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NGS2 - Vigoorian Flails Vs Fiend Genshin

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1 NGS2 - Vigoorian Flails Vs Fiend Genshin on Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:11 am

Here is a video demonstration showing how to defeat arguably the hardest boss in the game using one of the weakest weapons in the game. This took me a while to no damage him but I got there in the end :p

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2 Re: NGS2 - Vigoorian Flails Vs Fiend Genshin on Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:51 am

> weakest weapon
> is my weapon of choice against Fiend Genshin and Eli
Evil or Very Mad

Jokes aside, I always preffered this weapon against most bosses. Its >T is just too great of a punish against them. Such a great weapon. Doing it parry only though, takes a while. Also at 1:55 you dodge his dash, now I know you can parry that in NGII, did they change that in NGS2?

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At 1.55 I am not using a dash to avoid his charge attack, I am using an aimed jump into aerial S. In NGS2 you cannot block the attack without taking a lot of guard damage.

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No I mean that you can actually parry that attack, you just have to input the parry command before it hits you, at least in NGII. As you know you can avoid even blockbreaking and block damaging attacks with a well timed parry. But as noted, I don't know if it works in NGS2. Just a note.

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Yes that will not work on NGS2 you cannot block that attack even with an instant block you will take a lot of guard damage. However, I will take this opportunity to state in NG2 vanilla if you instant block say Volf's ground pound the game lags for some reason or enters slow motion during the IB.

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NGII has some weird quirks either way. I never tested it, but I assume they fixed the menu-bug. You could desynch enemies in NGII if you opened the weapon menu and switched something. Volf for instance would suddenly charge to the left instead of to you, probably because the 'reload' temporarily changes the location of your character (in the eyes of the code). Fun trick.

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