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NGS2 - Fiend Genshin Vs Tonfas (Counter only)

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1 NGS2 - Fiend Genshin Vs Tonfas (Counter only) on Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:19 am

Here is a video demonstration showing how to defeat Fiend Genshin (FG) using counter attacks only with the Tonfas. As such, some of these counters must be block reset in order to perform such as the last hit of his claw combo. I used the weak counter (Square) over the stronger counterpart because it's more reliable.

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Really great seeing you toy with the boss like this. When I went for the kill on him in NG2 I'd follow up one of the counters with a 360Y, he at it all.

Really cool to see the full potential of guard resetting on display as well. Excellent stuff!

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Thanks, man, it takes a lot of concentration and practice to pull off consistently, I lost count how many times he kicked my arse before I understood why I was getting hit.

Yes, you can counter him into a combo depending on the weapon, for example, using the Tonfas you can use X, Square, Triangle after a successful counter to deal significant damage.

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