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Kamiya Wants To Do A Viewtiful Joe Or DMC Remake, And A Dante x Bayonetta Crossover

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Just go for it! I'm not sure on the DMC remake, will Ruben langden still be Dante? I guess the crossover will either be DMC3 Dante or this remake Dante, I'd prefer DMC4 Dante, he's the coolest since he's old and chill now, like nothing could even touch him in 4.

It's all up to capcom, I'd rather them not bother if they aren't truly invested, I'd like DMC something to happen within this decade at least. Nice kamiya is open to this, working with capcom. Mikami mentioned years ago he'd love to do God Hand 2.

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I want that 'true Okami sequel' more than anything.

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Okami seems likely, VJ not so much, not before HD ports at least.

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I wonder how their public relation has improved. Most are former Capcom members at P*, but from what I recall their relationship was...shoddy at best with their former bosses.

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We'll know if we see P* on an official Capcom product.

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