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1 P.N.03 on Sun Apr 01, 2018 11:48 pm


I thought we had a topic for this game already but I couldn't find it. I guess I was mistaken.

I've been watching these analysis videos a bit lately. I disagree with a lot of what is said in this video. What are you views?

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2 Re: P.N.03 on Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:46 am

First off, it was pretty funny to hear him say the title as "Piano 3". Same with "miegami" as "Mikami". There's some flaws in the origins of the game, lot of his history is just incorrect, which is a shame. Things like the 9 month development cycle are ommitted for instance.

Few points, because most of his points ring hollow for me:
-the shooting, the whole point of the game is that you stand still. It's Space Invaders, basically. The whole thing the game is built around is knowing when to dodge and keep up the pressure.
- while I don't like it either, the shooting isn't automatic at first (you can buy it later) to teach you to make your shots count. As I noted in the article, a pro player will eventually know just how many shots it takes to kill every enemy, because he had to press the button himself.
- on the dodging, his point is mostly that it's different and thus doesn't work. I admit, it takes getting used to, but not everything has to be like Vanquish or Bayonetta with an omni-dodge.
- the camera is true, it's horrible.
- I'm surprised he didn't mention the absolutely broken balance or the final challenge.

Granted, the video had a lot more care and effort put into it than I usually see. Good music too and the guy genuinly likes the game.

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3 Re: P.N.03 on Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:24 am

I haven’t played PNO3 but I can tell some complaints are off here:

>“Trying to be a cover shooter”?
Excuse me? Cover no no. The term is shoot em up shooting gallery. It’s clearly no more a cover shooter than space invaders, where cover exists but the game isn’t designed solely around the act of taking cover so much as it is actually dodging attacks. Hence the various dodge moves(which he fails to mention) and special moves with Iframes.

>Stiff controls

Precise is more accurate here, same with god hand and re4 which all use tank controls(this is Mikami, I think he’d know how to tank controls), this seems awkard at first but once you understand the movement you will always move the way you want. It’s designed like a shooting gallery ala space invaders and wild guns, more so wild guns as the act of shooting and moving are mutually exclusive(this being the antithesis of typical run n gun design notably), so you must pick your chance to shoot or move carefully. 

Run down a hallway, see a bunch of enemies, engage firefight, move on and repeat cycle until boss/level ends. Given that this was a rushed budget title(is it?) its understandable how simple the games design is at its core, this game focuses on its core gameplay with no distractions and tons of asset reuse out of pragmatism than lack of creativity. Games like this are repetitive by their nature(anything with gameplay can be described as routine to some degree), it’s how much you enjoy it that matters.

>Lack of offensive move variety

Yet he doesn’t mention the various special moves which are even seen in said vid, a major oversight. The way it’s designed seems similar to many shmups again, as in how your shots are wide and/or accurate(pno3 uses a hard lock on mechanic) enough so that you can focus on dodging instead of what your aiming at, as you know you will hit a given target so focus on the incoming threats. The variety and nuance looks to come from tactical usage of special moves and the intricacies of dodging(again multiple dodge moves to master) as well as the enemy types and bosses. Various suit types also change gameplay in tangible ways.

As the basic act of shooting in shmups and shooters(especially hitscan shooters, literally instant hit bullets) in general is usually quite simple, it’s everything around the act of pointing and clicking that usually gives proper depth and dynamism.

In this case(and every other), it’s whether or not you even enjoy the core gameplay at all, as one could ponder how many games one likes that are as, if not more basic than the above title(I’d say Shock Troopers is excessively simple but I love it since it’s fast arcade fun). This guy just doesn’t but at least tried to explain why even if it’s ultimately them just not liking this particular game and seemingly not bothering to learn the actual mechanics(which is the real hinderence to their enjoyment). Maybe learn the game as is before making amendments to it.

EDIT: haha, just saw Roy’s comment, said some similar stuff and I found their pronunciation of mikami and pno3 amusing also.

Also is pn03 pal copy have a 60hz option? I’ve read it doesn’t.

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4 Re: P.N.03 on Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:52 am


I will NEVER understand why any human cannot pronounce Japanese perfectly. It has some of the easiest pronunciation I've ever heard. Even if you don't want to put in the minimal effort to learn the sounds, you can still just look up single names or sounds if you want to use them in videos. This goes for voice acting too. It is NOT that hard.

PAL has 60hz. I own it along with the JP version. I have both versions because they have differences.

I'd say the guy sucks. Simple. When he's complaining about dodging he shows a clip of him using the extended dodge to run into a wall and get himself shot, and there were other instances of him using bad gameplay footage in an attempt to strengthen his position. You should never use the extension aside from certain situations.

He didn't even go into the various types of dodging, crouching, jumping options. Some attacks can be dodged by simply hopping in place. I even know of one where you can avoid it standing still.

P.N.03 has some of the most original gameplay around. All he wants is it to be either another cover shooter of some kind of action game where you can freely run and jump all over the place.

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