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Final Fantasy 15

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1Final Fantasy 15 Empty Final Fantasy 15 on Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:40 am

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
I typed this all out but my IPad goes again...but I'll finish later. I'll put this here now so it doesn't get deleted again.

So I played a bunch of this earlier, was pretty good. Getting used to the combat, it's a bit odd, just the button layout displeases me so I'll have to change that.

So I was well aware that this game has been supported since launch, with various additions and fixes. 2 such additions are new game plus and chapter select. Unfortunately your level remains what it was when you beat the main game in new game plus and chapter select. So you will be completely overpowered for most of the games content if you had levelled up to what the game recommends. 1 shotting everything doesn't have much value to me past a glory run as I like a challenge and to actually get to use all my unlocks in a new game plus or through chapter select.

Also for difficulties it only has easy or normal, hard or above being oddly absent, too hardcore for FF fans I guess.

Fortunately, in a needlessly tedious way, one can remain low level(as low as lvl1) but beat the game if they use a free dlc accessory(called nixperience band) that stops you from gaining EXP. A nice item for challenge runs or for those that don't want to be overleveled. The game gives you a fair amount of ways to beat it at low level, like using item buffs for massive damage(eating food when you camp gives you buffs that are of a certain level, so lvl20 damage buff omelette), certain weapons or using OP moves/exploits.

But I honestly don't know what excuse they have for not having a level changing option of some kind post game, to let you delevel yourself wouldn't take much effort since its just basic stat changes, no stats to spec into at all your general stats just go up each time. New game plus should start you at lvl1 again with all your unlocks, so if I want to replay again with all my goodies I'd have to do a forced challenge run just so I'm not OP when I replay.

It's such a blatant issue that the devs must know, all you have to do is hit start on NG+ and the games a joke. Maybe they don't see it as an issue or really don't care or maybe having a level changing option is too much for shovelware-RPG-number-mongers to handle. I imagine the PC port will be easy to change stat values in the code or mods or something(cheat engine?).


Stylish tech display, royal arms are unique(unique move sets) weapons you get late game:

Read the description for this one, it details how to perform the presented nonsense:

Weapon switching, this makes up the brunt of the tech, along with air tricking/warping as seen above:

This guys channel has tons of stuff on FF15, moveset breakdowns and each weapons counter attacks.

2Final Fantasy 15 Empty Re: Final Fantasy 15 on Fri Dec 22, 2017 8:54 am


I played the demo at a friends house and quite liked it, though it did play a bit wooden for my feeling. Still I was surprised to find such an action title in an RPG setting, though was also put off by exactly that. If I want an action title I'll buy just that, if I want an RPG I'll buy just that haha.

3Final Fantasy 15 Empty Re: Final Fantasy 15 on Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:19 am

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
What demo? Duscae, Platinum or a final game demo? Duscae has a different combat system.

This isn't an RPG at all, Nioh and dragons dogma are more RPG than this. Just an open world action game, you have a big map and you go hunt monsters and such and do linear main quests too. Stats go up when you get enough EXP, no individual attributes to tinker with. All your EXP gets tallied when you rest at a camp of inn, that's when you actually level up. That nixperience band stops your EXP from tallying.

Then you have the ascension grid, this is your various skill trees that you need AP to unlock, AP is a separate currency just for the grid gained by doing pretty much anything, you can't stop getting them but you don't have to spend them.

I'm just trying to not over or under level for the main game.

Gotta say, fights can often become a complete cluster fuck, it's hard to see what enemies and allies are doing when their all fighting bunched together. You often fight groups of 4-6 enemies at once so it's hard to get an attack or read all of them at once.

4Final Fantasy 15 Empty Re: Final Fantasy 15 on Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:03 am


I played the demo that came with the HD remaster of another Final Fantasy game I forgot the name off (some spin-off title).

5Final Fantasy 15 Empty Re: Final Fantasy 15 on Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:11 am

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
That must have been duscae, very different from the main game. Main game is a lot better but still odd and can be pretty mashy at times, so using the weapon switching glitches and air tricking adds a lot to the variety and depth. For real you can just hold O for the attack chain. It's odd as it's mostly directional based, so left+O does a different move for all weapons. So with a revolver Left+O or any direction does a shoot dodge.

6Final Fantasy 15 Empty Re: Final Fantasy 15 on Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:53 pm

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
Got government about chapter 7, stopped half way through a side quest for a royal arm. It's pretty fun if a bit odd.

It's really hard to tell what's happening in combat a lot of the time, you fight so many mobs at once, all attacking onscreen or not and some have very unclear tells. A few times a whole platoon or two of magitek swordsman and gunners while I was pestering the local fauna, all of which can shoot you, so good luck not getting shot(at least it's not hitscan fire).

Doesn't help that some moves can't be cancelled(also unclear), some can some can't, slow weapons usually can't.
Still getting used to it so I'm still a scrub, time will tell if this is true, likely 50/50 both.

This is remedied somewhat with the ability to just hold square to dodge as long as you have mp you'll always dodge or block attacks, it's hilariously broken, little anime man just casually sidesteps through everything with a sick blue after-image in his wake. Block prompt appear when it feels like it, when it does you can parry with O right after, if you have a shield you can block manually instead of a dodge. Lots of dodges in this game, many weapons have dodges(with iframes) for some of their directional moves, so swords back+O is a backflip, daggers left/right+O is a side dodge that if tapped again can transition into a aerial combo.

Difficulty seems unbalanced due to level, some enemies for a main mission are lower than what is recommended and some higher, so I am about lvl23 for a lvl25 mission, most mobs are lvl16-18 and some larger ones and bosses lvl28-30. Only died a few times because I don't want to spam items and actually have a fight, enemies can kill me in a few hits a lot of the time, but I can kill most enemies fairly quickly, it varies a lot even at similar lvls, so say a magitek machine gunner will die in 1-4 hits but a magitek swordman will be a lot more(or not).

Buddies can heal you and each other in combat. I use special moves that build up during battle that cost tech bar(green bar on the left) for iframes(buddy that does the move also gets iframes) when I'm hurt so I can heal and if I'm critical gives time for a buddy to revive me. You can perform various team up moves that can be triggered by being near a buddy and blindside hitting a foe(hit them from behind) which gives iframes, or a link strike which I'm not sure how to trigger(also iframes) and a combo move after performing a warp strike on a vulnerable foe(your whole posse does this with you, just tap O when it appears onscreen, big boy iframes for this one)

I'd really appreciate a hard mode for a consistent challenge, but the fact that normal is the highest mode speaks volumes about the creators and their targeted audience(FF turn-based babies). With all the constant support it's a noticeable omission, same as the ability to change your level post game, at least NG+ should give you the option of starting with or without your current level and unlocks, basic feature this. NG+ has no worth to me otherwise.

Also another issue made itself present to me, as I used the nixperience accessory(stops your EXP from being tallied at camps/hotels), but your EXP still remains to be tallied, so if I do decide to level up for a NG+ if I was to beat the game at lvl1 prior on order to play without being OP for early game, I would be well over leveled due to a entire prior playthroughs worth of EXP. If I was to buy this again on PC I'm sure I could change my level with mods or in the files or something. Just my luck I don't want to be a complete G.O.D for NG+. First world problems.

Anyone else here played this or willing to play it?

I thought I might as well since it's cheap and pretty much a complete package. dlc has the other 3 boyz playable(Prompto's is a3rd person shooter, a good one too), all of them can be played in the main game during combat but have to have that switching ability unlocked for each in the ascension grid. As well as a free Assassins Creed crossover expansion separate from the main game(I think, it said play at about chapter 7).

7Final Fantasy 15 Empty Re: Final Fantasy 15 on Sun Dec 24, 2017 2:17 am


Seen my bro play it. No interest myself. For some reason the only things I remember is a flying car and an ability to teleport to some high vantage point and watch your pals battle.

8Final Fantasy 15 Empty Re: Final Fantasy 15 on Tue Dec 26, 2017 6:19 am

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
Played up until chapter 10, really good so far, for an open world game it's fairly well paced, I've not spent much time in the world as I'd be well over levelled for later haha, practically no grinding which is odd for a FF game of all things. This also has to be the lightest I've ever seen RPG in ACTION, it's nothing other than your level numbers, some gear, items, meals and such give stat boosts but it's not really needed when your about the same level give or take than what's expected.

I'm gonna buy the dlc and play those in between the main game for a more complete story/game. Each boy has their own story and different gameplay style, Prompto being a straight up third-person shooter a pretty decent one at that!(I've said this before I'm certain).

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