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I miss games having discovery in their mechanics

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These days everything seems to be planned out, even moreso in fighting games. Recent annoucements see Sagat and G being announced for Street Fighter V, followed by a long 'this is how you play these characters' video showcasing how to space with them, what the usage of their certain moves are etc.

Yet this really destroys a sense of discovery and experimentation. Take Urien from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike for example. The guy had a shield intended to reflect projectiles and wasn't meant to have combos, being more a slow 'poke'r '. Instead people discovered Charge-Partitioning, which allowed for insane juggles and combos, and found out they could use the vanity super Aegis Reflector to set up enemies for extreme pressure and sick combos. It was an accident.
Now, in Street Fighter V, Urien is completely designed around this.
When people started playing Ken in a way that wasn't intended, he got changed. When people start doing certain combos that were not intended, they are removed.

You also see this more with regular games, where even games like Nioh and God of War get changes added to them to 'set us on the correct path' again because we used their mechanics in ways they didn't expect, and they did not like it.

What are your opinions on this? Have you noticed this too?

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'this is how you play these characters'
Is this a fighting game thing? I haven't played any recent fighting games. Are you saying the devs are releasing their own tutorial vids trying to herd up into a certain playstyle? Or is it casual appeal, trying to show them the basics of the character so they don't cry and give up?

I can't speak on the rest as I don't know jackshit about SF.

where even games like Nioh and God of War get changes added to them to 'set us on the correct path' again
'Herding' we'll call it vs nerfs. GoW looked like herding, forcing you to play a certain way by removing options, where Nioh looks like more nerfs due to pvp and stuff. I see some overlap with these terms though.

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