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!!! Rules of the Tactical Forum !!!

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1!!! Rules of the Tactical Forum !!! Empty !!! Rules of the Tactical Forum !!! on Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:02 pm


Short and quick explanation:

  • please consult with me before making one, preferably via PM;
  • I'd prefer it if the layouts remain the same across them all for easier reading. Use the Vanquish or NGS2 one for guidance;
  • try to avoid using images and videos hosted by platforms you cannot control, since they can be removed by their hosts, making a guide incomplete. So if you use screenshots, rather you get them from sites like Neoseeker, than Imgur for instance.
  • to note, if you have your own videos, you can use them. Just be sure to use them to compliment your content, not replace it;
  • this board is not for discussions on tactics, do those in the forums/topics on those games. You can make comments in tactical topics on missing data or w/e, but I'll personally delete those once they have been added to the topic itself.
  • be thorough.

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