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The definition of gamefaqs hilarity

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1The definition of gamefaqs hilarity Empty The definition of gamefaqs hilarity on Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:09 pm



The basic conversation is this: Is Metroid 2 a MetroidVania game?

What proceeds is pages upon pages of swearing, namecalling and more. It is a like a room filled with Starkillers. I highly recommend reading it. Anyone else got any gems?

2The definition of gamefaqs hilarity Empty Re: The definition of gamefaqs hilarity on Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:49 pm


>Highly recommend
Do you recommend inflicting me with mental health issues?

I flicked through it, and ugh, that was just so...GameqFAQs, where the last word is more important than fact. Disgusting.

Metroid isn’t Metroidvania, it’s Metroid. SOTN is a Metroidvania. Super Castlevania IV is not a Metroidvania.
What does this even mean??? It seems Metroid should be a Castlevania. A Castletroid?

It looks like an argument over what to call a 'non-linear, labyrinthine side scroller'?

What was Metroid considered before gamers added the 'vania'? Wouldn't they still be that?

3The definition of gamefaqs hilarity Empty Re: The definition of gamefaqs hilarity on Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:43 am


Possibly relevant. Haven't watched it all yet.

4The definition of gamefaqs hilarity Empty Re: The definition of gamefaqs hilarity on Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:12 am


Watched it yesterday, left a sizable comment too (that will never see a reply).

After a few videos that I personally found lacking, it is great to see a video that's a return to form. Absolutely cannot wait for a Metroid Prime video, and wonder if you can do Super Metroid's legacy justice (or how it holds up).

Two things I do feel is off is how this video shows the first and last (real) Metroid games, so some comparisons really feel overdone since there's just so many years and games between them in terms of changes, development and so on - making it feel like Zero Mission changed so much, while it otherwise was just a continuation of where the series was going. I feel Zero Mission would've benefitted from a more isolated look, instead of as how it compares to the original. You technically, maybe even without realizing, showed the whole evolution of Metroid's evolution (or devolution) as a series in a single video.

Also to note, it is a handheld game. As such you can expect the game to be structured differently. Though not noted, the game has noticable more save points than the console counter parts and is a lot easier (at least on Normal, Hard is balls to the walls). The game's lack of exploration and more lineair approach might have been a consious design due to the nature of the platform.

My last (and secretly third) point is super subjective. While I understand the critism that Zero Mission is lineair for casual players and open for the more harder core, this is something Metroid really needed to up its reputation. "Why can't Metroid crawl" is a meme for a reason, the series is very difficult to understand for many people and titles like Super Metroid haven't aged well for the modern consumer who expects a clear direction where to go. I feel this was a fine balance. On my first trip I just had an enjoyable experience and found some items out of order because, hey, that's my jam. But on the subsequent runs I had an even better experience ripping the game apart, while the casual consumer also had its fun with the game. Compare this with people who just got stuck in the original series and quit, I'd rather have this. And it is a lesser evil. If it was the only way, I'd have been pissed. Despite being a well made game Metroid Fusion is very lineair even for the more advanced players, in hopes of not alianating the more casual consumer. I'd rather then they make it lineair to the naked eye, but open for the trained one. Enfin, this comment will probably fall on deaf ears. Again, thank you for the video and I look forward to the next one, keep up the work!

I liked some parts of it, and he apparently got a lot of flack for his definition of the MetroidVania genre to the point that he made it worse on Twitter.

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