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NGS2 - Alexei Vs V.Flail Loop (349 Hit Combo)

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1 NGS2 - Alexei Vs V.Flail Loop (349 Hit Combo) on Wed Nov 14, 2018 10:32 am

This is a video showcasing a very secret loop against Alexei using the Vigoorian Flails. As such this is a video of one of my favourite NGS2 players, Orlin12. Enjoy!

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Really fun loop, didn't know this was a thing. I assume he's going through the floor slowly, neat little way to get the ai down. Does this exploit also work in NG2 you'd think?

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Never tried it in NG2 vanilla but I see no reason why it would not work. The only issue I see is the loop is very situational to set-up.

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