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Capcom Q1 2018 Financial Report (some good nuggets inside)

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For one, it notes that more remakes might be on the horizon of older titles depending on the succes of RE2make. It also notes that DMC's sales as a series, including the reb00t, has spiked since the reveal of DMCV.

So. God Hand Refisted when?

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The thing about DMC's sales is awesome, but are they implying that DmC will continue?

"build out the fan base of each series in the future" Guys... no. Don't be idiots.

Regarding God Hand, I want Capcom to create a "Hidden Gems" collection. God Hand, Haunting Ground (criminally underlooked horror game), Viewtiful Joe 1+2 stuff like that. They have so many cool games just sitting around from the 6th gen that should be released again.

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Yeah when I saw how DmC got highlighed out there I also raised a few eyebrows. Having written a few whitepapers before for managers (only twice though) I can sort of get it, since the game is probably one of hot debate since its re-release sold very well yet the vocal (minority? in their eyes maybe? no clue) screamed for a continuation of DMC4. Making the choice to go back to the original series couldn't have been easy, and perhaps stockholders are still interested in seeing the reb00t continue as well and one how it will continue, now with Ninja Theory being Microsoft Exclusive.

Hidden Gems collection sounds amazing. On the one hand I'd also love for it to include PN03 so that more people can finally play it, but I honestly also like that the most flawed gem of Mikami was the only one that stayed true to the Capcom Five origins of being a GC-Exclusive.
Would be cool if the original HookMan demo of RE4 was also on there.

I don't know if you read it in the massive backlog of topics here, but I went to the Capcom Cafe last year. One thing that saddened me was how heavily it featured Monster Hunter and..that was it. A little Street Fighter V. The rest was shoved away. They really need to embrace their legacy, so many great titles and IPs (POWERSTONE????? BREATH OF FIRE????)

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