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E3 2018 General Discussion

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1 E3 2018 General Discussion on Wed May 16, 2018 7:44 am

Before we 'swarm' the place, thought it'd be good to make this general topic as leaks are starting to already happen. Things like Rage2, Stalker2 and Star Fox Racing are pretty much a given at this point. There's also the yearly anticipation for a new Smash Brothers, Devil May Cry V, Metroid Prime 4 and more. Platinum Games has also teased its new project, and there are rumors of new The Evil Within 2 DLC content.

So to kickstart this discussion:

What game annoucement are you looking forward to the most, and why?


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2 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Wed May 16, 2018 8:02 am


I haven't been playing attention. I'll have to look up the full list but from what you've listed so far anything Platinum, Metroid Prime 4 (more reason to buy a Switch), DMCV, and any TEW2 content. Star Fox racing could be decent. I like those types of racers though I haven't played on as good since CTR.

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3 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Sat Jun 09, 2018 4:09 pm

E3 week is finally here! I'm a lot more excited for this year's E3 than I have been for the last couple.

Things I would like to see (some realistic, some not):

-My savior, DMCV  I love you
-Remedy's new game, P7
-Max Payne 4, story by Sam "the man" Lake, gameplay by R*
-Max 1+2 remake with MP3 gameplay
-RDRII gameplay demo
-Ninja Gaiden 4
-Microsoft ports MCC to PC
-Microsoft having a decent conference
-Shadows Die Twice gameplay reveal
-Metal Wolf Chaos announcement
-Starfield, assuming it's real
-REmake 2
-Death Stranding gameplay
-Ghosts of Tsushima gameplay (please not another Sony wank-a-thon)
-More KH3 gameplay
-Metroid Prime 4 footage
-Smash 5 being revealed as Melee 2, with Melee HD on the way (yeah right)
-Skate 4, despite the fact that EA would fuck it up
-Maybe Bayo 3, but I doubt it will be there
-Kiryu for Tekken 7
-Silent Hill HD collection (1-4), remastered by Bluepoint, with input from Team Silent members
-Demon's Souls remaster, also by Bluepoint. I don't want a graphical remake if the game doesn't play at a locked 60fps. If you can't achieve that with fancy graphics, leave it as is.
-Geoff/Kojima embrace
-Great cringe compilation

I'm sure I'm missing stuff but I'm excited for all the conferences this year for one reason or another. Here's hoping we have a great E3 week! May all your dreams come true.

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4 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Sat Jun 09, 2018 10:28 pm

Great list!

> Max Payne
Would love a new entry, and would love either a HD re-release bundle of the whole package (along with skippable cutscenes in 3(!!!!)). 

> NG4
Same, but who would you like behind the helm? Honestly I won't mind Tango taking a jab at it with Mikami at the helm. Can you imagine that....Mikami directing Ninja Gaiden. My head would explode.


> REmake2
Please god yes.

For me, I'm a man of simple needs.
Metroid Prime 4 being the dream game, that's all I really need. Sure I'd love to see some Bayonetta 3, a Demon's Souls remaster, a new Smash, Vanquish 2 with Mikami at the helm, Evil Within 3, Nioh 2, Doom 2-020, God Hand 2 and Resident Evil 8. But just give me Metroid Prime 4 and all is good.

In terms of wishes though, like unpredictable stuff. I'm really curious about what Kamiya is working on in secret. And I'd love to get a new Golden Sun on the Switch. In terms of impossible wishes: Virtual Console returns to the Switch. I'd have to get a second job to pay for all the games I'll be buying.

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5 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:41 am


If we're absolutely dreaming, I want Chaos Legion 2.

But for real, If I don't see some actual gameplay from Death Stranding, some seriously abusive emails are gonna go out lol.

I also NEED to know if Shadows Die Twice is Kuon related.

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6 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:07 am

@Birdman wrote:If we're absolutely dreaming, I want Chaos Legion 2.

But for real, If I don't see some actual gameplay from Death Stranding, some seriously abusive emails are gonna go out lol.

I also NEED to know if Shadows Die Twice is Kuon related.

Considering the gameplay-leak that was posted, which sounded quite legit, Death Stranding seems to be more of an arthouse experience that we'll be able to play for a few weeks before it is unplayable / removed. Still, it seems like an interesting game.

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7 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:51 pm

Max Payne
I think I mentioned it before, but on PC you can download a trainer that allows you to skip every cutscene in MP3. If you have a good computer I would just use that.

Ninja Gaiden 4
Haha you know they would probably be better than TN to be honest. But I really just want Itagaki to come back. So much of what made NG what it was came through him, and his ideology. Even if NG4 came out and was good, it would still be missing something. Of course he'll never return, but that's my real answer. Seriously though, I say just let TN try one more time. Let them try and redeem themselves. It's make or break though, if it sucked or was mediocre, the franchise would be completely dead. The more I think about it the more I think I may just want a re-release of the old games and then they can just leave the series in the past.

Master Chief Collection. I miss playing Halo with the boys, but nobody plays on Xbox anymore, and I don't want to buy an Xbone. It would at least give Microsoft some goodwill after they shut down Halo Online (fan game). I expect it to be announced today. They've been teasing it for a while now.

I'm sorry to say, but I've only played a few hours of the first and nothing else. I know I'm awful but I'll return to it someday. I've owned the games for years now haha

Death Stranding
Agreed on gameplay. It's difficult for me to be excited when I don't know what I'm going to be doing in the game.

Do you have a link to that leak Roy? If that's true then Kojima will have officially gone too far up his own ass.

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8 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:32 pm

> Maxy
Yeah you mentioned it, but sadly I sold my gamer pc a few years ago because I'm just that much of a console dweeb. I regret it a bit now (on my crappy laptop).

> NG4
Itagaki is working more with indies now, I heard he started his own studio in Italia after he got demoted at Valhalla to a more adviser position. But yeah I agree he did give the game a lot of its soul, probably also because he wasn't easy to work with. Hayashi is a soft egg I think, and management walks all over him. Itagaki worked by his own rules. Many don't even know this, but Ninja Gaiden was a PS2 exclusive. It was signed and dealt with, but Itagaki liked the Xbox architecture better, since he was a engineer by origin. He made the game Xbox exclusive BEHIND THE BACK OF TECMO; that takes balls of the highest degree. 

How is the Halo series? I only played the first one but it was a bit of the Seinfeld effect for me, aka it was the first - but I played things that came after it, so it wasn't that impressive to me. I have Reach (got it once with a ton of games), is it worth playing? 

> Metroid Prime
It is an acquired taste, and some may never acquire it. It really is that game that blends story, progression, immersion and gameplay in smart ways. If the game were released today it would still probably be considered 'ahead of its time', which is ... pretty intense. The second and third were okay, the first...instant classic. But give it time, wait for a good moment in your life and just sit down and take your time with it.

> Death Stranding
Tons of weapons, vehicles, gadgets and gear from multiple era’s, from clubs to single shot muskets to energy swords.

The baby is something that exists as a singularity, it is not something that is instanced each time you boot up the game. The baby is a single entity. He is what is causing the time distortions and dimensions crossing over, which is multiplayer. When the community has reached the end of the game, there will need to be a global decision made to kill the baby and end DS multiplayer forever, or allow it to live and continue the multiplayer experience. Players in other games can do things at certain points in time that will have a butterfly effect in your game, this can happen both while you are actively playing or while the game is off. They can be positive or bad things (Stick or rope) PVP can happen at any point if you and another player accidentally cross timelines while time traveling. When you die that timeline is closed forever, significant things that encapsulate that Sam’s story in that timeline will travel with you to the ocean floor before you re-emerge and continue in a new timeline. As you and other players pollute the ocean, it will cause sea-life to die and wash up on shore.

Early 2020 – Game got delayed internally. yes it will be on PC at an undecided time after the PS4 release. Likely not for at least 12 months. Sony wants it exclusive entirely, minimum contractual obligation is a year though. Well see after that. None of that is set in stone yet.

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9 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:06 pm


I'm a little sad it's not Kuon, but this still looks awesome.

Doesn't look like another Souls entry. Looks more like Nioh/Onimusha but with way more mobility.

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10 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:54 am


*breaks down in tears*

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11 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:50 am

Sekiro looks really...amazing. Aside from the animations it really looks like a full on action game (animations look very Bloodborn'y). Wonder if they'll go full action with this one or slap another stamina-bar onto it.

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12 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:24 am



Look at the PS4 board right now. E3 has pur it into troll overdrive. EVERYONE hates EVERYTHING.

Do these morons even see themselves?

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13 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:35 am

I just came back from there, it is a disaster, I love it. Sekiro got ripped in half for being 'a repeat of before' (what...), DMC5 gets a lot of hate, some still think it is DmC2. Death Stranding justly so is getting called out for again showing nothing. Love the hate on TLoU2 because two girls kissed.
Wonder how BigVee will respond to it all.

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14 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Tue Jun 12, 2018 4:27 pm

I have heard that story! Crazy bastard lol I also heard the part about him opening a new studio in Italy, but then I haven't heard a word about that since. I know Valhalla is making another Devil's Third-like online shooter, but I can't recall the name at all. They just announced it though.

Halo is great! 1-3 have very fun campaigns, and the multiplayer community was legendary back when 2 and 3 were still being played. Unfortunately the problem with multiplayer games like that is you can never go back and fully recapture that magic. There's just never going to be the same player base it used to have. Bungie was also an awesome company that was so involved with the fans, before they went to shit with Destiny. Halo really was incredible. People often forget how revolutionary it was to have an FPS control so well on console, the whole Xbox Live revolution, being able to create custom game modes and maps, and share them online with crazy custom games, etc. all on a console. PC has been doing stuff like that for a while through mods but no one was able to do anything like that when it came to consoles until Halo. So far ahead of it's time. After 3 the series has started to go downhill unfortunately, and it's basically just chasing trends now from what I've heard. Not that it's bad per se, but the glory days are long gone. They could have returned partially with MCC but Microsoft botched the multiplayer so bad they're still patching it 3 years later. Anyway give it a try sometime! You should still have some fun I think, even without the amazing multiplayer community.

I didn't dislike the game or anything, I just didn't finish it. To be honest, I didn't really like playing with the Wii-mote. I think I'll just play the gamecube version next time.

Death Stranding/Sony
Well they showed it at E3, and it looked like a whole lot of walking. Still have no clue what it is and my hype kind of faded. The only Sony first party title I'm interested in is Ghost of Tsushima, but the gameplay looks pretty boring from what I've seen so far. Visuals are incredible though. At least we have Sekiro and Nioh 2 now though! Which will both end up being a lot more fun to play, which is what I really want. Sony first party stuff just isn't for me. It's pretty much all casual fluff. Nothing wrong with that, but not what I'm after.

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15 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:12 am

> Metroid
Apparently Nintendo went on record saying that Prime 4 won't be present at this year's E3 because they feel it isn't polished enough, I don't mind this...but I would've prefered at least something. Granted Prime 1 was in development hell for a long time too, so who knows.
And yeah the Gamecube version is best if you can get that one.

> Smash Brothers
I did not call this one. Seems Nintendo's latest vision really is "listen". The biggest two requests for a Smash game have always been "include everyone from before" and "Ridley" - and they are both in. Cannot believe this is actually happening.

> Halo
How is reach?

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16 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:27 am


I just came back from there, it is a disaster
I honestly wonder sometimes about how they have the mental energy and time to keep up such a consistent, continuous stream of shitposting daily. Ive seen the same names there for years. How do they do it? WHY do they do it? Such secrets are not for mortals to know.

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17 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:06 am

Halo Reach
It's good. But it just didn't live up to the others for a lot of people, including myself. Bungie wanted the series to end at 3, but they had to make 2 more games to fulfill their contract with Microsoft. Halo 1-3 are the only true classics imo Hopefully you get to play the multiplayer. The campaigns are great, but online and playing Forge maps/custom games is where it's at.

Pretty cool to see everyone in again, but if it's not Melee/64, I'm not really into it anymore. I'm sure it will make a lot of people very happy though! Really hoping Nintendo will release an HD version of Melee sometime.

I can definitely understand their reasoning, but having M4 after the Ridley trailer would have been perfection. I also thought the rest of their conference was mediocre.

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18 Re: E3 2018 General Discussion on Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:30 am

> Smash
While I love Melee and its speed, I can still go back and play it any day of the week and have a blast. I know that's not a big argument to make, but the game really holds up well. One thing that was really magical about that game for me was that it was also one of the first times we saw clear images of our favorite characters, a lot of whom were still only 2d or bad 3d models up to that point. Most of the designs were made especially for that game, which gave it a unique feeling (like seeing a clear 3d Ganondorf or a fully rendered Captain Falcon for the first time). That magic is mostly gone now.
I also don't like how Smash got stuck in its 'we have to show the character from his latest game' instead of just an overview character. Like Samus in Melee was just...well...Samus. But in Brawl she's Super Metroid Samus, and in WiiU she's Other M Samus. You know what I mean? Now Link is suddenly BotW Link instead of, well, Link.

Apparently SSBU plays a bit like the child of Melee and WiiU, WaveLanding is back as are some other advanced tricks. The speed is pretty good, knockback is high. It lacks the absolute broken nature of the jumps though.

> Metroid
Yeah when I saw Ridley I thought "my time is now" but it never came.

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