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Super Mario Odyssey

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1 Super Mario Odyssey on Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:53 pm

I swear to god I never knew you wrote Odyssey like that. But yeah bought it on a whim with the console, price was pretty steep but enfin, that's what you work for I guess! My relationship has been..rocky to say the least, so I really wanted a good escape. And boy have I found it. 

I have to admit I prefer my Mario games more linear with things to explore inside the level, and this game has a nice balance. Instead of worlds each world is just 1 level, and it isn't even huge. But they are packed with content, secrets, easter eggs, everything. I spent nearly 5 hours in the first level alone just exploring and having fun. Combat isn't really there, outside of sometimes you taking control of things (you can mindcontrole enemies by putting your hat on them, but only if they don't have a hat). 

It is a really smart mechanic, as you can always spot what can be possessed by their head. Does it have a hat? No? Then let's go! Some bosses are all about you removing their hat and striking, it is really cool how they made it an emphasis. Your ship is even a hat which has a lounge where you drink coffee from hat-shaped cups. It is adorable.

I could talk for hours about the beautiful art design, packed levels, sometimes too packed levels, costumes, jokes, easter eggs or just how damned complex movement can be if you want... it really is insane. What's great is that Nintendo rewards this mastery and going bonkers. There are a few situations where, by smart usage of the mechanics, you can get 'out of bounds' or reach areas that you probably aren't supposed to get to. And there are coins there. It is really cool to see you get rewarded, feels like someone really broke the game apart and instead of fixing it, they put coins where they found glitches or out of bounds like that. 

My favorite thing though is very minor, but I never ever see it in games. And that is good idle animations. If you stand idle on a couch, you'll sit on it. If you stand idle on a bench, you'll sit on it. Stand idle next to a radio and Mario will listen to it. Stand idle for too long on the grass and he'll fall asleep. Sleep long enough and a bird will sit on your nose, this bird is different per level to fit the style of that level. Stand idle next to a band and you'll dance to the rythm. It boggles the mind just how many animations there are in this game and I love it. 

My favorite moment is when you first fly away in your ship, and during a cutscene you are sitting in your ship drinking coffee with your hat.

My first instinct was to, after the cutscene, go into the ship and sit on the chair. And it worked. And my hat came off and he started reading, looking at things etc. These things always happen to me in games where I hope they will happen, but they don't. But this game actually does those minor things I love so much.

I do have to make a little comment about the controversy on the game. Apparently the whole feminist sector hates it, since Peach is the victim again having to be saved by Mario. This makes me go:

Amazing game.

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2 Re: Super Mario Odyssey on Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:05 pm


I just watched this video by Mark Brown.

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3 Re: Super Mario Odyssey on Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:01 am

I don't want to watch that one yet out of fear for spoilers haha!

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4 Re: Super Mario Odyssey on Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:11 pm

This game looks rad, I haven't play a mario in years. I have yet to buy a wii U so I'd love to play 3D world with my dad, tons of great exclusives for that system.

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5 Re: Super Mario Odyssey on Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:21 pm

Super Mario 3d World is one of the finest games I've ever played in my life, and a joy to co-op. I highly recommend it. The WiiU is like the Gamecube, a treasure trove of great exclusive games. Some of Nintendo's best titles are on that system.

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6 Re: Super Mario Odyssey on Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:04 am


I've been watching analysis vids recently.

This game really gives me an Okami/Tearaway Unfolded feel, especially that ghostly looking hat world you start in. Damn it, I need a Switch now.

This guy doesn't seem too pleased though. He's not trashing it, just pointing out flaws/disappointments. It's a 2 hour video but would be interesting to those who played the game in full and know what he's talking about. I only watched it to look at the game really.

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7 Re: Super Mario Odyssey on Fri Dec 28, 2018 12:53 pm

My opinion on the title shifted in a big way as time has passed, pretty rare for me. I made a post about it on reddit a while back, here it is:

I am missing a feeling of accomplishment and well designed levels. Because the game is so open and throws new 'gimmick' powerups at you at every moment it never feels like it grabs a concept, introduces it, plays with it and masters it like games before it in the series. Mario 3d World and Galaxy both nailed this, with each world/level having a singular concept tied to it that was first safely introduced and then explored further with the final levels grabbing all those mechanics and making them come together in one big whole.

Odyssey has fun looking levels, but in terms of actual level design and platforming they fall quite short in my opinion. The powerups/transformations also don't do a lot and aren't used nearly enough. Going in I expected worlds to be built around a certain transformation, but most ended up being a different way of transportation than something really unique. Chainchomps break walls, fireballs travers lava, frogs jump a bit higher etc.

Moons mostly were mostly gained for just doing anything, which made them feel worthless at times. Game says go to the right? I go to the left and am showered with them. Some are quite literally across the corner. Or when you are walking around and see a few goombas "welp, time to pile them all since that will give me a star". I really feel the game needed a fourth currency, save Moons for the big things like bosses, events and special occasions - while using a fourth currency as reward for the derping around.

I want to be really clear that I do love the game. It looks great, the mechanics are tight, the levels are beautiful and it can be enjoyed by all ages. It has that strong quality that really only Nintendo games have these days. But it also feels very safe, empty and ... well ... you're not really doing anything I feel. The one time I really REALLY had fun and felt accomplished, was when I saw a cliff where you were supposed to go later-on or using a specific powerup to get there - and try to get there normally using jumps smartly and the enviroment. That I loved. But otherwise, it is a fun beautiful game with some cool ideas, that falls short compared to the previous games in the series imo.

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