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NGS2 - Genshin Vs Lunar Staff (Advanced Counter loop)

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Here is a video I uploaded showing an advanced strategy against Genshin on Master Ninja difficulty using this technique, looks pretty stylish, although I have another video soon which is much better! This was a full loop, no damage run, as for the combo notation please view the description of the video.

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That is some fancy as hell shit right there. Had no clue that would work. Of course I know of the oldsk00l Lunar Loop on him, but countering his get-up attack into a juggle is fantastic. You ever see the instantkill on him in co-op? Really sweet too!

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Yes, the old school loop is widely known, however, there is an extended version of that loop, if I can find the video I will show you. As for the Genshin instant kill, I have done all 3 methods Momiji, Tonfa and Scythe many times Razz

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