with animals. The icon of someone calling for help is the Outpost. The Outpost is for getting anyone from your Forces into battle. The icon that has a Yin-Yang symbol is the Sanctum. I highly advise you going there first if there is one. The icon that is a sword is the Armory. It increases your strength. The icon that has a wagon is the Dispatch. It makes things like reinforcement and Armory buffs happen faster. The icon that is a bow and arrow is the Dispatch. It hits enemy camps. The icon which shows a meatbun is the Supply Depot. It increases every bases defense. The icon that shows a fire is the Arsenal. Once captured, a fire unit will set a base on fire.

In battle the controls are mostly the same. I should point out the the down button is to summon your horse and the R button is the chain attack. There are two meters. The first is the Musou meter and the other is the Break meter. The Musou can do many things once filled and when you use the touch screen. The Break meter can one-shot bases and ensure that they will not fall to the enemy. However it needs to be an enemy base first. In battle, you will be in many "QTE". I quoted QTE because it doesn't need any buttons to press, just the touch screen and rarely the back. I highly recommend you play this while having the Vita very still as the best you can. I should also mention the Duels in the game. In Campaign Mode, this will be unavoidable. In Conquest Mode you can avoid it as long as you do know who is the Dueler and that Dueler is not at the Main Camp.

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