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Random Razor's Edge thread

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1Random Razor's Edge thread Empty Random Razor's Edge thread on Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:05 am


Yeah, random talk about the game. As I said in another thread: if no one is interested, it'll be for posterity :D

My personal opinion about Razor's Edge: in short, a great game but not a "Ninja Gaiden game". More elaborated: I love RE, it's fast, frantic, challenging, a lot of fun. Though, it feels very different from all the past NG games. Someone could argue: "even NGII was very different from NGI". Yes, but it's not what I mean. NGI, NGB, NGII, NGS2 all share one aspect in common: they require the player to be accurate and economical. The player has to pull off very accurate inputs, and kill the enemies with the least number of inputs possible. So the pleasure in NG games comes from the feeling that you can't mash buttons, the game punishes you for mashing.

While in RE, even if you still have to know what you are doing because the game is hard, in order to kill enemies you will be required to mash long attack strings as fast as possible. This is what makes the game interesting, because while you are attacking one enemy, the other ones can come at you and you will have to make choices on how to defend, otherwhise you'll take a good amount of damage. Though, it doesn't have that old NG feeling of playing speedy and accurate.

So, I really like RE as a modern, fast paced beat em up, but I don't really consider it a "proper" Ninja Gaiden game. Though, this thing doesn't bother me at all. Itagaki, which is the father of the NG concept, has said that he's not interested anymore in the genere, he probably has no more ideas for this type of game, and I don't think Koei Tecom has intention to produce a game like that, so I don't think we'll ever see something in the vein of NGI/II with the same concept. If any new NG game will come out, will be about fast paced action. I'm not complaining.

What I really like about RE, also, is the way healing, ninpo, UT's, launchers and GT's work. They realized all these mechanics made the game kinda trivial, so they balanced everything. Actually I find the game very challenging: while I still have the intention of making videos about NGS2 in the future, I don't think it'll be as easy in RE. The game takes skills, I still don't have them.

It's fun when I don't play this game for a long time, then I watch some videos from good players, and it looks like they are just mashing buttons and stuff dies. Then I turn on the PS3, give it a shot, and I die at the first wave of armored enemies LOL.

2Random Razor's Edge thread Empty Re: Random Razor's Edge thread on Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:53 am


NG3:RE is, to me, the perfect sequel in terms of gameplay style. NG1 was defensive, NG2 was offensive, this one is a mixture.

I think what makes it feel so different is, as you note, the longer (and more variant-based) strings and new emphasis on hold-combos. NG2 was basically a sped up NG1-Ryu with a few new moves, this is a totally new character with only a few hold-overs.

What lessens the fun to me is that a lot of it doesn't work, and more feels like a quick hotfix (which it was). GT has no real way of connecting unless you're lucky, enemies can randomly enter matrix-dodge mode, inputs drop, Ryu is sluggish at times, overemphasis on Steel on Bone etc. etc. Pair that with extremely boring enemy designs, boring levels (except the first one which is cool) and mostly annoying enemies and it just becomes a chore to fight. Add the country-mile long waves of enemies and you notice why NG1 and NG2 had platforming and exploration, to break up the repetitiveness.

In terms of feeling what I missed most was the feeling of being a Ninja. In NG1 you were a ninja, pure and simple. You were agile, jumped all over the place and your speed was a clear advantage over your foes. In NG2 this was eased a bit but Ryu still felt superior. In NG3 he feels like the weakest soldier of the block. Regular grunts dodge his blows like they are nothing and almost seem to toy with him. Your agility is also less used, with wall attacks and dashes being pretty much useless.

I did like the way healing was handled. Though the other fixes feel more like a barrier-nerf. What I mean by that is, until now the best strategy was to spam OLUTs, now it is UT from a distance or SoB spam. For a game so vested in combat it really is afraid to let you use it or encourage you to do so.

One thing that is worthy of mentioning too is the original game and its DLC. I don't know if you ever played it but it was horrible, truly horrible. It was by far the hardest Ninja Gaiden game ever made (if played without DLC on Master Ninja). What a nightmare. Them adding Van Gelfs in the DLC but not having OTs be in the game or UTs made them so insanely tanky that some bosses had less HP.

3Random Razor's Edge thread Empty Re: Random Razor's Edge thread on Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:49 pm


I agree on most things, and I that's why I think a lot of NG fans don't like RE. I see RE like a 3d beat em up, not like a ninja game. I like games in which you fight ordes of enemies without much interruptions, I don't particularly like adventure and platforming sections in action games. I also like that enemies start auto dodging sometimes, because I have to change strats a little bit. So I personally like RE a lot, but it's all down to personal preference. I think KT/TN should expect mixed reaction when they mess around with the core gameplay of a game such as Ninja Gaiden. You can't expect people to like a completely different game, when the originals were made with the specific purpose of making people used to do very specific things in order to win.

So RE feels more streamlined to action games/beat em ups. I would be happy with a new NG game playing like RE, but if KT want to sell a new NG game to people, they better go back to the root and do it with style. And let's hope the game will not have any rpg mechanic thrown in at random. Also let's hope NG4 will come out at all.

4Random Razor's Edge thread Empty Re: Random Razor's Edge thread on Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:27 am


This is going to sound very negative, but hear me out.

Ninja Gaiden is dead. Team Ninja has found its new direction in Nioh and it will probably do that for the future. Expect William to be the Ryu of this new team, and I wouldn't be surprised if he appeared in Dead or Alive 6 in some shape or form.

What I do like about Gaiden, and I feel they should keep that if they ever bring it back, is its Batman element. What I mean by that is: its change. Batman is moldable. He's been everything. Space adventurer, nazi fighter, alien buster, detective, super hero, super man, Iron Man - he's done it all over the last 75 years. Yet there's still a singular CORE to him as a persona, everyone has the same concept about Batman, it is just the outer edges that vary person to person. The same is true to Ninja Gaiden. Each iteration has been, on the edges, totally different. NG04, NGB, NGS, NGS+, NG2, NGS2, NGS2+, NG3, NG3RE...they all play differently in terms of gameplay style. Yet some core elements always remain the same. So if NG4 ever happens, let there be another change, let them try more new things. See what happens!

( RPG things please. Leave that to Nioh).

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