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Alan Wake

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1 Alan Wake on Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:07 am

Anyone here ever play this game? It had quite some interesting combat going on. I'm at work now but suddenly thought "hey, we didn't discuss that game yet". Thoughts?

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2 Re: Alan Wake on Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:37 am

I've got it, played it maybe 3 times now, might as well play this today since you mention it. Play the dlc also, it changes the combat up, adds a bunch more guns and enemies and has a bunch of wave survives on maps.

Combat is cool, it's all based around damaging enemies with light, you aim the flashlight at foes to drain their shields and stun them, once that's broken you can kill them with guns. Pointing the torch at mobs without aiming drains their shields a bit but aiming drains much faster and stuns them when first aimed at them, slows them down too but large mobs can charge through that. Flashlight has to recharge when aiming but you can find and use batteries to fill it up if you need to.
You have a dodge to avoid attacks, game goes into slomo for a successful dodge. A sprint as well which can run out leaving you to move a bit slower.

Weapons you can carry a pistol and a large gun(rifle or shotguns)as well, and a flare gun, flash bang and flares. Flares are used to create a safe area where goons can't enter, you can drop it or hold it up and move, super handy if your going to die and need some space, mobs back away slowly from it so you can force them to move away when holding it. Flashbangs are grenades, do great damage and can insta kill most mobs and drain their shields instantly. Flare is a grenade launcher pretty much, shoots a big red flare that does a big aoe splash, I forget to use it but it's super good for crowd control, and bosses with high shields. You can mash reload to make the guns reload each shot faster.

Enemy types are decent but I'd like more grunt types(dlc fixes this), theres about 3 types:
*Skinny guys, very fast and love to flank you but are weak, about 2 pistol shots to kill.
*Regular who can throw weapons re4 style, 4 pistol shots.
*Big guys who are slow but hit hard and can charge through your flashlight, not sure how many shots. The weaker the type the less shield it has, they are all stunned by shots without shields but can only be pushed back with shields.
*mini boss versions of the skinny guys who can dash around with immunity so you can't hurt them until they stop.
*murder of crows are enemies too, and possessed objects can become alive and throw themselves at you, along with tractor bosses. These types can only be harmed by light, once you drain their shield they die. I think the tractor has an orange colour shield that can regenerate if not drained quickly enough.

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3 Re: Alan Wake on Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:57 am


I haven't played too much, but it seems similar to Deadly Premonition, and maybe a bit of Twin Peaks.

The light mechanic is cool, like Gabriel said, flares can create a pool of light that enemies can't enter, but as I recall there are also things like street lights you can use. Possible car headlights too.

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4 Re: Alan Wake on Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:20 am

Yeh street lamps function as safe areas that heel you. You can find and turn on construction lights to drain enemy shields but they have to be turned on if they run out. Also large lights you can use at set points too, these ones kill enemies instantly if aimed at them, but can drain same as if you aim with the flashlight.

I just beat it on nightmare(hardest mode). Enemies take a few more shots and shields take longer to drain, they deal more damage too. Wasn't too hard, you get plenty of ammo, flares are a life saver for breathing space and let you regain some life, great for creating distance and grouping and blocking mobs.

To clarify,by the dlc I mean the separate expansion American Nightmare, has a bunch of different guns, enemies and changes some mechanics. The other 2 dlc continue where the main game ends.

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5 Re: Alan Wake on Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:50 am


I just got this urge to play this game. Hadn't planned on it at all.

Really enjoying it and it might scratch that itch left by Deadly Premonition and Twin Peaks. The setting is pretty much TP. I'm only in chapter 2 and I've already encountered a few characters that are ripped right from TP. The squeaky sounding receptionist at the police station, the log lady (she's carrying something in AW but I didn't get a good look at it), the straight shooting sheriff, etc. Every character seems weird and will tell you these long, mundane stories that go nowhere if you hang around them.

Nightmare isn't available from the start, so I'm on hard going for 100% completion. Some files can only be found on nightmare though.

Combat is average but WAY better than DP. The shooting in that game was horrific and I will never understand how it got greenlit, especially when PS2 games like RE4 utterly DESTROY it.

Gabriel summed up the light mechanics pretty well. One thing I want to add (and this might be hard mode only) is how enemies really try to flank you. I got ambushed by three guys and two always run to the sides while one comes directly at me. It could be their type, which is guys with one handed axes (or maybe they're sickles?). They can throw them too.

It doesn't seem to matter where you shoot them. i'm not sure they are headshots but I haven't had much combat exp yet so we'll see. The light beam is so thick and bright that it kinda obscures where exactly the bullets are connecting.

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6 Re: Alan Wake Today at 8:18 am


One of the weird things is you don't keep our guns. I've often found myself without whatever I picked up, then you just find them again somewhere, though not always the ones you had.

There really seems to be no effect on shooting certain body parts. Sad because so far the combat is a bit repetitive. Just break down their darkness with the torch and shoot. Other guns seem to be no more than higher damage. I got some flashbang grenades and they are insanely good, but that was only in one part of a chapter. No real overall management because you don't keep your stuff.

Enemies are impossible to outrun even while sprinting. They catch up AND can hit you before you get out of their range. Last second dodges work though. I tend to just jog and dodge as needed. You get nothing from fighting. No drops, no upgrade system. There is no point fighting unless you have to. It's difficult to avoid on the first playthrough though, especially since in some areas this darkness fog blankets the entire area and enemies spawn seemingly infinitely out of it. All the while, you're trying to figure out where to run exactly.

It's sad that the guns aren't really unique and there are no hit zones on enemies (that I know of). RE4 did this so damn well. I can't believe that games like AW and DP didn't take something from RE4.

I'm not 100% sure, but this game isn't open world like I thought. It just has really large areas. I had to drive to the coal mine which was kinda fun. I kept getting in the passenger door because in my country it's actually the driver's seat. I love how everyone leaves their cars unlocked with the keys ready to go.

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